Unification News for February 2002

True Father speaks in Hawaii

This is an excerpt of a speech given January 27, 2002 Kona, Hawaii. Translation by Rev. Peter Kim; notes by Tyler Hendricks.

Cheon Il Guk - Cheon Il means two people becoming one, beginning from the unity of mind and body and going all the way to unity of heaven and earth. When we become one with our subject, then we connect with our ultimate subject, God - that is the meaning of the absolute realm of the autonomous ownership (chaju guk) nation. If the chaju guk becomes subject, then the victorious realm will follow automatically.

So whatever level you are on, town, state, whatever, if you are united with God, then heavenly fortune will protect you and help you accomplish what you want to do. That is what is called the victorious realm. With that privilege and determination, we begin this new era. The pre-condition for that is unity of mind and body as an individual. We should be able to see our destiny in this era. Liberation of all things, of humankind, is here. Whether we live or die, everything will become God's glory and victory. We should have no fear, because we know we will live for eternity. In other words, we are outside the realm of death.

So I declared the chunoh chungcha: chunoh = noon, chungcha = settlement; settlement of noontime, which means our life is vertically and horizontally straight. There will be no shadow in our life. We have to become the center that will bring the liberation.

We do not possess all things. Because of the fall, Satan stole all things. Therefore God and humankind were separated from each other. Because of the fall, all things no longer belonged to Adam and Eve. Therefore we should own nothing in the secular world. There should be voluntary sacrificial living offering on the individual level and national level. People say this belongs to America, that belongs to Japan, but they all are robbers. What the secular world claims for itself is stolen. Upon the registration of blessed couples, you have to trace back your mother's lineage and father's lineage and provide restoration to them. As we offer sovereignty to God, the good spirits will come down to work with us.

What we possess and enjoy in the secular world are stolen goods. The Old Testament era was the era of sacrificing all things; the New Testament era saw the sacrifice of children; and the Completed Testament era called for the sacrifice of parents. Now we are in the 4th Adam era. Therefore we have to come out of our old concept and habits as a German, American, Japanese, or Korean. We become citizens of heaven and follow the heavenly tradition. If you are stubborn and stick with your old habits and possessions, you will be like maggots. Without having that condition set as an individual and nation, you have no ladder to climb up. If we do not make the total living offering, it is like exploitation. You sit on stolen goods and still use them even though you know they are stolen.

We know my life course, with opposition on every level. But now, in the 4th Adam era, on the foundation that I made, I declared the era of the victorious realm of the autonomous ownership (chaju guk) nation, in which True Parents' life, love and lineage prevail. Do not claim ownership according to your nationality. This is the reason that I called you former presidents of the seven providential nations. You have to repent for the sake of yourself and your nation. That is why I want you to go through the workshop at Chung Pyung Lake with the Ambassadors of Peace. You are like the tribal head of your nation.

Everyone has to do Tribal Messiahship, to provide restoration for his tribe, to open the door for them to receive the blessing. In Korea there are 273 different clans. They should be united and eventually receive True Parents' blessing. This is the absolute way to build the Kingdom of God.

Don't be proud of your wealth. Your wealth is the result of exploitation. Your ancestors! That's why it doesn't belong to any nation. We have to offer it to God and receive it back from him.

The oceans have been abandoned and neglected. During World War II, Japan tried to conquer America and failed. Now it is not Japan, but heavenly soldiers who should land in America. That is why Hawaii is the bridge, the beachhead. The countries that share the Pacific, such as Korea, Taiwan, Japan, North and South America, are in trouble. There is no ownership of those nations. Even the UN lost ownership. The continents have no owners. So we have to establish a strong enough foundation here to make a successful landing, along with God.

That's why I invited you seven presidents here, to start praying and preparing for the True Parents' birthday celebration, and mobilize the Peace Ambassadors to do that, and join them at the workshop. By 2004, Korea should be united. As a spiritual condition, I initiated registration for Unification Church members. Once Christianity is united, Korea can easily be united by having all the Christians buy the land.

