Unification News for February 2002

NYC ACLC Planing For 144,000 Minister Blessing

The leadership of the American Clergy Leadership Conference gathered in New York City the first week of February to solidify plans for the upcoming Blessing Ceremony of 144,000 Religious Leader couples on April 27, 2002.

Realizing that leaders of all faiths must transcend denomination and doctrine in order to stand together for the family and save the nation, the ACLC leaders developed strategies and discussed ways of reaching the hearts of clergy across America, that the growing interfaith movement to lift up the family will reach every man and woman of God.

ACLC Co-conveners Pastor T.L. Barrett, Jr., and Rev. Michael Jenkins joined Executive Committee Chairman Archbishop George A. Stallings, committee members including Bishop David Billings and Rev. Leroy Elliot, Executive Director Levy M. Daugherty, and National Chairman Dr. Chang Shik Yang for the fellowship, planning and strategy sessions.

The ACLC core leadership spent hours discussing scripture, and videotaped personal and group appeals for clergy across America to participate in the Blessing movement to rebuild the family. On the final morning participants joined the 6:00 AM "Hoon Dok Hae" study with Father and Mother Moon, followed by breakfast together, and a clear and profound message from Father concerning the role of Christianity, America, the urgency of the current providential time, and the mission of the clergy.

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