Unification News for May 2002

50 State Three Evangelists’ Tour 2002 - Las Vegas NV Region 17

by Rev. William Starr

Saturday April 13th, following a morning breakfast meeting in Oakland CA, Rev. Charles Kenyatta and Ms. Seong Bok Hsu traveled to Las Vegas Nevada for an evening revival in the Zion United Methodist Church. Zion Methodist Pastor Rev. Marion Bennett, who hosted Rev. Moon on April 11, 2001, welcomed Rev. Kenyatta for an anniversary revival.

The program began with the 14-minute videotape explaining the purpose of ACLC. The Japanese Sisters Choir sang ‘Song of the Banquet’, Rev. Kenyatta and Mrs. Hsu entered the sanctuary with guest pastors greeting them as they proceeded to the pulpit to sit together.

Following Welcoming Remarks from Rev. William Starr, Religious leaders from Baptist, Jewish, and Muslim, and Methodist backgrounds offered scripture and comments on marriage and family. Rev. Sylvester Rogers, Pastor of Greater Mt. Sinai M.R.M., Rabbi Kent Sutton of Beth Menorah Ministries Minister and Kimm Muhammad, Nation of Islam all shared brief comments. Rev. Rogers left his own program to come to speak for us Host Pastor Rev. Marion Bennett shared his vision on the need to Save Marriage and Family and welcomed the guest speakers.

The Zion Chancel Choir, lead by Mrs. Clara Scott treated the audience to several Gospel songs. The choir and soloists poured out their heart and created happy and joyful atmosphere. Zion ushers added a sense of dignity to the occasion. A solo from Rev. Bennett’s daughter Karen prepared the way for the guest speaker. Juanita Pierre Louis warmly introduced the speakers.

Rev. Kenyatta and Mrs. Hsu stood together to speak. Rev. Kenyatta immediately showed that he was 'with it' and ‘knows what is going on’. His comments on world situations captured the crowd. Mrs. Hsu brought a 'golden light' with her testimony about the matching. Several members had spiritual experiences as Mrs. Hsu spoke. Rev Bennett was transfixed as he listened to the testimony of the matching. The audience loved having both Rev. Kenyatta and Mrs. Hsu speak and enjoyed seeing how they support each other. Several guests said 'I will never forget this.'

Rev. Ra, St. Lucia National Messiah and Rev. Jin Seong Lee, Nevada State Leader assisted Rev. Starr with the Altar Call Marriage Blessing of the pastors and Christian couples. Rev. Bennett’s daughter and her husband participated in marriage blessing along with other couples that were crying and hugging as the ceremony closed.

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