Unification News for May 2002

Celebration of Christian Leadersí 50-State Tour

Sun Myung Moon

This is from a speech given at East Garden on April 23, 2002. Translated by Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong, notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins.

Rev. Kenyatta, Bishop Billings and Bishop Stallings. These three Black Christian leaders represent Christianity. Christianity is in the position of the Second Israel. Black Christianity is uniting with True Parents. Now Hispanic and Asian Christianity will also unite. Ambassadors of Peace have been established everywhere.

The first generation is God, the second is True Parents and the third are the Blessed Central Families. You should forget all boundaries. Donít consider denominational or national boundaries. They will hold you back. You must be like a newborn baby before God with an absolutely pure heart. When a baby is born he only cares about his mother. He doesnít consider the nation of other boundaries. We should be like that now. This is the age of the Cheon Il Guk or Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace. This is the Kingdom of God of which blessed families are citizens.

True Love is the key. Give and forget. Couples should not quarrel with each other. We must find the way to cooperate. Father never thinks that he accomplished anything by himself. There is always God and the Spirit World behind every accomplishment.

Now all black people should become as if they are one person. All the black community and all black people should become one. In Adamís family, Cain, Abel and Seth should become one. When Noahís family came, then three sons should become one.

All three sons should become one. All black people should become one as one son. The Asian/Hispanic should become one son. The White race is like one son. All races should unite and become like one son.

Father Moon is in position of the Elder Son to guide all the other sons and brothers. Now the age of the "Autonomous Nation" has come. All white people become one son, All Black people are one son. Hispanic and Asian people become one son. Then the three should unite. There is nothing to be proud of concerning your race or nation in the eyes of God. You should completely deny yourself and then you wonít be blocked on the way to heaven.

You must have the heart of a child and then you can go to heaven. Think about your brothers and sisters. You should unite them centering on True Parents. You should totally unite and bring them into one. Then this is Interreligious and International -- beyond all barriers.

You have now come here in the position of the Elder. You should serve others. You should not seek to be served but to serve. Many different levels should be formed. Do not think about your own foundation. Father wants to make 12 and 36 Black Clergy. Now is the time to become one. 36 Couples should become one and then make 3 groups. 108 top black clergy should be organized in the world from this blessing. (3 times 36 couples).We can vote for the top 36. They should be elected by the rest of the body. Then from there we can chose and elect the 72 Black clergy couples.

What is next. 360,000 three times should develop. That way we can save the nation and save the whole world. Among them, we can rearrange from top to bottom. We will form a new system here. We can form a new movement to educate political leaders.

Many different branches center on the trunk. God lost all the children centering on fall. Now communist leaders and all religious leaders study the DP in the spirit world. Now Communists, Philosophers and the 120 Religious leaders study together. Then we should take Marx, Lenin and all the communist leaders and restore them through the principle. Then 840 key leaders should be organized in the SW. That way we can bring the ideal world of peace.

You are a pastor and centering on your family you should restore your tribe. Centering on your tribe you can make 12 churches then 36 churches, 120 churches, 430 churches, 777 churches, 1800 churches, 30000 churches, 360,000 churches, 3.6 million churches, 36 million churches and eventually all the world.

Donít think about receiving. Donít think about True Parents support. This will cause trouble. During age of indemnity True Parents could support. Now the age of indemnity is over. Therefore Father cannot support anymore. You must generate your own support.

Look at the twin towers. Now we are restoring that through the current resurrection of Christianity. Centering on 3 black leaders there must be 36 Black clergy couples. Every time we can connect through the number of 12. 36, 72, 120, 430, 777, 1800, 2000, 8000, 10,000 then finally 30,000 key clergy leaders.

Now we are restoring the tribe this way. We are doing the Interreligious , International, Interracial blessing. Through this we can liberate mankind. Thatís why we must organize. 108 candidates must be selected. Then vote for the 36 couples. Now, for 10 years until 2012 we are going to inform the media. We will establish the SW message. We must build the top leaders name list. The whole world will come together at one time. The Unification movement is like a big iceberg.

To achieve this we must first bless the religious leaders. Three sons, white, black and Asian/Hispanic must unite as one son. If we set up these ideas, then Christianity as 120 top religious leaders will lead. Now Moslems in the spirit world are so hot to study the principle. Simon who carried Jesus Cross, set the condition and is the reason why, in the last days, Black leaders are uniting with Father at this time. Now Muslims, especially black, are coming together with us. Minister Farrakhan supports Father. Now top black leaders are coming together as one.

Donít feel burdened. Just think about Godís will to accomplish the liberation of Godís heart. It doesnít matter about the physical age. The motherís position is very important. Then the mother will take responsibility. Now the woman is important. All women are like one woman. All men are the archangels. They should listen to the mother (wife) and follow Father. Think of the original 36 couples. How serious is their responsibility before heaven. Those that thought of their own benefit failed. Japan is poor, simple and humble. True Parentsí daughters in law should be humble and serve. Now the establishment of the 3rd Israel is to be realized.

Now we must accomplish the three heavenly ethical points. The same formula works. We must appreciate. Every Sunday morning you must have pledge service. Then with purity offer everything to God. With purity prepare everything for God together. Keep pledge service as your holy service.

The Old testament, New Testament and Complete Testament are represented by these three black leaders. Bishop Stallings said, Iím the Completed Testament, Rev. Kenyatta is the Old Testament and Bishop Billings is the New Testament!! Ham, Shem and Japeth. Now you must embrace all Asian and Hispanic community. Then the third son the white son must be embraced. Now Black people are in the top of the religious world. Now black people have kept the faith and become the core of the attitude of faith in America.

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