Unification News for May 2002

WFWP, USA Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Alexa Ward, President

The Womenís Federation for World Peace, International was established on April 10, 1992. WFWP, USA held its Tenth Anniversary Celebration at the Hilton Washington Hotel, in Washington DC, on Saturday, March 23, 2002. One hundred and fifteen guests participated in the afternoon program that included; The Tenth Anniversary Celebration; a reception; as well as The General Assembly.

The Tenth Anniversary Celebration opened with Welcome Remarks by Caroline Betancourt, Master of Ceremonies and Vice President, WFWP, USA. Alexa Fish Ward, President, WFWP, USA, presented the Presidentís Address. Musical selections by Patsy Casino, Mr. Ottmar and Yoshimi Kadota were enjoyed throughout the afternoon. Congratulatory Remarks were given by H.E. Armando Panguene, Ambassador from Mozambique, followed by a Congratulatory Video by Hon. Lu Hsiu-lien, Vice President, Taiwan, ROC. Congratulatory Letters were read throughout the program, including those from First Lady Laura Bush, former First Lady Rosalyn Carter, Congressman Benjamin Gilman, and Congressman Horn. The Keynote Address, entitled "The Other Side of the Bridge" was presented by Margaret Buhrmaster Coolman, Director of Health Care Reform, State of New York.

Five outstanding women were honored during the Awards Ceremony. The Founderís Award was awarded to Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and was presented to Mrs. Ok Kee Kim Chun, who is the Executive Editor of the Segye Times in New York. Living For the Sake of Others Awards were presented to Maureen Reagan, in Memoriam, and Barbara McCaffrey, who served four US Presidents. The Outstanding Chapter of the Decade Award was presented to Sheri Rueter for the Southern California Chapter. The Youth in Service Award was presented to Eunha Stein. The afternoon would not have been complete without The Bridge of Peace Ceremony. It was officiated by Sheri Rueter, Vice President of WFWP, USA. Several Ambassadorsí wives and one Ambassador couple crossed the bridge with WFWP leaders. The Celebration concluded with all the participants singing "Let There Be Peace on Earth."

The Tenth Anniversary Celebration was followed by an elegant reception as well as the General Assembly. The General Assembly program began with a Welcome by Alexa Fish Ward, President, WFWP, USA. Betsy Jones, Senior Advisor to WFWP, USA, introduced WFWP, USAís first endowment fund, a service based Scholarship Fund, which was established in 2001 with an initial contribution of $10,000. A moving video that presented an overview of WFWP, Internationalís service projects ongoing in forty-three nations, emphasized WFWPís commitment to "Live for the Sake of Others". WFWP, USA Regional Chairwomen were introduced and recognized for their hard work throughout the year. The General Assembly closed with goals for 2002 and closing remarks.

As a result of the Tenth Anniversary Celebration, WFWP, USA is in the process of establishing a second endowment fund, entitled the Tenth Anniversary Program Fund, which will endow one or more programs on an annual basis. The initial contribution to this fund will be approximately $14,000.

For information about WFWP, USA and the endowment funds you can email Mrs. Alexa Ward at alexa53ward@hotmail.com.

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