Unification News for February 2002

Jesus in Harlem!

by Rev. Daryl M. Clarke

We know the providence and what needs to happen. When you witness the works of the spirit of Jesus and His team you need not try to figure it out. The providence of God in the USA is centered on Christian clergy. With the deep concern and consistent outreach of Japanese missionary sisters and Harlem Church members we finally experienced a substantial breakthrough with close key ministers in the Harlem area.

Great Things are happening in Harlem. Centering on the Unification Church, Harlem is becoming an international and interracial community. In May last year, after True Parents' 50 State Tour Heavenly Father Blessed America through an invitation by one of the world's most prominent Christian leaders, the Rev. Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker, for True Father to speak to the nation and world through the pulpit of one of Harlem's landmark institutions, the Canaan Baptist Church. It was a great success.

Shortly after the Canaan Speech, due to the tragic World Trade Center bombing, causing the postponement of the 12,000 Clergy Couple Blessing at Madison Square Garden, Rev. Dr. Charles Kenyatta and Rev. Juanita Pierre-Louis worked together to secure the Harlem Square Plaza (affectionately named the African Square Church) as the site for the September 22nd ACLC National Day of Prayer and Healing Rally. For over 3,000 clergy and guests this was a Holy Day and a great success.

On Saturday, December 1st, our True Mother visited Harlem as the seventh city on her 8 City National Tour around America. True Mother spoke to an overflow crowd at the United Salem Methodist Church. Over 900 clergy gathered including 200 Ambassadors of Peace and received True Mother's guidance and education with joy and enthusiasm. This was another great success.

And to end the year in great style and excitement our beloved Hyun Jin Moon, the International leader of the Second Generation spoke at Columbia University (which is located in Harlem, in case you didn't know). Centering on Hyun Jin's theme of "Peace through Service" the first site for this project was staged in the Harlem Community. We thank all CARP members for bringing their success and foundation to the Harlem area.

On Thursday, January 24th we held our second lunch meeting with close ministers who expressed a serious interest in True Parents' activities in regard to the Blessing. Our first meeting on January 3rd was the foundation level with three ministers in attendance. In this second meeting 16 people attended, 13 ministers, one head trustee (brought by his pastor), one-First Lady and a young man waiting for his matching results.

We shared the content from the Fall of Man showing the God-centered four position foundation and the Satan-centered four position foundation and how the Messiah is the central figure to restore us back to God through the change of blood lineage (Matthew 26:27-29). After some detailed explanation we read from the "Jesus Book" which is the new purple colored book of Father's sermons on Jesus. We read from page 5 to 13. It was a powerful experience to see these well educated and spiritual leaders seriously focus on True Father's words. Each word was heard, received and digested.

After the reading there were very profound discussions on many questions regarding Father's relationship with Jesus and why did Jesus call him? We said, "Pray and ask Jesus!" The ministers liked that answer.

In the end Rev. Edner Pierre-Louis challenged the ministers saying, "You are not here for yourself, you are here representing your congregation and it is your responsibility to take this message to your people." This direction was not opposed. We shall see how far it goes.

The meeting ended on a very high note with three pastors committing to finding a couple from their church to attend the Blessing in Korea. We thank Jesus and His team for all their support and deep influence that descended upon us in the room that day.

Our next ministers' education meeting was this past Monday, February 4th. We served dessert with tea and coffee. Nine new ministers attended this evening program. This time we presented the True Family Values content to them. I am always amazed at the response of these leaders when they hear True Father's message. They have full and complete knowledge that they are studying Rev. Moon's revelation and thought.

TVFM has so much to offer the world. We, Blessed Central Families, as the first fruits of the spirit, must take what we teach and practice it (on our own level) more seriously in our daily lives. When these pastors come to understand and accept the Divine Principle they will make the conclusion on their own, about Rev. Moon and value his relationship with Jesus in a spiritually profound way.

We must prepare ourselves with the knowledge of TFV content based on our foundation of DP. When we get inspired, let's go back to the lecture board and practice until we are called to stand with True Parents and teach this Word to the world. Amen?

Seminarians here we go, this is what we are trained to do. The time is now, right now! The churches are ready to receive us. The ministers in Harlem felt the presence of Jesus and committed to attending the Blessing on April 27th. After a fierce discussion of how to deal with the homosexual issue in society and within the Church, the "We Will Stand in Oneness" video presentation cleared the air especially after Father's education and guidance on "Spare Keys." With this foundation, the TFV lecture gave the ministers more confidence and a renewed sense of "calling" to preach clearly the Word of God.

The Harlem Church is uniting with our Regional Director, Rev. Dong Woo Kim, who supports the National ACLC agenda to educate ministers and leaders in TFV material and prepare our members to go out to work together with these pastors to offer Heavenly Father and True Parents 144,000 couples to Bless on April 27th. Praise God!

In conclusion, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone that offered donations, prayers and well wishes for the renovation of our Church building. Our bathroom has been demolished, if you know of a very good plumber; please send him or her our way. Our lecture hall floor has been renovated and is ready to receive guests for education. Today and tomorrow the hallway floors will have a new shine and glow.

There is more to do! If you are in a position to receive a special financial Blessing, please remember the Harlem Family Church when you have an opportunity to give a "Love Offering" to someone else.

We will continue our education programs. When our renovations are completed we will have the Grand Opening of the "Divine Principle Institute" (the study of DP only) and "The Holy Scripture Society" (the study of all religious teachings and various philosophies). You are invited to attend. We will keep you posted.

Harlem Family Church, 147 West 120th Street, New York, NY 10027. (212) 678-0910 fax (917) 493-2310. Rev. Daryl M. Clarke, Pastor.

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