Unification News for February 2002

Maryland Ministers' Planning Retreat

by Wendy Herstein

A revolutionary workshop took place Friday and Saturday, Feb. 15-16, 2002, in beautiful Solomons Island, Maryland. Rev. In Hoi Lee, Rev. Kevin McCarthy and Rev. Lorman Lykes collaborated to make an experience for Christian ministers that they loved.

Rev. McCarthy developed a five-module presentation he titled "The Search for True Family Value in the Blood of Christ." He gave us workbooks full of scriptures he read, and spaces to write in. He asked the clergy to give him input.

At the beginning of each module, in the workbook he had listed all the verses he would use, thirty or so to a session, and then one by one we read them along with him as he explained his points. I could see that the ministers loved reading along with and listening to the scriptures. They are so poetic and the ministers have such feeling for the verses, and that gave us a lift as we struggled to keep up with so many deep ideas Rev. McCarthy presented.

In New York in October I helped with the IIFWP conference for world leaders, and it seemed like everyone packed those sessions and was eager to hear them. In contrast, I've been to conferences we give for clergy where it seems like they want to escape the sessions. I remember wondering what the difference was, and thinking that in that conference in New York, we were presenting material professionals wanted to learn so that they could do their own work better. I remember wishing we could do the same thing for clergy.

Well, I saw that this weekend. It's the ministers' business to learn and understand scripture, and they followed so closely for the whole 1 ? days. I saw them eagerly turning pages for hours, as we read one scripture after another.

"The Search for True Family Value in the Blood of Christ" was so deep. The modules were "The Origin and Fall of True Family," "The Principle of God's Will and His Plan for Intervention," "Reconciliation in Jesus' Lineage," "The Law and Prophets," and "Jesus in the Garden," which concluded with a deeply moving slide show with music.

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