Unification News for February 2002

Blessed Babies: To Give or To Receive

by John McKewen

There is nothing more precious than the special gift God gives to blessed couples -- blessed babies! And those couples, who have been given more than one, are even more fortunate!

Sadly however, there are many couples who haven't been able to experience this wonderful process in life. Many have tried treatments with specialists but have had little success. Some couples are older and it's just not possible for them to have (blessed) babies.

There are many amazing stories of blessed couples who have offered blessed babies to other couples (some who have offered more than one!). These blessed families are now experiencing the tremendous joy of God's love, life, and lineage.

I know one couple who had tried in-vitro fertilization 11 times without success. Finally (and thankfully!) someone offered them a blessed baby and now they and their family are so happy!

Even my wife and I would like to have at least one more child -- we went through infertility treatments for many years when finally God blessed us with a little boy. We can no longer do the treatments so we would like to adopt.

There are many blessed couples who have been blessed with the ability to have children who would like to help others less fortunate, so through this letter we would like to bring these people together.

If you would like to adopt a child, or offer a child for adoption by a blessed family, please contact Rachel Carter, Blessed Family Department FFWPU, 1611 Upshur Street NW, Washington, DC 20011-5314 E-mail: rachel@familyfed.org Phone: 202-345-0635.

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