Unification News for April 2002

Blessing Testimonies from Japanese Missionaries

Northern California

Translated by Makiko Leonard

We started on March 21st in one area with a map given by our Regional leader. We drove and visited the churches but it was inefficient.? Then we received a list of churches from the flag providence. We visited forty of them with a video ("We Will Stand") and a pamphlet. After April 2nd, we visited the churches again that were responsive or that we had a good impression of. On this second visit, we thought it was important to get support from sisters living in America to avoid a language problem. Whenever they needed missionariesí help for their area, we helped them with pleasure. Then when we needed them, they were willing to help us back. Through this, we created good give and take action with them and trust in our relationship. Based on this unity, the pastorsí response became better than we expected. We appreciated working together with each other.

We visited one pastor on the 3rd, but he was about to leave when we arrived. We asked him if he took a look at our video or not. He said, "Yes, but please come back at 10 on Friday because I am leaving now." We visited him at that time. He welcomed us into his office and listened to the purpose of our visit. We told him that, "in order to rebuild American families, ... the position of church ministers is crucial. Therefore, we are visiting as many churches of any denomination as possible for forty days." Then he said, "So what should I do for you?" We answered, "First of all, we would like your couple to pledge to these four vows and receive the holy juice. Then explain to your members about this and let them have this holy juice also." He said, "Yes," and called his wife. After he explained to her, she also accepted brightly saying, "Ok." They drank the holy juice there.

We were so surprised that it went so smooth. Then we realized that this was how easy it can be if we meet a prepared person. Even the sister living in America was so moved because she had a concept that white people are less likely to accept us. We know this is because of the support from spirit world and the conditions that True Parents made. Therefore, we would like to offer all of our results to heaven.

Southern California

Translated by Hisayo Pelton

March 25, one of the minister outreach teams we have requested to change their assigned area where residents are predominantly Caucasian. The quote "When missionary sisters visit 3 times, even the spiritual wall of the most negative church would be collapsed [by spirit world]" occurred to me and persuaded this team. The team took it very well, and began to think they should feel ashamed if they don't try 3 times and thus started pouring out their heart more.

The first time, it was difficult and the second time it was still a challenge. However, when they attempted to visit the third time, in spite of the pastor's (originally from Philippines) continued hesitancy to be involved, his wife showed interest and watched the introductory video which prompted her to take Holy Wine [that day]. Finally she decided to attend our evening program scheduled next Monday.

We are also receiving a good response from other ministers. One white minister who is traveling in Canada now sent us pictures and a letter telling us about his Canada trip and his wish to meet with us again because he was deeply touched by us. We were very happy to hear from him. This pastor's church is also the one we had to try 3 times and then the door was opened. We are looking forward to meeting with this pastor again very much upon his return on April 4.

We experienced the reality that "Absolute Obedience" and "Absolute Faith" to follow TP's words are just what we need. We don't need to think about anything else because TP and God have prepared everything for victory.


Translated by Makiko Leonard

Five national messiahs and missionaries from seven countries are working together in our state. We especially appreciated the national messiahs that they go out with us everyday. Also, their sincere late-night prayer has guided and protected us.

We visit the churches by teams. The teams have four people each. We made a fresh start in new area today. Some teams met great pastors easily from the beginning. We felt so guided by the spirit world. In one church, one team met a sister who was so depressed. They sang a song for her, gave an origami figure and finally gave the holy juice to her. She was so appreciative and gave a 50 dollar donation to them and said, "Please have a meal or something with this."

I thought we were blessed because we started with a strong determination that each team would give the blessing to 50 couples.


Translated by Hisayo Pelton

We had a prayer breakfast with an honorable guest, Rev. Kenyatta. It was originally scheduled for the 13th, but it was carried out on the 6th upon the previous state leader's strong [suggestion and] decision even though our senior pastor was absent that day.

On the day of event (the 6th), initially 18 ministers showed up. Among them, 8 ministers were new contacts, and 3 out of 8 were "white" ministers. Although one couple left in the midst of the event, the rest were riveted by Rev. Kenyatta's deep and heartwarming testimony including his Blessing [matching] experience. Rev. Kenyatta called up Mrs. Kenyatta [the former Mrs. Hsu of Columbus, OH] to the podium, stood right next to her, and asked her to speak.

