Unification News for March 2002

ACLC Dinner meeting in Atlanta

Region-6 held an ACLC Dinner on February 28. These are some excerpts from the testimonies and remarks given there. Prepared by Tom Cutts.

"I want to be a part of this. Tonight was my first experience with the ACLC. I read your Statement of Purpose earlier this week, and I canceled all of my other engagements in order to be here. And I was not disappointed. The dinner program was spectacular. I have never before been in a room with so many total strangers, who instantly felt like part of my own family." -- Bishop Shirley Cotton, Pentecostal Church of God, Fairburn Mission

"I am so excited to see people of different races working together to rebuild the family. The ACLC is incredible. There is such a strong sense of unity among the people. We really are going to do. We will do it." -- Rev. Ronald Bowens, Friendship Baptist Church Duluth

"The ACLC is the most significant movement of our time. It is truly awesome what God is doing, and I am so glad I can be a part of this. We will solve the family problem, and we will change the culture of America. When I consider the magnitude of what we are trying to accomplish, I feel like we all have been flung into the air together, with an airplane part in each person's hand. And God is telling us to build that plane as we sail across the earth." -- Archbishop John Lewis, Patriarch, African Orthodox Catholic Church

"Who am I to be a part of this fellowship? I'm a man of God. Why did he call each of you? He could have called your classmate, or your brother or sister, yet he called me and you for this purpose at this time. Some other pastors told me not to get involved with Rev. Moon. But when someone tells me not to do something, it only makes me want to do it. My spiritual father has been supportive of my involvement. But when a pastor from South Africa heard that I was involved with Rev. Moon, he told my spiritual father, that he himself had to get involved. We held the dinner in our church last night, and I calculated that we could seat about 75 for dinner. But Bishop Man Ho Kim said we were going to have over 150 people. I prayed to God, "Please expand this room" so we could seat everyone. When I put in 12 tables, I found we had space for five more. Glory to God, we got nearly every one seated." -- Apostle John Davis, Sr. Harvest Faith International

"I drove over seven hours to be at this meeting tonight. And I have to turn around and go back to Mobile in the morning. But it was worthy it. Your event was so well organized, and I got many good ideas. I learned some of your secrets which I am going to take home with me." -- Dr. Harold Toliver, Mobile, Alabama

"I had been reluctant to get involved with this movement. I belong to a denomination, whose leadership frowns upon its pastors doing things outside their dominion. I am also very busy, and don't need another project. But God gave me a dream, and I have to get involved. Now, mind you, I don't usually dream. In my dream I saw a glass case with a pair of men's shoes, and pair of lady's shoes inside. And beside the shoes was a scroll with a list of places. At the top of the list was the name Israel. At first I had no idea what the dream meant. But when I saw the video "We Are One", and saw all the places that Rev. and Mrs. Moon visited in their 50 state tour, I understood the meaning of the scroll. I also knew that the shoes belonged to Rev. and Mrs. Moon. God had told me to go forward boldly - supporting this movement with everything I have - my time, talents and treasure." -- Dr. Gloria Wright, Simmons Chapel A. M. E. Zion Church

"The ACLC is a perfect vehicle for teaching people how to live. We have to regain three generations, and with True Family Values, we will do it. We will save the grandparents, save the sons and daughters and save the children. God bless the ACLC." -- Bishop Murjan Rasheed, Hearts of Compassion

"This was great. I want to hold an ACLC dinner at my church. Rev. Moon is doing an extraordinary work. I am just grateful to be a part of this." -- Superintendent Aaron Lackey, Temple of Prayer United Church of God in Christ

"People ask me why I am involved with the Unification Church, and I tell them, 'It's the love.' I feel the presence of God in all the things we do together. I am trapped, but I love it." -- Apostle Willie Malcom

"What you are doing in Atlanta should be a model for the rest of the country. Having a dinner one evening and a workshop the next day is a perfect way of harvesting the prepared people. Ministers are catching the spirit in just one or two meetings. They feel empowered and ready to do the work. Your movement is really growing in Atlanta. In December you had over fifty ministers, in January nearly 100, and tonight you had 180. Pastors are having a great experience. You keep to the schedule, and end on time. They'll come again, and they'll bring their friends. And not only will the ministers come, but the politicians will naturally be drawn to your ministry. When they learn what you are about, they will change their message and their own priorities to resonate with what you are trying to accomplish. In this way, pastors can begin to assert their prophetic authority." -- Archbishop George Augustus Stallings

"I went to a dinner the last week with over 500 people. Far across the room I saw an influential minister whom I wanted to meet. After the program was over, I rushed to the spot where I had seen him, but he had already left. About twenty minutes later, I was surprised when he came back into the ballroom. I went to him, and we had a great conversation about Rev. Moon and ACLC. I could begin to feel how serious Heavenly Father is about the 144,000 Clergy Couple Blessing and how eager all the angels and ancestors are to help. When the pastor first left, he had gone out to his car, but a small car had parked in such a way that the pastor's car was blocked. He then decided to come back into the ballroom and I could meet him. I can imagine that angels saw a small car on the nearby freeway that was just the right size to fit in the space in front of the minister's car. The angels had the driver exit the freeway, and come to the hotel simply to block the pastor from leaving." -- Rev. Tom Cutts

"This was my first ACLC meeting, please invite me to the next one. It is beautiful to see people of different races and denominations coming together to heal the family. This is something that no one church can accomplish on its own. It will take all of us working together to change America from a divorce culture to a marriage culture, and the ACLC is leading the way in this new marriage movement." -- a local political candidate.

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