Unification News for February 2002

In Memoriam - Dr. Josef Hausner

Dr. Josef Hausner died Friday January 18, 2002 in Manhattan NY. He was flown to Israel for burial on Sunday the 20th at a cemetery in Jerusalem. Family and friends were in attendance at the funeral service including students from a Yeshiva and his 2 cousins from Haifa.

There will be a memorial service 30 days after death at the grave site, as is the Jewish custom.

Josef had lived in Israel for several years and had friends and relatives there. He shall also be remembered by his friends and relatives here in NY, Philadelphia, and the Johnson family here in Montgomery County, MD. His best friend Mose Durst in California has been contacted.

I shall always remember Josef as a friend, an elder brother and as the husband of my beloved sister Muriel Johnson Hausner. Whenever I visited them in the 1990's in their Manhattan apartment he was always very kind and hospitable. Muriel and Josef were deeply in love with each other.

Now they shall be reunited in love as a Central Blessed Family in the spirit world. May their hearts heal and may they be champions of God in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Josef was born in 1919 and was 82 years old. His kidneys were failing and his heart was weak. Please make up a 40 day prayer condition for his peaceful and glorious transition into the spirit world.

If you would like to write or contribute to his biography please contact me at ljcherry8@yahoo.com

Louis Johnson

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