Unification News for April 2002

Africa Arise and Seek Right

Dominic Katongo

Africa! Africa! Mama Africa!

A scepter of God's protection.
What has become of you?
Where in your resentment, fights, amidst
Poverty, corruption and disease
Is your loving heart of ages?
Mama Africa
Ever shinning skies of abundance.
From the north in the Atlas Mountains,
To the south in the Drakensberg Mountains,
From the pyramids of Egypt, to the ancient fortress
Of Zimbabwe, down the mighty Victoria Falls.
What has become of your wisdom?
Looking up, beyond the blankets of the blue skies,
Down underneath the deep blue ocean waters,
All I see is, but, an immeasurable abundance
Of your fruitfulness.
Seek thy mighty true love and wisdom
And you shall find.
Mama, seek right!
Now is the time of your promise.
The time to find.
Yes, you shall find!
Yes, you shall find!
Viva Africa, viva all mankind, viva True Parents!!
God bless the world.

Dominic Katongo, first year UTS student from Zambia
Email: dominickatongo@yahoo.com

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