Unification News for May 2002

Blessing Testimonies from Chicago

These are excerpts form testimonies to the clergy Blessing sent to the Chicago center.

Just a note of thanks to you for our trip to Washington DC to have our marriage blessed by Rev. and Sister Moon. My wife and I both agree that this came at a pivotal point in our marriage. In fact we got so excited that we went back to our church on Sunday the 28th of April, 2002 and blessed ten married couples.

After the ceremony, members of the Church were so excited about the notion of focusing on blessing the Marriage. In fact, one couple came to me after the service, the Wife with tears in her eyes, saying that they were going through some difficulties in their relationship and rededicating and blessing their marriage was what they had been praying for.

God Bless you the ACLC and the Unification Church for the vision that God gave Rev. Moon. America will lead the world in marriages staying together. This is a movement and a revolution for God and the kingdom of heaven on Earth.

In closing, we will not stop until every marriage has been blessed."

One of the Japanese missionaries went back to Japan and had a dream. In the dream she was meeting with many ministers and was shouting, "Halleluiah!" All her family heard her voice and woke up. Even though they are in Japan, Japanese missionaries hearts are always in America working for ministers.

One of the pastors testified that after he had the Blessing ceremony at his church, he had about 100 new church members in 2 months. It had never happened before at his church. The pastor is now so busy to take care of new members. Another pastor said he doubled his membership in two months after the Blessing.

Last week Rwanda missionaries visited churches for following up. While we were driving we found a lady selling old cloths in front of a church. We thought we needed some summer cloths, so we stopped by the church. We found out the lady was a first lady of the church. We made an appointment to visit the church again. Also another lady came to see the cloths. She came from the church across the street and said her brother is the pastor of the church across the street. We made an appointment with that lady, too. We visited these two churches yesterday and both of them welcomed us very much and received the Blessing. We feel the more we visit churches, the more God & Spirit world support us.

We met a pastor in Elgin and we shared openly about our work. He told us that he is a missionary himself, following a vision of bringing unity between races and denominations. He was so grateful to have met our members, especially the Japanese missionaries. He told us, however, that he is not free to do as he wishes within the authority of his bishop. But his heart and mind is totally aligned with Father Moon. We presented him with a Divine Principle book which the missionaries autographed and we promised to pray for him for 40 days condition. He said he wants to go to Japan to visit the missionaries after they return, bringing his wife and son with him. We never imagined such a precious-hearted pastor.

We visited a church last Sunday. It was the 2nd visitation. The church is not big but has very warm spirit centering on woman pastor. The pastor was so kind that she gave $50 to the Japanese missionaries from her pocket and her husband, assistant pastor of the church, gave us all the donation they collected at the Sunday service. We were so grateful that we received this donation as representatives of all the missionaries and also we felt this kind of miracle happened everyday on the foundation of TPís long time investment toward America and all American brothers and sisters hard work.

We visited a church we found last week. The pastorís couple was so inspired with our visitation and we could give them the Blessing. The first lady wrote a testimony for us, "On Saturday The Lord spoke to me and said that one of my nations that I will be standing on will come to church. Today and sure enough this young woman & Japanese came in and the Lord had me to pray for her and speak prosperity in her life. He also said that she was one of my nations that Iím standing on to preach the Gospel to."

We visited a pastor whom we met about two years ago through Japanese missionaries. The pastor and his wife attended the Fatherís tour and ACLC meeting sometimes, but our relationship was not so close. I was wondering how I could give them the Blessing. When I brought Japanese missionaries to their church, they were so happy that they invited us to a lunch. We went to a restaurant and I told them why I was visiting them, what I am learning from them, how Father loves Jesus & Christians, and let us live eternally together with God, etc.. And all of sudden the pastor and this wife started crying with a loud voice. They cried & cried and they held our hands and started speaking in tongues. Then we explained the Blessing, they willingly received the Holy wine and prayed for Father. I feel that Japanese missionaries brought a new spirit and God, Jesus, and TP are working with us.

We have been contacting a Hindu group and gave the Blessing to the leader of the group. He totally agrees with our teaching, especially with marriage vows. The leader allowed us to give the Blessing to his people and last Sunday Mr. & Mrs. Cooper visited a Hindu meeting with Bishop Kim and gave the Blessing to 3,000 couples.

