Unification News for April 2002

ACLC Meeting Columbus, Ohio

by Dr. John K. Mwamba.

With just four days notice, we received a message that Rev. Dr. Charles Kenyatta who has been matched with Ms. Sun Bok Lee (Mrs. Hsu) was coming to speak to our city, Columbus, Ohio. As we have a weekly Prayer Breakfast Meetings every Saturday, we sought that it will be appropriate for him to speak there. However, in accordance with his national schedule, he had to speak on Tuesday night. We were in a bind so the Korean national messiah, Rev. Shin, called some Japanese missionaries for a midnight Prayer Vigil.

On this foundation, we invited all the core ACLC pastors' couples and the newly blessed ministers' couples. To our surprise, over 300 people came. The night before the dinner meeting, we met with Bishop Andy Lewter, who is the President of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance and Pastor of Full Gospel Baptist, and we invited him to join the dinner meeting. He said that he knows Dr. Charles Kenyatta very well and he is an old friend of him, he was very curious to learn that he is a fiancé to Mrs. Hsu. He said, "I have to come and listen to his testimony". In addition, he came for sure and sacrificed his Bible Study. Many other great ministers, Dr. Sokoto Fulani, Pastor of the Wesley United Methodist Church and others came, even Minister Donell Muhammad, a representative of Minister Louis Farrakhan brought his wife and other Moslem brothers. We had a great mixed audience.

Pastors and ministers were moved by the testimonies of Dr. Charles Kenyatta and Ms. Sung Bok Lee who were considered as Abraham and Sarah. Dr. Kenyatta said that he does not know how Abraham felt when he met Sarah, but he knows how he feels by meeting Mrs. Sung Bok Lee (Mrs. Hsu). Dr. Kenyatta praised True Father for his ministry of rebuilding families as the cornerstone for world peace. The fact that at the age of 82, Father Moon can choose a wife for him shows that God is real. He gave a profound message in short terms. He called up front the entire family of Mrs. Hsu, two daughters and their husbands and grandchildren. It was beautiful to see them and he said they are now our children and wished them long life, 100 years. Mrs. Hsu also gave a moving testimony of her encounter with Father and how she accepted the matching.

After Dr. Kenyatta address, we did an altar call and all ministers' couples participated in the Rededication Blessing Marriage. We had a wonderful event that inspired ministers to value the Family Movement and the ministry of True Father. Dr. Kenyatta (82 years) and Mrs. Hsu (72 years) is a great testimony for all ministers to Stand for Family and Marriage and Save the Nation. The evening was colored by the Choir from Kingdom Life Christian Center with Pastor Sam Adeyemi as Emcee. In addition, the Choir from Ohio Family Church and the solo by Mrs. Lee uplifted everyone.

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