Throughout human history, we have this privilege of having True Parents only once. Again, I remind you of the autonomous ownership (chaju guk) nation. The era of victory. Because of the fall of man, we lost autonomy and ownership. We lost a sense of direction. But now, because of the teaching and merit of the age, we have the luxury of being in the victorious era of the autonomous ownership (chaju guk) nation.

Don't ever think that there is no spirit world. During World War II, the allied and axis nations fought, six nations and when we add Korea, we get seven nations.

This is the absolute era of God. Yesterday I declared the era of the victorious realm of the autonomous ownership (chaju guk) nation. Today is the first day of that era, the day of the liberation of all things.

The Transfer of Ownership

False parents took everything away, so we have to return it to God. In the last fifty years, I guided the use of a large flow of funds. Nothing was for my own sake; it was all for the providence. It was not wasted; no one can take away what was done. The ancestors are still standing behind what I did; nothing is lost. Because Satan has opposed me on all levels, I never gave up. This is not a children's game. I have been fighting Satan all my life. Again, throw out your old secular world habits and ways. Soon we will see the time that you cannot see me freely. If you don't fulfill your responsibility, newcomers will take away your privileges.

Your body should be a holy offering, but think of how stained it is. The time will come when if we doze during Hoon Dok Hae, our ancestors will wake us up with a punch. We should be able to claim ourselves as a clean mind and body so that we are qualified to be registered properly and be accepted.

Blessed couples from the 36 to the 430 Blessings will gather during my birthday and be screened and re-organized. Each individual should have his own ladder to climb up. I have shown you how to climb the ladder. The spirit world will interfere with our life for the sake of goodness. If we make a mistake, we will face the consequences immediately. For some people, therefore, it is a fearful era. So, remember the era of the victorious realm of the autonomous ownership nation, so that God can do whatever He wants with this world.

I offered forgiveness to the blessed couples through the registration blessing, so if you make a mistake again, I cannot do anything about it, but your ancestors will take care of you, one way or another. So live for the sake of God and True Parents. When Jacob was running away in the night, God showed him a ladder. In the same way, we each need a ladder. Don't fall off of it. Whatever mission we may do or talk about, the prerequisite is the unity of mind and body. That comes first, even for climbing the ladder, first on the individual level. On the family level, your family should climb it all together. True Parents already set the ladder safely; you just have to climb it. You have to persevere until the end. You absolutely have to be united with True Parents. If you have no confidence to tag along, you have to become like a fly sitting on my jacket and go through the eight stages together. A fly on a plane from Japan will be carried to America. So absolute faith, love and obedience is needed.

I am educating youth in Korea, students on all levels of schools. At least I am setting a condition to offer this God-centered education. If they don't take it, it is their problem. I am offering this education on an equal level, regardless of race, religion and nation. Remember when Lot's wife turned back to gaze upon Sodom and turned into a pillar of salt. This is a time like that. We just have to look forward. There have been struggles and conflicts between races; this should cease. In the last days, ... I am not a fool. I am overqualified to be a national president and I have never sought such a position.

The word 'True Parents' is the most precious word. God is distributing all the treasures of his museum, but we do not appreciate the value. Our body should be kept pure and clean, along with our mind. Then there is a chance to see the value. That is why, for the ceremonies of holy days, you have to wear holy robes to cover your stained body and mind. It is not the time for me even to look back, much less pull or look after you. You are on your own. That is why the autonomous nation was declared. You have to stand on your own two feet. You have to pay the debt.

If you make an offering to God, you must forget it. Even if it were dropped into the middle of the ocean, you don't think about it. The deepest point of the Pacific Ocean is 10,000 meters deep, near the Philippines. God is the owner of the ocean and land; everything belongs to God. Even if it costs America, Japan and Korea, Father wants to secure an island nation.

Through the restoration process, we can inherit ownership from God. The autonomous nation is important; it has God's lineage attached to it. If you stand on that foundation, Satan cannot snatch you away. You have not the foggiest idea of the victorious realm of the autonomous nation, but now as I explain it, you nod your heads. Remember the total sacrificial living offering you made, it is for educating people. Some nations spent it to buy land; they will be punished. The purpose is clear: it is for education.

