Unification News for March 2002

ACLC Blessing Preparation in Ohio

by Dr. John Mwamba

The Kick-Off began with a dinner meeting at the Restaurant of Japan with twelve ministers and nine members, a total of 21 participants. We gave to the ministers a guideline on the purpose, vision, goals and plans of the 144.000 Blessing Couples. The responsibility of the clergy was clearly exposed as being the salt and the light of the earth and the vessels of God to eradicate the divorce rate and sexual immorality as being the major intrinsic cause of the crisis in America in particular and in the world in general.

The statistics on the divorce, single-parents families, fatherless children, immorality, crime, substance abuse, etc. were presented to show that there exist even in Christian Churches and homes and the neighborhood could affect our homes as well.

In either way, it's the responsibility of religious leaders and not the government to Stand Up to Rebuild the Families. The message was well received and as a result, the ministers couples were called in front for a rededication of Marriage Blessing after recitation of the four affirmation vows that all agreed with. Two couples were blessed on the spot.

We have a weekly Prayer Breakfast Meeting with a goal of 50 ministers couples. On February 23, we invited Bishop J as the guest speaker. Over 45 ministers attended the Prayer Breakfast Meeting and eight couples were called on the altar for a rededication of Marriage Blessing. Prior to the call and Rededication, Dr. John Mwamba gave a presentation and an explanation of why we need to Stand Up for Marriage and Family and eradicate the divorce and adultery.

Bishop J's message was well received in his Pentecostal style by the audience. The highlight of his message was the biblical explanation of the 144.000 Sealed from Revelation 7:1-17. The emphasis was put on the openness to learn a new thing, a new understanding of the Bible through unity in the diversity. No one has it all and refers to a biblical text of being poor in spirit.

His personal testimony of being blind at age 7 and at Ground Zero after September 11 was very touching.

Bishop J is a pastor and a founder of Heart of Fire Church in Louisville, Kentucky. His congregation is 87% African-American and 13% White, and he works very closely with the Nation of Islam. He's even featured in the 'Final Call' a Moslem Newspaper. He's a National Evangelist of ACLC and a member of World Bishops Council.

Another highlight was the musical selection by Mrs. ___ that impressed and moved the ministers.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and other families organized a Prayer Breakfast Meeting in a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, on February 16. To their surprise, six ministers showed up and one couple was blessed right there on the spot. Incredible! The doors are open and the harvest is ready. What is needed now is to get out of our comfort zones and harvest. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

Mr. Brian Bloch was led off from his job last December. Since then, he received an inspiration to work with ministers in Cincinnati. Now, he feels that he wants to reach out to ministers in his town and even preach in their Churches. His goal is to tell them that True Father is the Messiah! What is interesting is that he met with Rev. Reno Piner, a long time ICC minister from the 80s. Now, even those from 80s are coming out. This is a lesson for us to look after the ministers and pastors we witness and bless. We need a lot of care and education for them after the event is over. The seed has been planted. The hard job has been done. Now, it is harvest time.

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