Unification News for April 2002

Marriage Re-Dedication Comes to Fredericksburg

by David Caprara

Heavenly Father's mighty marriage dedication campaign spirit came down to Fredericksburg, April 19, at the ACLC prayer breakfast organized with the support of 3 area couples and AFC. Of the 44 participants, 36 were clergy and state leaders including Cabinet, faith-based liaison, and two state legislators. The spirit was one of dynamic excitement and possibilities for our community and nation, as Rev. Fauntroy, Rev. Jenkins, Bishop Johnson and Peter Brown led the poignant commitment to family dedication together with many local speakers. Local pastors and their wives eagerly helped lead a communion toast to our marriages. One of the state legislators commented on the program, "The central problem is sin, which the government cannot solve. This program is the answer, growing the church, saving the nation!"

We were blessed to have an array of pastors crossing the racial and denominational boundaries, with significant white mainline alongside leading African American clergymen: Lutheran, United Methodist, Catholic, Evangelical, Black and White Baptist, and a director from a multi-denominational body representing tens of millions of Christians. These were almost all first time participants. The Tony and Mimi Dempsey Family, Paul & Neuma Erickson, and Caprara's -- aided by a volunteer Girl Scout Troop from New Hope Academy and our dedicated staff volunteers Debbie Scott and Joe Wakaria -- worked hard through mailing to 250 ministers, many church visits, and a weekend hosting of the most beautiful Japanese team (Etsuko Takeda and Chinami Furukawa) who melted their hearts. Phone calling was led by one of our bright second generation leaders, Marcella Lee. Patsy Casino touched every heart with her uplifting gospel song, and closing with "Impossible Dream."

We focused on serving a local, grassroots movement that is tackling the abstinence problem of our youth (20 churches rallied for youth abstinence, 800 area youth the preceding Sunday which we visited together with our Japanese family). Peter Brown supported this with AFC's Parents Day and "True Love Thing To Do" abstinence education campaign. A love offering was made for the local abstinence movement and a pledge was made to meet again on follow-up projects in the community. We want to support the launch of a True Family Values Institute in the lead church to help equip the ministers in addressing marriage and family issues, along with an AFC family healing center and abstinence support program.

Afterwards, our leadership team of Rev. Jenkins, Rev. Fauntroy, AFC Regional Director Peter Brown, Bishop Johnson and myself prayed tearfully for the nation holding hands together under a shade tree in the beating sun at President George Washington's historic boyhood home overlooking the Rappahannock River. It was a watershed prayer and unity among us for the new family movement beckoning the spirit of our patriot ancestors. (Four history archaeologists who were surveying the Washington homestead were amazed by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and our inter-racial brotherhood). Just as we were praying, Rev. Anthony Flores (AFC RD Region 2, phoned from Ohio and patched into Rev. Fauntroy, who pledged vigorous support for a major national Black Leadership Conference coming up in May).

This marriage rededication campaign is Father's gift to America. Build your foundation in each state and renew our families working together community-by-community. Thank you Rev. Jenkins and AFC RD Peter Brown for tremendous support along with the Dempsey and Erickson family (please pray for their daughter Arianna who is suffering greatly amidst their beautiful sacrifice.

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