Unification News for February 2002

American Clergy Leadership Conference - DC Tribute Prayer Dinner for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The DC chapter of ACLC hosted a 144,000 couples blessing kick-off at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration on January 28, 2002. It was a week after the official Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebrations but it was worth the wait for 200 ministers and members who crowded into the Washington Family Church Monday.

The DC-ACLC, realizing the contributions of Dr. King to equal opportunity and peace for all people, organized an Interfaith Prayer Dinner that would remember this great man. In light of the fact that Father Moon declared that Dr. King was the most significant person of the 20th Century it was fitting that this event announce the beginning of the 144,000 couple blessing in Washington DC.

A special tribute was given to the Hon. Rev. Walter Fauntroy pastor of the Bethel Baptist Church and former congressman from DC. He was presented a gift for his contribution to the Civil Right movement. He stood side by side with Dr. King during his life and was the key organizer for the 1963 March on Washington. The high point of the evening was Archbishop George A. Stallings, Jr. sermon titled "The spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. is in the Spirit of America" Archbishop Stallings emphasized that America is the Second Israel and has the responsibility to live up to its potential as Godís chosen country. This was the dream that Dr. King believed in and worked for. "We should all work for Dr. Kings dream to make America the nation under God," he said.

The Director of the DC Mayorís Religious Affairs Office, Rev. Carlton Pressley, came to honor Rev. Fauntroy with his remarks. Also on the program was Rev. Kevin McCarthy who gave an excellent presentation concerning Dr. Kingís role as a prophet for America, just like Rev. Moon is a prophet for today. Both have a dream, both were persecuted for their sacrifices and both are working for Godís Kingdom. Rev. Moonís is paving the way for Godís Kingdom through the Blessing.

The FFWPU President Rev. Mike Jenkins brought the final word. He preached the importance of commitment to the cause of kingdom building -- that all ministers should be on the front line for Godís Kingdom. The 144,000 Blessing is how clergy of every denomination can make a difference today by coming together in unity for this the next great cause.

Rev. Levy Daugherty led music with excellent singing from Davetta Morgan, Adruma Victoria and Ottmar Weinmann. Special thanks to all the Washington DC members who made this tribute so special.

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