Paraguay missionaries visited a church which they found two weeks ago, because the pastor promised to have the blessing ceremony for his congregation last Sunday. The day before we went there with a banner and asked the pastor to talk about marriage and family at Sunday service. But he said, "No, I already decided the contents of the sermon. I cannot change it." And we gave him the Blessing scarf and told him to wear when he gives the Blessing, he said, "It says Blessing 2001. I donít want to wear it." His face was so hard. Anyway we went to the church on Sunday. When we arrived there an assistant pastor told us, "We donít have enough time today. You cannot have the ceremony. Even you cannot sing songs. So you can go home." We were so shocked but we could see our banner on the pulpit, so we still felt hope. We decided to stay for the service. And a miracle happened. In the middle of the sermon the pastor started talking about marriage, took the blessing scarf out of his pocket, put it on his neck, called his wife to come up to the pulpit and put another scarf on her neck. And he explained about the Holy Wine for 30 minutes and asked all couples to come up front. Total 20 couples received the Blessing. Spirit world is truly supporting us.

Guinea Bissau missionaries visited a church with Mrs. Kim where they visited before. The pastor was so good to us when we visited him for the first time. But yesterday somehow the pastor became negative and he said that he doesnít want to associate with us any more. We were so shocked because we prayed for and invested a lot to this church. We all shed tears. We were almost collapsed. But we determined again and went to find a new church. There was one church having Bible study. When we entered the church, we were surprised that there were all races sitting together, black, white & yellow, like our church. The pastor and the congregation welcomed us very much. We sang songs and gave the Blessing and they also promised to come to the Rev. Barrettís church on April 27! We were so happy. And Mrs. Kim gave a special donation to the church. It was all the money she had in her purse. The church pastor and congregation were so moved and we felt like we were long time friends.

Rev. Kim shared this morning after a missionary gave the above testimony. "I always tell my wife "If you feel you need to help somebody, please give him everything. Not give him some and save some for somebody else. Invest 100 %." It is because I have some experiences with TP. In early days of our church, one day Father invited all leaders to a movie. We were walking to a theater with Father and Father saw a beggar on the street. Father approached him, talked to him and gave him all the money he had. Then Father told us, "I gave all the money to the beggar and I have no money for movie. Letís go home." And we all went home without watching movie. Also when I graduated UTS, I visited TP with my family. I presented my thesis "True Family" to TP. TP were so happy that Father told Mother, "Give them some money" and Mother took all the money she had in her purse and gave me. This is TPís heart."

One Spanish pastor attended our prayer meeting and started struggling because we talked about the second coming. He was so shocked and said that he wouldnít attend our events any more. A couple of days later we visited him again because we couldnít give up. We gave some gifts, sang songs and told him why we came here. His hard face was gradually changed and said, "Even though the your faith is different from ours I want to keep friendship with you." The more we talked, the more the spirit had changed. Then he said, "Actually Iím interested in your teaching. I want to study it. If you have seminar or something I want to attend." He agreed to come to the Blessing on April 27 and he was so inspired to see the ceremony.

Mrs. Mariko Tajima, a Ukraine missionary, has been praying for leaders of four major religions. And she had a lot of dreams of Jesus. In the dream there were a lot of people around Jesus, but His face was not happy. She shared the dreams with her family all the time. When she received a direction from Father that all Japanese missionaries should come to America in the beginning of March, she really wanted to go, but there were many difficulties around her; her father-in law was in a critical condition and her 2 sons got burned, and more. She was wondering if she should go or not. But her husband told her, "Letís go shopping to buy some staff for you to go to America. Donít worry about anything. Iíll take care of everything." Also her children said, "Mom, you can go. We are OK." With a great support of her family, she came to America in the middle of March. When she arrived the Chicago Family Church, it was just a middle of welcoming party for the missionaries. She was so moved with the unity of Bishop Kim, all national messiahs and all Tribal messiahs. She called her home immediately and said, "Thank you for sending me here. Iím so happy to come to Chicago."

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