Once you have your letter, you can hang onto it and close your eyes and climb up. I've already told you how to do it. Once you establish a father-son relationship, if you make small mistakes it is okay. Like little children make small mistakes and the parents do not punish them. But when you grow up, it is different. When I go to spirit world, the Unification movement will prevail and prosper. The spirit world is full of blessed couples who will work with you, following my direction.

We climbed the ladder from the level of servant of servants and on up, eight stages. We have to offer absolute faith, love and obedience to God and True Parents. The 4.4 celebration day was declared in Punta del Este. We did these conditional days, by which I cleaned up spirit world step by step. The return of the ocean and land, the different stages of return took place. The oceans should be connected to the land, the continents. If all things receive enough love, they will naturally return to the source of that love, the owner. That is natural law.

If we utilize resources properly, the world will really prosper. But we have misused and polluted. The world will become like a zoo. The insects will have to be protected. Animals can survive by means of the food chain. If necessary, we can build a gigantic building and raise all kinds of living things, from insects to tigers and lions. In other words, a zoo.

Krill is the key food for animals and fish. We can even build a fish farm in the middle of the Sahara desert. As long as we have fertilizer and water, we can farm anywhere. It is just a matter of building the tunnel (canal). There is plenty of krill in the Antarctic. On each continent, there is a big desert, and we have to develop it for human life, as a fish farm or whatever we can do. We have to conquer the North Pole and Antarctic. If we don't have a joint venture of all nations, and if each individual nation just pursues its own benefit, the poles will be exploited and disappear.

The victorious realm does not come by itself; we have to create it. If you watch the animal world, for most species, almost half of the offspring die. That is natural law. The food chain exists there. We may not be able to create new species of insects and animals, but we have to preserve them at least. Species become extinct and we should not allow that. Catching fish is not for the sake of eating. We need food, but the purpose should be greater than that. We should be the owner and master of the world.

Yesterday, they caught some fish, ono and striped marlin. Have faith in your life; realize that you live for the sake of God and humanity. All things are there for the sake of humanity. So, you enjoy your life. Even though all things recognize me, when I walk on a field, I feel the plants greeting me. We should all become like that.

On June 24, 2000 at Han Nam Dong, I asked, "Can you take responsibility for the reunification of Korea by 2004?" No one had a dream about the registration process, but I initiated it because you did not know what to do, and also the blessing of people in the spirit world. At Chung Pyung Lake, last time, I told the trainees that the thing God respects and adores the most is the love organ. Because that is where God can be joined with His children. No religious founder has said such a thing, because in the secular world, talk of the love organ is the lowest level talk.

Our conscience constantly reminds us what to do. It creates the equal level, balance. Through our love organ, new life can be created. It is like a melting pot in which the husband and wife's life melt together and create a new life. That is why, if you have no children, your life ends in one generation. That is why those who avoid having children are consigning themselves to hell. Those who avoid marriage will face the same consequence because it means that they will not have children.

The return of the ocean and land are necessary. Once this return process is done, we should play the role of owner to the ocean and land. Because of this era of the victorious realm of the autonomous nation, there will be no opposition anywhere. Soon, everyone will be issued a Cheon Il Guk ID card, a plastic card that will validate you wherever you go.

Japan is an island nation, and people from an island nation cannot conquer a continent. Japan should not oppose me; if it continues to, it will face difficulties. I am still calling women missionaries out of Japan, to save as many people as possible out in the larger world.

My children may be stubborn, like me, but once they know the truth, they can turn around 180 degrees, like me. What is the significance of having True Parents? Through True Parents your lineage can be cleansed and reconnected to God. You know the parable of the prodigal son. If your son comes back hungry, you will give him your food even if you have to starve. That is the heart of parents. If the parents turn their back on the prodigal son, where can he go? You are his last hope, so you have to embrace him and give him another chance. When the prodigal's father offered the banquet, do you think that the rest of the children, who had stayed with the father, felt good or bad? They should rejoice with the father, not feel bad.

Look at the light bulb filament -- it is black, but provides bright light. The black race is more athletic and physically better built, on average. When you look at anything carefully, you will find the power of God there. Therefore you cannot deny the existence of God.

