Unification News for April 2002

ACLC Blessing Preparation in DC

Recently, local ACLC leaders, Rev. C. Phillip Johnson and Rev. Cleveland Sparrow conducted Blessing Ceremonies in their churches.

Rev. C. Phillip Johnson prepared everything by himself. He sent a special invitation card to his congregation and led the ceremony. All the congregation received Holy Wine.

Nobody told him how to conduct ceremony, but he knew it and he did it. He had just come back from NY convocation and he was really hot. (In fact, while he was in NY, he was invited to East Garden as one of 12 key ministers and received special guidance from Father together with other key ministers.)

Rev. Sparrow also conducted Blessing ceremony in Masonic Temple and six minister couples received the Blessing. Rev. Sparrow had list of fifteen ministers whom he wanted to give the Blessing. He was also very excited to give Blessing and he actually did it.

Now, together with these ministers, brothers and sisters are going out everyday to visit ministers and to bless their marriages, families and churches. Ministers are receiving Blessing during local Prayer Breakfast, too. Many testimonies and reports are coming everyday.


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