Unification News for May 2002

144,000 Blessing in Chicago

Thank you for your hard work to bring a great joy to God and True Parents for 144,000 Clergy Blessing. Because of your support and hard work the event in Chicago was a great success.

About 1,000 people came to Rev. T. L. Barrett's church on the morning of April 27. The church was decorated so beautifully by the tribal messiahs Japanese missionaries. The ceremony was so moving and beautiful.

Rev. James Porter offered an opening prayer and Rev. Maxine Walker introduced Bishop Kim and explained the Blessing. And many other ministers gave the testimonies about the Blessing.

The True Family Values Choir sang "Amazing Grace" and it really lifted up the spirit of the ceremony. Twelve attendant couples lined up in their Holy Robes and Bishop and Mrs. Kim entered and officiated the ceremony as representatives of True Parents.

The atmosphere was so holy and we felt True Parents were there with us. When the Holy Wine and Holy Water ceremony was conducted we could see all the participants' rejoicing and also feel many angels filling up the sanctuary and rejoicing together. Some ministers were moved to tears.

After the ceremony they enjoyed the lunch prepared by the tribal messiahs and the Japanese missionaries and went home with a big smile.

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