Unification News for March 2002

Upcoming RYS Projects in 2002

by Rev. John W. Gehring,

April 19 - 28: Nakorn Si Thamarat in Southern Thailand

Ambassadors for Peace RYS Initiative. During this project we will work in the rural community of Nakorn Si Thamarat. Participants will construct a classroom and involve themselves in the local community. Cost for international participation is $250 (special consideration for national participants)

Contact person: Delia J at prthai@yahoo.com

April 28 - 29: Regional RYS Training Program in Southern Thailand

Following the Thai RYS project, a special international leadership program will be offered for selected RYS alumni and community organizers who are interested in organizing service programs, RYS projects and other interfaith programs. Program fee: $50

Contact person: Delia J at prthai@yahoo.com

May 6 - 13: Malaysia, near the Thai border

Our volunteers will work with a local university and NGO's in creating a model of cross-cultural service. This largely Muslim community has invited participants of all faiths and cultures to take part in a variety of service activities including the construction of a community education center.

Contact person: Professor Shakirah at nengutara@hotmail.com

June 29 - 30: Koror, Palau Leadership Training Program (Tentative dates)

A leadership seminar for those that want to learn more about public service, character education and interfaith and inter-cultural cooperation.

July: Albania (exact dates to be announced)

Contact person: Massimo Trombin at Irff.Trombin@village.uunet.lu

July 11 - 31: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras

IIFWP Ambassadors for Peace: 13th Friendship America's Project. Beginning in Guatemala City this Central America project will have 70 international students travel to three nations: Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. They will take part in education and cultural programs, labor in community service projects at local hospitals, schools, and in areas of disrepair. This is the 13th RYS Friendship America Project and it is a substantial contribution towards ecumenical and inter-cultural cooperation. The cost for participation is $750 (does not cover international travel)

Contact person: Carol Pobanz (English) at cprys@optonline.net or Daniel Bessel (English or Spanish) at ubrys@hotmail.com

August 1 - 2: Guatemala City

RYS Regional Training Program and an IIFWP seminar will be held for RYS alumni leaders and community activist interested in promoting the ideals of interfaith cooperation and cross-cultural cooperation. Fee: $100 includes hotel and meals. (alternative arrangements possible)

Contact person: Daniel Bessel at ubrys@hotmail.com

August 6 - 17: Trinidad and Tobago

Returning to Trinidad and Tobago and working in cooperation with Prime Minister Patrick Manning and other Ambassadors for Peace, we will work with Habitat for Humanity and other service organizations. Time in the program will include visits to Muslim, Christian and Hindu sites of worship, cultural programs, and time to visit the beeches and other areas of beauty. Cost of the project $400.

Contact Person: John Gehring at John@rys.net

August 18 - 19: Trinidad and Tobago Regional RYS Training

Following the project a special program will be held for training youth leaders in developing the heart, mind and skills for being better prepared to be peace makers. Cost $100

Contact Person: John Gehring at John@rys.net

August 9 - 18: Zambia 6th Africa Rising Project

Returning to Zambia after building a school for orphans of AIDS, our project will work to pull participants from East and Southern Africa along with international participants in an effort to build a model of ethnic, tribal and religious harmony. Cost: For Africans $50, for those residing outside of Africa the cost is $350.

Contact person: Massimo at Irff.Trombin@village.uunet.lu or Nicholas at ChishaN@napsa.co.zm

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