What is the purpose of man's sexual organ? To use as a chopstick? To urinate? What determines a man or woman, the sexual organ, or the shape of the body? No matter how rich a nobleman may be, if at the time of his wedding he has no functioning love organ, he will be discarded and abandoned. Even the bride, once she realizes that her husband cannot function as a man, will keep crying and eventually end her life or abandon him. Again, the unity of mind and body is key. So my lifelong motto is to seek total self-control before seeking to serve God's will for the universe.

If you know my direction and practice it, blessed couples will never wind up in hell.

We have to take our own responsibility. Unification Church member families should have enough resources to support themselves, physically and spiritually. I offered a prayer to unite land and ocean at Chung Pyung Lake. In Uruguay I bought a national treasure and restored it. Japan and Philippines are counterparts, like Korea and Uruguay. If the people in North Korea starve, we have to provide them food. The U.S., Japan, Russia and China should help achieve the unification of Korea. Can you be responsible for the unification of Korea, horizontally and vertically? You should take responsibility for your people and nation.

The DMZ should be eliminated, with help from America, Russia, China and Japan. We have to educate them to do so. I provided a foundation for North Korea to stand. If I bought enough land in South America, North Korea's people can come there and settle. At least pray for this, even if you cannot take responsibility for it. The children born in Korea are blessed with heavenly fortune because of God's providence culminating here. I don't feel pity on Korea anymore. I offered education nationwide in Korea at least three times, so I fulfilled my responsibility. If you Korean leaders do not fulfill yours, then the reunification will be postponed and I will leave Korea. I have to carry on God's providence. The National Messiahs returned to Korea. You have to spearhead this holy mission. If you are responsible, you will do it without expecting help. I gave new assignments to many of you today. You have to stand on the front-line and start digging the ground. Offer education to the people, to your tribal members. We have God-centered spiritual sovereignty now. If Protestantism and Roman Catholicism had united after World War II, the world now would be filled with blessed couples. We have to offer Hoon Dok Hae at Christian churches. If you put your neck out, you can do it.

We need to receive new names. What if we switched men's and women's names? Or switched eastern and western names? I don't want to see even a shadow of Satan. Take your mother's family name instead of your father's, for example. It is unfair for women to have to take the man's family name when they marry. What is better, mother and son, or mother and daughter? Moja means "mother and son" and also means "hat."

The Principle has no Boundaries

Even America as a nation should make the total living offering to God. Centering on Christianity, America should do it. America is a melting pot of races and nationalities. Once America makes the offering, it represents the world. That is why I spent over 30 years in America. Christianity cannot complain about my devotion to America; I have done enough. I clearly can claim this. The world should follow and resemble me, so we are issuing the Cheon Il Guk card, which has True Parents' photo. When you have it, you carry True Parents around and your ancestors will stay with you, all the time, so you will live with them together. Throughout my life, I never skipped Sunday morning pledge, even out on the ocean, or in North Korea. Don't you think my life has been worthy? [Yes.] If you are a minister, you should be able to teach people. Some of our church leaders avoid preaching on Sundays, but I always come back to the original point on Sunday and worship God, show respect to God and do kyung bae to God. You have to able to feed your bone marrow to your congregation.

Most Korean leaders in South America were chased out of the Korean movement. The leaders in the Pantanal too. By the secular world's standard, they would be abandoned, but I embraced them and gave them another chance in South America. I embraced them just as I embraced Japan, an enemy nation.

We have to focus on educating children. If Japan opposes that, it will have no future. It is a bride nation, so women missionaries are being sent all over the world. North Korea, Russia and China are a threat to Japan. Japan justifies its invasion of other countries by claiming they are helping those nations. There is a disputed island between Korea and Japan.

Why is Rev. Yu in charge of Uruguay and Japan? It is because Uruguay is the counterpart of Korea, so he is the bridegroom of both nations. Japanese economic power will not prevail; they have to learn how to open their hearts and love their enemies. In Japan, all kinds of women tried to seduce me, even grandmothers. When spring comes, new buds should come onto the trees and bring new fruit. Japanese members, raise your hands. I have been protecting Japan from criticism and attack.

