Unification News for April 2002

National Character Education in Albania

by Gani Rroshi

The National University Character Education tour has successfully begun in the city of Vlora and will travel to seven cities in the spring season. Almost eighty students participated, despite the Easter Holiday.

Gani Rroshi gave the Family as the School of Love as an introduction and Dr. Lulzim Hajnaj, professor of Psychology at Vlora, addressed the Causes and Resolution of Conflict.

Keeping his promise to support the initiative, the new Minister of Education the Hon. Leon Memushi spoke on the need of character education and about the value of the project. Mrs. Vitori Hasani, Dean of the Medical Faculty at Vlora University moved and shocked the audience with a slideshow about the impact of STDs and the role of character education in preventing these diseases, especially AIDS, still a poorly understood threat in Albanian schools and universities.

The tour triggered a spiritual revival for our CARP center in Vlora. At the end of the program, 77 students became associate members, and we held a three day workshop.

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