Unification News for April 2002

Moldova International Leadership Seminar

by R. Koonse

The honored Chairman of IIFWP, Dr. C. H. Kwak started his visit, March 22, 2002, to Moldova on a high note as he was greeted by four of Moldova's most respected educators and activists at a welcoming dinner. They each wanted to convey their gratitude to the Founders, Dr. and Mrs. Moon whose "Cultivation of Heart and Character" curriculum has been used in the institutions that these educators lead.

One of the lasting impressions remaining after the One Day International Leader's Conference held in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova was the intense concentration and focused participation of the 130 leaders in attendance. The theme "Renewing the Nation: An Exploration of Principles and Practices that Strengthen Families, Educate our Youth and Rebuild Society" was very timely and relevant to all participants.

The invocator, Mrs. Elena Raileanu, set the mood of the Conference, reciting "The Essence of our Existence" an original poem which highlights the importance of true love as the primary human part in the Divine drama.

Welcoming remarks were offered by Ambassador Nicolae Tau, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, who outlined the purpose of the Conference as identifying and recognizing Leaders who are committed to the principle of "living for the sake of others" and the vital importance of the family as the context within which future leaders can be nurtured.

Dr. Thomas Walsh's presentation on "Character Education and AIDS prevention" was punctuated by Mrs. Valentina Seutsa whose gave a moving account of how the NGO called "La Strada" is fighting for the lives of thousands of women and girls who are unwittingly seduced into the sex industry by human traffickers.

This conference provided a model for the inauguration of a Moldovan Chapter of IIFWP. Dr. C. H Kwak's lectures provided a living example of inspired leadership in action that continued to build and finally peaked after his lecture, The Eternal Value of Marriage, Family and the Blessing. When couples were invited to come forward to re-dedicate their marriages, 37 couples responded.

At the closing banquet a number of exemplary public servants were confirmed the title of Ambassador of Peace for their untiring efforts in realizing the Foundersí vision of leadership in Moldova. Although it was getting late, many remained to discuss and plan how we can further practice and promote these ideals to realize the hope of all mankind, a peaceful world.

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