Unification News for March 2002

Report: National Clergy Convocation, DC

Over 300 people gathered at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City to participate in ACLC Holy Convocation March 16. From the metro DC area, 58 ministers participated and many ministers from outside of the region also joined this gathering.

National ACLC leaders, Pastor T. L. Barrett, Jr., Rev. Kevin McCarthy, Rev. Michael Jenkins and Archbishop Stallings gave inspiring teachings and messages. Also, Rev. Willie Wilson came as a guest speaker during luncheon and gave a powerful message. A Japanese missionaries choir brought a bright spirit to the proceedings.

The climax of the convocation was the Holy Wine Ceremony, and many ministers rededicated their marriages in the solemn atmosphere.

After the main sessions, local clergy gathered and had a meeting with Rev. Lykes and Archbishop Stallings. Everybody was very inspired throughout the convocation and ready to go forward to the Blessing Movement.

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