Unification News for April 2002

IRFF - Zambia: HIV/AIDS Radio Program

by Nicholas Chisha

The story of HIV/AIDS is well known throughout the world, but here in Africa it is a very serious matter due to luck of correct information about this disease and its prevention.

In Zambia we have lost a good number of young men and woman because of this disease, that is why IRFF Zambian Chapter came up with this Radio Program on HIV/AIDS to inform the Citizens of the dangers of this disease and how they can protect themselves from this deadly disease. It was not easy to find a sponsor for this project because here in our country it is very costly to go on air, our prayers were answered when through Dr. Massimo Trombin (IRFF-Europe) provided the very much-needed funds for the program to take off. This Program will be for 4 Months starting from October, 2001 to January, 2002. We would have loved it to be for a full year but due to luck of funds we are limited to 4 Months only.

The Program is divided into sections, which are as follows: First section look at the effects of HIV/AIDS on the family; second section, the impact of HIV/AIDS on Education; third section, the impact of HIV/AIDS on Development and Poverty; fourth section, the role of Parent and Guardians in educating their sons and daughters on the evils of HIV/AIDS; last section looks at the role of the Churches on education concerning HIV/AIDS.

On each section we invite people working in the field of HIV/AIDS from different Organizations including Churches to come and share on this Program, we even have people living with HIV/AIDS coming over to share their experiences. We have also extended invitations to IRFF Kenya and Tanzania to come and share their works concerning HIV/AIDS with the Zambian people, because we believe networking on this subject of HIV/AIDS here in Africa is very important. We can not build or develop without young men and woman who are healthy, therefore if we do not address this issue of HIV/AIDS anything we do will just go to waste.

The response from the public has been very encouraging so far. We are very hopeful that one day with God's blessings we will hold a Conference on HIV/AIDS here in Africa so that the truth about HIV/AIDS and the correct prevention can be communicated to Africa, there as been too much of false information which is misleading many of the people, that is why the numbers of HIV/AIDS here are always going up, when in other parts of the world a decrease has been recorded.

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