Unification News for April 2002

Fatherís Words to ACLC Executive Committee

Sun Myung Moon
April, 2002

This is from a note True Father sent to the ACLC ministers.

Godís Will will be accomplished on earth, no matter what. Not because of the power of America, but by the power of the Truth. Only the Truth can prevail. If you are connected in heart to Jesus you can know these things. Therefore you have to listen. This is the completion of the Old and New Testament eras. People donít know how to reach the heavenly realm. If you know God and the Spirit World you will understand Rev. Moon.

This Blessing is not because I need 144,000 churches but because it will open up the gate of the Spirit World. Once this gate is open then Heaven will guide America. If Christianity fails God will go to the other world religions to accomplish His goal. However if Godís providence goes in a different direction it will take much longer for the Kingdom to be realized.

I didnít come to America because Iím fond of America. Iíve been bitterly persecuted here. I came to America because of Jesus. The only reason Iím here in America is because of Christianity. Christianity is the chosen religion and because of that America is the chosen nation to save the world.

You, he ACLC Executive Committee, have to take up this mission together. The Blessing of the 144,000 Clergy will form the core of the second Israel. Now Father has expanded beyond Christianity. Father has the power to guide these 144,000 to save America and embrace all the religions of the world. If you truly understand the Divine Principle and go out with your whole heart, who could reject you clergy. Who will insist on just being Presbyterian or Baptist. The walls must come down.

144,000 is not just clergy but churches and families that can form a Family Movement to save America. It has to become obvious to save America. I am here in America because of Jesus.

What we are doing all together now is based on the 40-year course that I went through with Christianity from 1945 Ė 1985 and the victory we won. Because of Christianity I came to America. That is the only reason. Godís will however is not just to save this nation, but to save the whole world.

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