Unification News for May 2002

50 State Three Evangelists’ Tour

Region 18 – Billings, MT Family Church

We were very much blessed with the Holy Spirit's power and presence of Rev. Charles Kenyatta, his fiancée matched by Father Mrs. Hsu and Rev. Juanita Pierre-Louise ACLC of Harlem, New York.. On April 18th, 2002, we hosted the ACLC We stand for Family and Save the Nation national speaking tour at the Billings Sheraton Hotel.

The event was especially a success due to the leadership of the National Messiah from Turkey, Rev. Kim and the wonderful Japanese sister missionaries. Also, the outstanding support by the AFC family Paul and Kimiko DiLorenzo and the Tribal Messiah family Chad and Fusako Martin made this event even more exceptional.

We began the day with a great article in the local Billings Gazette announcing the coming of the Rev. Charles Kenyatta. Later in the day, we were fortunate to have another local newspaper interview Rev. Kenyatta and Mrs. Hsu. The publisher himself interviewed them for about an hour that afternoon. The reporter has done other articles about us and has been very fair. He said a story will run next week regarding this interview. In addition, at the time of the event, the local TV station interview them and filmed the program. We received some very good coverage that night on the local news station covering approximately 2 minutes of positive coverage. We could not have had such success without the guidance of the national ACLC media team who gave us excellent advice and support.

Since we are members of a local public station, we were able to use the TV stations video equipment. This program will be aired next week as part of our local programming of a half-hour of programming every other week. We were also blessed with the Billings Mayor issuing a letter of welcome to Rev. Kenyatta. This one page letter was very embracing and welcoming of the tour and Rev. Kenyatta. We also receive a letter from the U.S. congressman applauding the work of Rev. Moon and the blessing program that is going on.

Our audience was a great mixture from clergy, political leaders and community leaders. We had Native American leaders attending, Hispanic, Black and Oriental. Our goal was 100 participants. We ended up having approximately 120 participates happily having to add more tables and chairs for the overflow.

Some highlights were the performance of the Japanese sister choir, the Native American Drummers and Dancers, the Wayman AME choir and the procession of local Boy Scouts in the presenting of the colors. Some people commented on the beauty of the music. The audience responded with many Amens and much applause to Rev. Kenyatta and Mrs. Hsu.

Some guests were moved by the sincerity of Mrs. Hsu's message. Rev. Kenyatta's speech along with his finances Mrs. Hsu were a very good balance of internal and external, traditional Christian preaching and Unification teaching. The audience loved it! They laughed and applauded and was caught in the spirit. At the altar call, Rev. Juanita was a big help with the Blessing Ceremony. Many couples stood in unity with the blessing in the front. We concluded with a very large group photo that many people happily and eagerly posed for. It was an amazing spiritual experience. Guests and members alike were touched by the Holy Sprit.

Many people stayed for over an hour after the program talking, taking photos and sharing with each other. It seemed as if people did not want to leave. In addition, we are very grateful for Bishop Lee and Rev. Wiesinger in Seattle for their guidance and wisdom in helping make this program a success. With gratitude to Heavenly Father and True Parents.

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