Unification News for February 2002

World CARP Symposium

Four hundred young CARP members gathered in the Olympic Park Hotel, Seoul, on February 12th to hear a message on building a revolution of heart from World CARP President Hyun Jin Moon at the 12th Annual World CARP Convention and Symposium.

"This is the time that we can change nations, and change this world," said Hyun Jin Moon" if we truly believe and absolutely practice the core truth of living for the sake of others." Striding up and down the tightly packed aisles, the World CARP President reminded the gathered members of the tremendous developments made since the last Convention in New York one year ago.

First there were the three 21 day workshops, held in Canada, New York and Lithuania where over 1,000 young leaders learned about a new paradigm of leadership based on a renewed understanding of the leader as a "True Abel." The true leader motivates by example of sacrifice and living for other, not by insisting on his or her own authority.

Then there were the Service for Peace rallies held in Japan, USA, Philippines and Korea. Each of these events have many stories of their own. In Japan, for example, more than 50,000 youth came to Fukuoka, Nagoya, Kobe and Tokyo, where Hyun Jin Moon was joined by two leading ministers from the USA, Pastor TL Barratt of Chicago and Rev. Jesse Edwards of Philadelphia. In the Philippines, the World CARP event was supported and coordinated with the help of some of the most prominent figures in Philippine society, including the Speaker of the House, Jose de Venecia.

At the end of the year, World CARP had organized a speaking tour to launch on leading campuses in the USA, including Yale, Columbia, Chicago, and San Francisco. "As we gather now at the beginning of 2002" said Hyun Jin Moon "You should allow yourself to dream again, not in an empty way but with the confidence that those dreams will be fulfilled. Will you do that? " "Yes!" shouted the audience.

In more than 24 symposium sessions, the CARP members were treated to a rich variety of educational experiences. In the "root" session of core principles, Young Jun Kim explained about current providential developments and True Parents recent victories. Ken Bates spoke about the culture of ownership that is being established in CARP, that is the culture of responsibility, accountability and initiative based on living for the sake of others. Being an owner means inheriting everything from True Parents and True Family.

The "trunk" session focused on case studies and best practices from around the world. These included the Philippine model of successful Convention management, and the USA example of intense and victorious fundraising. Kazushi Mito from Russia explained how the CARP movement there has developed a winning formula for the continuous education and care of new members.

In the branch session, the choices were many. Tom McDevitt of the Washington Times foundation demonstrated the world famous Franklin Covey Time Management system, and then showed his rapt audience how to improve on it by fully incorporating Principle values into daily life making sure that we give enough time to what is truly important to us. "How many of you use any kind of planner?" he asked. Only 10% said yes. "And how many feel they are overworked and have no time?" 100% said yes to that! "Well, he said, "Do you think you might need to learn about this?"

In Seok Yoo, the World CARP webmaster, explained how to register and use the powerful capabilities of the new website, which is in continuous development. Later, the webmasters from different chapters got together to discuss how to continuously develop the site and bring it to the first rank.

Kent Trabing of the UVG group gave a powerful talk on "Buzz Marketing," a great strategy for getting an organization known worldwide in a short space of time. "If Starbucks can do it with something like coffee, why not with a great vision like Service for Peace?" he said.

We are moving in an exciting new direction," said Tony Devine, vice-president for education, "and I am already planning symposium 2003 with the goal of publishing the agenda by May!"

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