Unification News for March 2002

Los Angeles Ministers Blessing

The Los Angeles event had 320 ministers and guests. All partook in the Family communion. True Parents have prepared everything. This incredible moment in history is upon us in which the ministers are proclaiming that this work is the fulfillment of the prophesy in Revelation.

Rev. Stephen Berg, vice regional director in Arizona, said they met two ministers two days before the convocation and invited them. They were completely overwhelmed by the experience with Bishop Stallings, Pastor Barrett, Rev. Edwards, Dr. Yang. Rev. Daugherty is playing a key role Ñhe is reaching the hearts of these Christian leaders.

Dr. E.V. Hill's associate minister Rev. Nolan and his wife led the way in the Blessing. The altar call occurs after Bishop Stallings gives his sermon and the call. The spirit of these convocations are truly unbelievable. Pastor Barrett's sermon and testimony transform the people. Rev. Harris stood up during the covocation to affirm that he and his wife got back together.

Dr. Wm. Johnson of the Christian Methodist Episcopal church is superintendant and he has 67 churches under him. He is going to have all the pastors bless the congregations! Ministers leave with conviction that the Holy Spirit has anointed them to bless all clergy and ministers. Every minister is going out to find 12 other clergy and churches that will hold the blessing.

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