Mrs. Kenyatta then testified to her graciousness of having accepted being matched to Rev. Kenyatta in tears, saying: "Rev. Kenyatta is not only my husband but rather a man of an incredible destiny to change the world. I am so very grateful to him and [at the same time] so proud of him." They received a warm standing ovation and praise from the attendees. Interestingly, they didn't seem like a newly blessed [matched] couple but they looked so natural to be together, like long-time companions, which really cleansed our heart. Rev. Kenyatta repeatedly said "God is with Rev. Moon!" and appeared so liberated.

Following the prayer breakfast, Rev. Kenyatta met with some other ministers. He was again testifying to his experience joyfully. We owe a debt of gratitude to Rev. and Mrs. Kenyatta. Through them even our members who never attended an event as well as the state of Nebraska were set on fire with the Holy Spirit! We sincerely thank our True Parents' and God for their grace.


Translated by Makiko Leonard

Seven days past since I arrived in Chicago on March 29 and started my missionary work. However, I didnít have any results that I can report to True Parents yet. I was starting to feel pressure. One day, we started with strong determination to break through. It was a very cold day. We went to McDonaldís to get something warm to drink after lunch. Then one elegant looking white old lady came close to us and said, "You all look so beautiful. Did you just have a wedding ceremony or something?" We were so surprised and confused because we were not wearing such beautiful dresses at all, even our makeup almost came off after lunch. Then one tribal messiah sister introduced us to her and said that we were missionaries that came from Japan. She said, "I can recognize a missionary. I can see your father and mother behind you." We felt so strange but then we thought that this meeting must have been guided by God and True Parents. We asked her name, church and address.

After three days, we visited her church. It was a big Catholic church that has 16,000 followers. By chance we met the pastor who was taking a walk with his dog. After we talked, he welcomed us and invited us to the chapel. We explained more about what we were doing and the blessing. He said, "If I can receive the blessing, I want to do it as soon as possible, even now." So he received the holy wine and our prayer right there. He was still single but symbolically we could give him the blessing. We are planning to visit him again on the 8th and we want to give the blessing to his members. Through this experience, I strongly felt that True Parents have always been behind us. Thank you very much.


Translated by Hisayo Pelton

Everyday we go out in three separate teams. This testimony is from one of the groups who goes out until late night. The team leader is a local Blessed family. They took off to the church visit with the insight given by the NM stationed in our area, "You'll never come back to the center without giving Holy Wine!"

When Rev. Williams of New Jerusalem Temple was praying in his church, this team happened to visit him. When he heard the team leader's name, sounds very similar to the word, "Messiah" he really thought real Messiah paid a visit to his church!! After he listened to their explanation of why they came to save families in America, he felt he was stricken by thunder. Rev. Williams spoke of this testimony at Good Friday sermon. Additionally, he strongly persuaded [his congregation] that our Blessing movement is truly God's will so appropriate for this era, and we all must not miss its visitation.

That day, the team was invited and introduced on the stage. They dedicated three Japanese songs followed by Good Friday Communion where more than 100 members of congregation including clergymen received Holy Wine altogether.


Translated by Makiko Leonard

It was my second day after I arrived here. When I visited one church they were singing holy songs. When I saw the pastor, who was a woman, tears came to my eyes. It is probably because I saw the word "African" as part of the church name on the signboard when I came in. From that moment, the memory of my mission country, Dominica, a country that has many black people, came to my mind.

After the holy song, she hugged me strongly so I hugged her back. I felt as if she was my daughter. Also it reminded me that we missionaries came to America to love this country in the motherís position. Everybody shed tears during the prayer after receiving the holy wine.

It was a big church holding 25,000 followers. Her husband is also a pastor. She was listening favorably to our introduction to the conference.

We will sincerely keep taking care of this church. In the end, I felt so sorry in front of True Parents that I did not come here earlier.


Translated by Makiko Leonard

A pastor who we met two days ago visited our church, bringing his family. We had a prayer breakfast meeting together, they looked so happy. When we visited his church the other day, he received our flag. Then we showed the pastor and his assistant pastor two videos: "We are one" and Rev. Elliotís testimony. After they watched the videos, the assistant pastor easily accepted and received the holy wine.

The pastor knew about True Father from before and said, "Some of my members are critical about Rev. Moon, but his preaching is based on the bible. I welcome anybody who accepts Jesus Christ." He also said, "I want to attend this prayer breakfast meeting again with my senior pastor and minister."