The process is the return of ocean, return of land, and then the return of heaven and earth. That is the process we go through. The seed of life remains intact even if forty years have passed. In other words, truth will remain as truth for eternity. If you are united with my heart, you will be in tears when you pray, even as a man, missing me. Blood is thicker than water, yet true love is even thicker and stronger than blood.

To Restore 144,000 Churches

We will have a 144,000 clergy blessing this April. We are talking about 288,000 individuals. This is the last days. The Bible says that at the second coming, 144,000 believers will welcome him and be the first resurrection. If we sacrifice our body, our spirit self will grow. When we walk, we always have the legs take turns. It is natural. By the same token, the Cain and Abel problem is a universal issue. Even between Adam and Eve there should be the right order. Woman should follow man. There should be a love relationship between husband and wife. Only after you love your enemy can you return to your hometown. You should give this truth to your family and relatives first. That is why I give you the Tribal Messiah providence.

Again, I have responsibility to inform the return of the ocean and land, but today I declared the return of heaven and earth. We bought much land here and there, as a condition for returning land. I have focused on the ocean many years as a condition for return of the ocean. I have shed tears in prayer as a condition to return heaven and earth. We have to become the owners of the ocean and land. Have confidence that the True Parents have done it.

Call people sikkhu first, then by their nationality of birth, because we have the same ancestor. German sikkhu, not German person. (Sikkhu is Korean for "family member.") Teach your children Korean. There should be one language. Animals the world over speak the same language. Cows that lived 1,000 years ago, spoke the same language. But human beings have hundreds of different languages and sounds. Whoever graduates UTS should be a world leader, and all leaders must graduate from UTS.

After this year, nations will divide and split, but the Unification Church movement will prosper. God's kingship has been established. Conditionally, more than half of humanity is in the realm of blessing.

Many top leaders are from the Cholla province: the Continental Director of America, Rev. Yu of Japan, the top leader of Korea. Cholla has suffered historically, but the time has come for you to be resurrected. That is why God is using you as top leaders. You tend to be more liberal types. God is fair. Cholla has been put down, but in the last days, people from Cholla are used as key leaders. There is always an order, even in making an offering table. When I select leaders for here and there, I follow a certain order. I am putting some pressure on Cholla province leaders. It is the southern province, the Kwangju area.

When ex-President Eu wrote Divine Principle, he could not write anything on his own. He had to follow my directions on each page. I sent four missionaries to America: (Dr.) Bo Hi Pak, (Dr.) Young Oon Kim, (Mr.) Sang Ik Choi, and (Dr. David) Sang Chul Kim. Young Oon Kim was the leader among the four. When I first came to America, some told me that since I don't speak English, I had to listen to them. But I never paid attention to that. I never forget certain things. You can be amazed by my memory.

Once we secure the heart relationship through three generations, the entire universe will respond. In order to reach that level, we have to pay the proper indemnity on each stage. Please secure your grandchildren, so the four-position foundation is set over three generations. That is mandatory to enter the Kingdom of God. Otherwise you will be just floating. We have to understand how serious it was for God to have True Father born in this physical world, after 6,000 years of waiting. The order of restoration is first the oneness between mother and children, then the unity between father, mother and children together, and then as a family unit they start revolving around God's heart. This is the formula that will never change. No one came up with this except for me. Don't take it for granted.

Restoration of the realm of God's heart. The quality of gold increases by carets, from 12K to 24K. There is white gold and several kinds of gold. Regular gold is gold color, externally, but white gold has internal color. The color white is the most central color for anything. If you spin a rainbow, you get the color white.

We have to liberate God. If you truly understand Divine Principle, as man when you pray you will miss True Father with tears. Think of how far you are from that heartistic relationship with me. If you cast a net in the deep sea, you have to have a long enough rope and the net should be big enough and deep enough. There is an island nation called Palau, located near the deepest spot in the Pacific Ocean.

The liberation of God is the precondition to liberate humankind. Christians believe that God is the God of judgment, but our view is that we have to liberate God. The entire world, all the people, should be the object of God's love, but because of the fall we lost that status. So how can we achieve the world's unification? Once we find a person who is an absolute object of God, we can unite with that person and achieve that goal.

