Unification News for March 2002

Hanmadang Games Celebrate Unity, Youth

by Sharleen F. Estiandan

More than 10,000 appreciative fans crowded into the Olympic Fencing Stadium to celebrate the 8th International Hanmadang Games. As usual, the event marked the culmination of several days of hard fought competition, none more fierce than the challenge for the soccer crown which was eventually won by the youth team from Ciena, one of two clubs sponsored by True Parents in Brazil.

The Ciena team arrived in Korea from the balmy Brazilian summer on the morning of their first game, but managed to overcome the biting winds and below zero temperature, and keen competition from Europe, Korea and Japan.

The festival, jointly organized by YFWP and World CARP, opened with the entry of the athletes from the eight regional teams, led by a spirited brass band. Then came the return of the Hanmadang victory flag by Kyoung Hyo Kim, representing Korea, the Hanmadang 2000 Champion. YFWP President Kim Bong Tae, World CARP President Hyun Jin Moon and WCSF Founders Rev. & Mrs. Sun Myung Moon all offered short words of encouragement.

Then it was on to the celebrations, which included mass athletic displays symbolizing the unification of North and South Korea -- a favorite theme at previous events. The World Martial Arts Association put on a display with fire-jumping, arrow-catching and all manner of breaking techniques. Some of the loudest applause was reserved for the Sun Moon University womenís team who showed us exactly how to deal with unwanted male attention. Ouch!

In the final of the Menís Volleyball, the Northeast Continent beat out the team from Asia, perhaps not surprisingly since their average height seemed to be 20cm higher.

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