Unification News for March 2002

Martial Arts Demonstration adds impact to the 2002 World CARP Convention.

More than 20 black belts in the style of Tongil Moo Do gave an impressive demonstration of their skills and spirit at the 2002 World CARP Convention in Seoul this week. The powerful spirit and technique put on display with musical arrangement seamed to underscore the motto of Breakthrough 2003.

The Tongil Moo Do demonstration, together with an even larger one only a few hours earlier at the 5th annual Hanmadang games were historical. Originally founded by Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, with the purpose of unifying all the styles of martial arts, Tongil Moo Do has recently seen new growth in many countries, and this week’s events mark the introduction of the style in Korea.

"Practicing Tongil Moo Do has given me new confidence in myself and convinced me that today’s youth can be lend away from the prevailing culture of immorality and materialism", said Bat Erdene, one of the performing black belts. Bat Erdene first began training Tongil Moo Do at a 40-day seminar in Moscow last autumn. He then helped to organize another 40-day seminar in his homeland of Mongolia in January-December 2001-2002, at which he earned his black belt.

80 young Mongolians attended the seminar which included lectures on character development and elements of spiritual training as well as intense instruction in the techniques of Tongil Moo Do. Martial Arts are being introduced to World CARP members as a means of spiritual and physical self-discipline.

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