Unification News for February 2002

ACLC Pastors’ Monthly Meetings

On Tuesday, January 29, the Chicago Chapter had an ACLC monthly meeting at the Ashland church. It was the first time we held an ACLC meeting in our building. Around 100 pastors, ministers, their wives and members gathered together even though it was a long drive for many. Many pastors drove more than one hour.

Dr. A. Harold White of True Light MBC did a wonderful job as emcee and created a good atmosphere. He and Dr. Paul Swanson shared his experience at the workshop in Florida last weekend.

The main topic was about 144,000 clergy blessing. Dr. White reported the basic strategy for the blessing that each of 1200 ACLC pastors nationwide can find 12 new pastors and then each can find 10 couples from their congregation.

This time we got new two pastors through ACLC ministers: Rev. James Porter was brought by Rev. Smith; Bishop Ben Anderson was introduced to this gathering by Mrs. Greta Myers. Rev. Porter was so inspired with this meeting that he voluntarily offered to use his church building for the next monthly meeting.

It seems Chicago is already following the national strategy. Also, they celebrated Bishop Kim's birthday. ACLC pastors really appreciated Bishop's hard work and respect him so much. In accordance with a bible verse they came forward and laid their offerings at the feet of Rev. Kim.


Chicago ACLC pastors‚ February meeting was at Greater Pleasant Green Baptist Church and hosted by the pastor, Rev. James Porter. Rev. Porter came to an ACLC meeting last month for the first time and was so inspired that he offered his church for this month’s meeting. He, his wife and his entire congregation decorated the church beautifully. Working tirelessly since for 3 days in a row and all morning today they came to the church at 7:00AM to prepare breakfast for the meeting.

The meeting started on time at 9:30AM with emcee Rev. Harold White. Around 200 people gathered including many new pastors. They came though invitations from their friend pastors and ACLC mailings to the churches around that area. They were so inspired to see many distinguished Chicago pastors and church leaders from different denominations.

Rev. Richard Lemont gave a TFV lecture with power point to the 200 guests attending. Rev. Earnest Hamilton of Greater Holy Temple COGIC continued the lecture and sometimes he shared his testimony about the blessing during the lecture. An important goal of the Chicago TFV Ministry is to involve the ministers. Rev. Hamilton is an experienced lecturer of True Family Values and can testify to the content. The message of TFV gains incredible power in the hands of a minister. We don’t just teach True Family Values, we begin to preach TFV.

Rev. Leroy Elliott, pastor of New Greater St. John MBC, gave a message on marriage & family and lifted up the spirits of all the pastors and had them shouting and standing. Then President Michael Jenkins shared the strategy to fulfill the 144,000 Clergy blessing and encouraged the pastors to find 12 couples and also attend the seminar on March 11 & 12 at Chicago Holiday Inn.

Rev. T. L. Barrett, who just came back from Korea, shared his experiences at the Blessing and WCSF in Korea and brought the crowd of ministers from tears of laughter to solemn reflection. Then Rev. Jenkins invited Pastor Willie Jordan of St. Mark’s Cathedral to officiate as everyone took Holy Wine. Those minister couples stood together and Rev. Kim gave the final remarks.

Many new pastors signed membership in ACLC and all the ministers excited to bring new pastors to the Chicago March ACLC event and find new churches to share the 144,000 Blessing with. All the pastors were excited and went back to their churches with a lot of love, hope and determination in their hearts.

Rev. Ki Hoon Kim expressed his thanks to Chicago Region family members for their prayers and support and WI church brought 10 pastors.

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