Unification News for March 2002

World CARP: Year of the Whirlwind

Ken Bates
February, 2002

This address was given as an introduction to President Hyun Jin Moon at the World CARP Convention in Seoul.

Last year I had the great blessing of traveling around the world together with President Hyun Jin Moon on the Service for Peace Tour. In many of the countries he spoke, he would begin by asking, "Are you ready for a whirlwind?"

No one knew what kind of whirlwind he was talking about. He wasnít just talking about stirring up the emotions of our World CARP members. He was aiming at making a sweeping cultural change that would affect the core, the very root of how CARP is defined, and how the potential of the organization is determined. This amazing worldwide whirlwind resulted in 2001 being a monumental year for World CARP!

The year started with our World CARP Convention and symposium in New York, during which CARP members learned modern management methods, as well as the internal studies and message from Hyun Jin Nim. A symposium like that never happened before.

In three 21-day workshops, we revitalized and educated over 1,000 young leaders, in Canada, New York and Lithuania. These seminars all challenged participants spiritually, physically and mentally. Everyone was evaluated and ranked based on both individual and team efforts. They really learned a new leadership paradigm for the settlement age, through Responsibility, Accountability and Initiative.

In July we took off on the Service for Peace world tour. These were events that challenged each World CARP Chapter to prepare in ways that had never been done before. By taking ownership, what had seemed impossible was accomplished in each location. In Japan, over 50,000 came and showed their support by paying an admission fee higher than ever charged before. Result: revitalization of Japan.

In the Philippines, the young members couldnít believe at first that such high goals could be accomplished. When Hyun Jin Nim told them that they must accomplish ALL the goals, or there would be no event, they took ownership of his direction. The outcome was that they more than doubled the size of the largest previous event in the Philippines, with only two months to mobilize rather than twelve. They reached teachers and professors, who introduced their entire classes to our CARP lectures, and they worked with VIPs who sponsored and organized the event. Based on the message of Service for Peace, CARP received a 25-year lease on 16 mountains that need tree planting. That whirlwind really hit the Philippines!

The Service for Peace rally in America was targeted to the second generation, and resulted in more than twice as many young people choosing to join the STF special training course. Here in Korea during September, over 15,000 people, paid for admission to hear about peace through service even as the terrorists struck in New York. Four months later, in his state of the Union address, George Bush delivered a similar message that voluntary service was the only way to peace.

Earlier in the summer, Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim came here to Korea to join with True Parents in their speaking tour. This represented 3 generations working together, and set the example of working between the generations for everyone. Hyun Jin Nim continued to invest himself fully by conducting the Ivy League tour around American campuses. Based on the amazing foundation of True Parentsí 50 state tour, and built on the lasting love conferences of the previous year, these events connected Fatherís plan for global peace from the Crisis and Hope event in New York after 9/11 and to our new strategy through service for peace.

An attentive audience of more than 4,000 at the event

Finally, Hyun Jin Nim took all the W-CARP leaders to Alaska, where he seriously challenged us in outdoor activities. After erasing our limits many times on the mountains and snowfields of Alaska, he asked us to set new, much higher goals for the future. These are goals that allow us to dream again, not empty dreams, but dreams that we know can be realized. The goals set for the speaking tour of 2003 include events with 100,000 participants, not just 15 or 20,000. These goals were set for 2003, in order to allow each leader to be fully accountable for their success during 2002.

In everything that was done by our President last year, he totally set the example of taking ownership, and breaking every limitation. He has shown an example of excellent leadership, and is now encouraging us to do the same. Just as he taught us to take ownership during the past year, and weíve seen the outstanding results, he is now asking us to teach that culture to others, to multiply it to all those who havenít yet experienced it.

After the whirlwind of success in 2001, we have entered the year of great expansion during 2002.

Ken Bates is vice-president of World CARP.

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