Unification News for March 2002

NY Stand Up for the Family Interfaith Prayer Breakfast

by Pastor Daryl M. Clarke

On Saturday, February 23rd, members of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and ministers from the American Clergy Leadership Conference of New York co-sponsored the first regional Prayer Breakfast at the Tarrytown Hilton to kick-off the 144,000 Clergy Couple Blessing in the Westchester, NY area.

230 clergy leaders sat down to break bread together as they were lifted up to the Lord by inspiring and encouraging words from one of Chicago’s premier preachers, Rev. T. L. Barrett as the guest speaker of the day. Rev. Barrett’s has a very powerful testimony of how "Father Moon prophesied" about the return of Mrs. Barrett after 10 years of separation and divorce." When he spoke of it, silence filled the room; you could feel the Holy Sprit moving the hearts of people. "The family" Rev. Barrett said, "is the most important institution on earth and it must be ordained by God".

Through his testimony on marriage and family Rev. Barrett pricked the conscious of everyone and asked for their commitment to participate in Blessing 2002 on April 27th. Everyone responded with a rousing "Hallelujah, Amen!"

Following Rev. Barrett, our National President Rev. Michael Jenkins stirred up the ministers more by explaining how they can join the ACLC and involve their congregation with the April 27th Blessing. Following that, Dr. Tyler Hendricks presented the True Family Values powerpoint lecture. Dr. Hendricks introduced a new style of teaching with background music which complimented the spirit of the word as he expounded on various aspects of the Re-dedication Family Festival.

The conclusion of the TFV lecture was the Blessing Ceremony. Clergy couples responded to the call to the Alter and joined our officiators, Rev. and Mrs. Dong Woo Kim to receive the Holy Wine. Fifteen couples stood together in unity to lift up the family while those without their spouses remained standing at their seats to share in the Holy Communion of Marriage.

The host Pastor, Bruce Grodner of the WestRock Family Church offered the benediction to a highly inspired and motivated congregation of clergy. We left that place with a sweet, sweet spirit.

The next day, at their Sunday Service, Bishop and Mrs. Moses De la Rosa, Pastors of the "Word of Flame Ministries" in Mount Vernon, Westchester (who received the Holy Wine at the Prayer Breakfast), stood as "Officiators" and personally chose the top leadership among their congregation and Blessed twelve couples.

The 144,000 Clergy Couple Blessing is in full affect. Praise the Lord, Amen!

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