Think of how painful God's heart must be in dealing with the evil parents in the physical world, who do not care about him but are only self-centered. If all humankind comes together, they may liberate this world but they will not liberate the heart of God. Liberating God's heart is the revolution of revolutions; that's why I came as a revolutionary.

God has been confined until now. He is full of lamentation having lost his son. This is the culmination of restoration. Once we know Unification Thought, God will dwell in the family. Centering on your family, we should be able to sing a song of love and springtime. Because of the fall, we lost our original homeland. So we have to be able to return to that state. Eventually, we have to achieve the liberation of God. Only after the liberation of God will the liberation of True Parents take place, then the liberation of children. In order to do that, we have to secure sovereignty.

Through the restoration of our tribe, we can secure the foundation to liberate God. I have many titles: True Father, Master, Reverend. The false parents appeared as a result of the fall that was caused by ignorance, so we have to find truth so that we avoid ignorance, and find true love, so as to attend God as our true subject.

Who can liberate God? He cannot liberate himself, although he is omniscient and omnipotent. Liberating God is the foundation for liberation of humanity, but he could not do it because he was confined. The only person who can liberate God are True Parents, who can liberate human history as the Messiah. God and Satan are in conflict and so cannot do it. False parents caused the conflict. Now the True Parents finally appeared, so even Satan has to recognize them. So we have to establish a foundation strong enough to gain Satan's voluntary surrender.

Elder son's rights, parent's rights, king's rights, we lost all of them because of the fall, and we have to get them back at this time. Cain was the elder son, and now we have to reverse the order. This restoration of the elder son's rights should take place voluntarily and naturally. When Satan took the elder son's right, he used force and falsehood.

Satan cannot make any excuse before True Parents, but only offer voluntary surrender. That is why True Parents will secure the liberation of Satan. What about your life? We have to be able to go to the bottom of hell. Sleeping less than anyone else. Such a humble life will ignite your torch. My life has been like the life of a fool, in a secular view, like a handicapped life. But in reality, I am not handicapped. To preserve God's providence and the Unification Church movement, I had to do many things. Your conscience knows the direction you have to go, what mistakes you made, whether you are true or false, and to what degree.

Question yourself why you are here, why you are in the movement. You should be able to answer yourself. Sometimes I will test you and I may punch you. You have to ask yourself why you got punched. Suppose you got that punch in order to relieve God's lamentation. In that case, it would be an honor. Don't even think you are superior to anyone. Be humble. Arrogance is the eternal enemy. Even if you give up your life, if that can secure the liberation of God, you should be able to sacrifice yourself. I never resisted torture in prison, as long as I was alive, I was still thinking about God's providence.

I may look like a fool, but no; inside I had everything planned out. I have been educating my own children to have absolute faith in me. I have been very tolerant to them so that they could realize what they were doing and come back to me. I know what is going on with each child and I have been patiently waiting for their voluntary return. Even true children are afraid of me. True Mother knows that I do not live following impulses, but strictly following the Principled course. Don't think the course of indemnity is easy. It is a miracle that I have survived 58 years since the liberation of Korea. They labeled me a robber of their women. There were temptations and seduction, women coming naked and offering me their breasts. There were women who were young, who were daughter-like, wife-like, and mother-like. I always follow the heavenly law and rule, so Satan cannot accuse me. Many people say that I will fail, but I will not fail.

This is the time that we as blessed couples should create our own blessings of 36 spiritual children couples, 72 couples, and so forth, and send them out for pioneering, for the sake of the restoration of the fatherland. I appointed thousands of people as peace ambassadors, and I am putting them through education now. That is why they will go through this workshop seminar from Feb 14-19.

We have to be reborn to live in the Kingdom of God, in the house of Jehovah. If you want to live there, even St. Paul thought he would go to the Kingdom of God, but he found himself in the mid-level spirit world, so he had to go through a conversion experience in the spirit world. That is Dr. Lee's message. We have to solve the problems on the group level. All the Christian leaders in the spirit world are repenting, and regretting that they cannot attend the True Parents in the flesh. They are waiting for True Parents' entry into spirit world.

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