Unification News for March 2002

Blessing Avalanche in Raleigh, NC

by Tim Davis and Rev. Jea Seok Kim

The wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing in Raleigh, N.C! On Sunday March 9th I stood with Bishop Robert Henry of the Gethsemene True Vine Holiness Church. An altar call was held and three couples were blessed including Bishop Henry. A minister meeting will be scheduled in the near future where the ACLC will be introduced and his minister friends can be blessed and then their churches.

On Wednesday March 13th Pastor Nellie Smith of Matthew Chapel Holy Church agreed to let me lead her Bible study. Originally she was to be there but was called away to S. Carolina for an emergency meeting. I arrived that evening with National Messiah, Rev. Soojong Joo, brothers and sisters from Raleigh community and Japanese missionaries. Upon arriving at the church I was a little apprehensive. But not to worry!!! Heavenly Father had prepared everything! When I opened the door the Asst. Pastor had already set up the VCR and TV on the altar. First I spoke about the work of the ACLC and the Blessing. Next we showed the tape "Reflections on the 144,000 Blessing."

Then I helped officiate the Blessing through the Assistant Pastor. Everything went very smooth. We were totally welcomed and supported. Previously Pastor Smith had attended 2 prayer breakfasts. After the tape was shown the moment of truth came. I called the Assistant Pastor and his wife to the front where they took the Holy Wine. After that the Wine was distributed to all present. Everyone drank the Wine. 20 were in attendance. The Japanese sisters sang 2 beautiful songs which always brings the Holy Spirit . Everyone just loved them. We closed with a prayer and a whole lot of hugging each other . We had wonderful sharing together. Everyone was so joyful and happy. We all had trouble leaving one another that night. Amazing unity! Later I learned there were 8 minister couples in attendance! The entire church leadership was present and received the holy wine.

On March 16th Pastor Cheryl Jones of "Following in the Footsteps of Christ Church," came back from the Holy Convocation in Washington, DC. She was on fire. Immediately she prepared to give the blessing in her church the next day on Sunday March 17th. With Rev. Jea Seok Kim, Rev. Soojong Joo, Gail Davis, Raleigh members and Japanese sisters were present. Pastor Jones literally dragged people to the altar. The Japanese sisters blew them away with their songs. Then Pastor Jones told them they may hear some new things but to get prepared for the ACLC and what it has to offer.

March 24th Pastor Theodore McAllister of Smith Temple Free Will Baptist Church in downtown Raleigh agreed to have the Blessing in his church. This Pastor along with his wife were previously blessed at Raleigh's 1st Blessing event. Bishop J had administered a healing session for them. Pastor McAllister's wife was not going to come because of severe pain in her feet -- a long standing ailment -- but suddenly her pain mysteriously disappeared. Inspired she changed clothes faster than she had ever changed in her life, so she said, and accompanied Pastor McAllister to the program.

I invited Rev. Jea Seok Kim, our Reg. Director, Rev Soojong Joo, Rev. No Hi Pak, Japanese sisters and Raleigh members. I sat on the altar with Pastor McAllister and three other guest ministers. The Pastor introduced us very eloquently to his church which was filled with 150-200 people. I was nervous but prayed for God's spirit to work and went forward in faith. The time came when the Pastor called me to his side at the pulpit and began to talk about the importance of the family and the ACLC. He then said, quite prophetically, "Let the spirit guide us now! So be it!" I invited the Japanese sisters to sing. They sang so beautifully ! You could feel the spirit of God filling the church.

I began to read the mission statement of the ACLC slowly and deliberately. As I looked people were deeply listening to these inspiring Heavenly words. Many heads were nodding in agreement. Then I spoke about the meaning of the 144,000 Blessing. Finally we gave the altar call. To my shock the entire church congregation rose to their feet and came to the altar. The Pastor stood by my side telling everyone to come forward making sure that no one was left out. People took home Holy Wine home for their spouse if absent and children. Pastor McAllister was very serious about everyone receiving the wine. He was totally supportive.

Afterward, I read the four vows. The congregation responded with a reverent "Yes!" The Pastor then prayed over all the newly blessed couples. Finally Rev. Jea Seok Kim spoke deeply about the internal meaning and value of the 144,000 Blessing. The feeling of family was so strong. I had never seen this church so joyful before now. This truly was a miracle of Heavenly Father and True Parents grace!!! yes the wind of the Holy Spirit is truly blowing in Raleigh.!!

Special recognition should be given to the wonderful support of Rev. Kim, the National Messiahs and the Japanese Missionaries.

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