New Jersey

Translated by Makiko Leonard

When we visited a new church on Saturday, we were able to meet a pastor and his wife, their daughter and their two grandchildren. They were so conscientious and already knew True Father and some ACLC pastors. But they have never attended any of our events so far. We talked to them about the blessing, showing an approach book. Then we gave the pastor the holy wine blessing on that day. We promised to sing a song and give their members the blessing at Sunday service the next day.

The next day, there were 5 couples at the Sunday service. After the pastor read the four vows, he gave a prayer while holding the representative coupleís hands. He also asked his members for a donation to support our movement, so we received 60 dollars! Even a guest speaker gave a prayer for us. Afterwards, we had lunch together with them.

We are so guided everyday to be able to meet good pastors in the realm of the victorious True Parents with tremendous support from the spirit world. But this time was the first time to receive a donation. We were so surprised that not only good people but also all things were prepared. We strongly felt that whenever we take action with confidence, trusting the victorious realm, everything was prepared for us.

Washington DC

Translated by Shigetaka Matsuhashi

We started to witness to ministers at 7 AM. We wanted to meet Abel-type ministers in our nine appointments. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet even one minister who would take the time to talk about the Blessing with us. So, we headed back to our center with no result. As we were driving however , we noticed one minister alone at a bus station. We decided to stop and introduce him to the Family Federation and the Blessing movement. Amazingly, he accepted our Blessing and drank the holy wine right there. He also drank holy wine on behalf of his wife who has passed into the spirit world. Finally, after we prayed for him, this minister invited us to his home to talk more deeply about the Blessing. He also invited us to his church "any time" because the main minister there knows our movement.

Thank you God and True Parents for helping us to meet this prepared person today! If we take care and educate ministers, they will come to understand and trust us more and more.

True Father has told us to visit all the churches in America at least 3 times. If we follow this direction, a lot of ministers will respond and become the central 12,000 Christian leaders of God's providence.

The mother country's mission is to take care and educate all these thousands of ministers. We missionaries have strong determination for this mother country mission!

New Mexico

Translated by Hisayo Pelton

I attended a Bible Study at one "white" church. When I greeted the pastor and testified about True Father and introduced this Blessing campaign after the program, I was bitterly rejected. However, when the pastor's wife who was playing organ came to me, I said, "You [and your husband] look like a wonderful couple. Could you please take a picture with me?" This simple praise opened up their heart and I really felt the atmosphere was being changed positively. Then, I approached again, "How about we toast now?"

Following this, both the pastor and I offered prayer and they finally took the Holy Wine as a couple. Moreover, they asked me to come back again! I was assured that the pastor's spirit was moved and was being liberated from that moment.

I regard "white" churches and Catholics as such a challenge. Yet, I can confirm everyday that even the toughest is being drawn [to True Parents and this Blessing movement] with the help of the spirit world and God. So I can keep up my hope.


Translated by Hisayo Pelton

Despite the mass mailing which took up much of our time today, local Japanese members came to help us visit a predominantly white, middle-class residential area.

At one church, I was about to leave an invitation for our event because I didn't see anyone, but then a pastor came. Initially, we didn't notice he was the pastor. His wife had noticed we were there and told him about it. Later we found out that this pastor had already received the invitation by mail, and actually was wondering which of the three prayer breakfasts he should attend! He was grateful to be invited to the event, he told us.

This white, Protestant pastor had been a pastor in Zimbabwe for 36 years before returning to the US. Then, he was appointed as a pastor of his father-in-law's own church 2 years ago.

We started to visit this particular area just recently, but we feel very hopeful to find that there are ministers whom God has prepared and placed in this area.


Translated by Makiko Leonard

We (two sisters) went to a local TV station to have an interview today. After showing our blessing video, we talked about why we came to America and what we are doing. The church leader who interviewed us has a thirty-minute program every week, which included a talk with us as his guests and an introduction to our event. We were so nervous but we hoped more pastors would be interested in us and join us through this program.

We also visited one church today. We were about to leave after nobody responded to us but then one car pulled up next to us. We thought it must have been a pastor's car, so we went close to talk to the driver. But actually he was a professor. We talked and talked, and found that his grandfather was a pastor of the church. Also his father used to be a pastor until one year ago. But his brothers now belong to a different denomination because they have a different interpretation of the bible. Finally, he agreed with our movement that we should work beyond race and religion and accepted and received the holy wine.

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