Unification News for February 2002

In Memoriam - Dr. Joseph Paige

A great and historic man of God is now making the transition to the heavenly realm. Dr. Joseph Paige was loved by all. One of the earliest of the Christian leaders to receive the Blessing of Marriage from True Parents, Dr. Paige was a crusader of righteousness and justice. In his capacity as President of Shaw Divinity School of the prestigious Shaw University, Dr. Paige spearheaded the successful effort to honor True Father with an Honorary Doctoral Degree while he was in Danbury prison!! True Mother came to Shaw Divinity while Father was in Danbury to receive this honor.

Great persecution came to Dr. Paige at that time but history will record that he never hesitated but stood strong. From his faith so many Christian leaders awakened to Jesusí anointing of True Father. Dr. Paigeís church, family and life always prospered. Not only was this act a great comfort and reassurance to our True Parents but it also made a proclamation to the world that the righteous and great Christian leaders trusted in Fatherís holy mission and his innocence.

Dr. Paige was one of the "120" founding members of the American Clergy Leadership Conference. An historic moment was forever captured on video when Dr. Paige stood at the DMZ and wept for history. On the video documenting the founding of the ACLC, Dr. Paige is seen with tears rolling down his face a pastor is praying in the background, "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." Dr. Paige wept for Christianity and the American mission. He stood there weeping as he was reminded of his service during that war as a Korean war veteran who lost part of his hearing during the one battle.

Dr. Paige was the embodiment of Jesus love and forgiveness. His wife, Dr. Dorothy Paige always supported her husband and our True Parents. One thing that was most notable about them, they always moved together as one.

I can never forget the dinner we shared during the 50 state tour, after True Parents spoke in North Carolina. Dr. Paige was a gracious host for that most successful evening. As we dined in the midnight hour, I can never forget the joy that we shared as Dr. Paige praised Fatherís "no spare key" theology and Dr. Dorothy laughed until she almost fell off her chair.

We rejoice in the surety that this Holy Man of God will find a great and peaceful place of happiness with Jesus and the saints of God in the Spiritual World. He, as a blessed couple will never leave Dr. Dorothyís side. Let us rejoice in this natural time of transition of our True Brother in Christ.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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