Unification News for February 2002

Second Generation Workshop Reflections ē UTS ē Dec. 27Ė31

by Romin Johnson -- Group Leader, Team 7

Itís really quite a shame that winter workshop spans such a short time period, wedged in between Christmas and Godís Day each year. This was my second winter workshop, and my first as a junior high school group leader. I really didnít know what to expect from this workshop, as the whole of my experience from the previous year was spent lying in the sick room after catching a harsh head cold. This year, however, was a remarkably different experience, and exceeded any of my hopes and expectations. The theme for our workshop was modeled after Hyun Jin Nimís CARP motto: Service for Peace: Vision of the Second Generation.

Our days and evenings were filled to the brim with lectures and testimonies, activities and group discussions. A few highlights of the workshop included Mrs. Euís Divine Principle lecture training, talks with Rev. Jenkins, Aunt DJ Brewer, Young Joo Hyung, and Mr. Sabourin, and activities such as ĎWho Wants to be a Millionaire? (In Godís eyes),í and ĎFamily Night,í featuring the refreshing entertainment of group skits.

However, these highlights took a back seat to my group of ten amazing young brothers, for without whom I would not have grown as a brother struggling to become the hyung, oppa and true son that God wants and needs me to be. There were several instances when I was completely blown away by my kids.

After the first dayís orientation and initial ice breaking, I felt it was important to stress to my group the importance of understanding what the workshop stood for, and their motivation in attending. I tried to convey what I meant by entrusting them with a line that I always hold close with me: "Sometimes it is the heart in which you do things that matters more than what you actually do." I asked them if they understood, and after receiving mechanical nods, I challenged one of them to repeat what I had just said, but in his own words. After a moment of thought, he began comparing the line with an allegory from the Childrenís Bible, of a rich man and a poor old woman who gave away her last penny, concluding that what the old woman did was of more value because of the heart with which she gave. I was speechless.

Another instance came during Mrs. Euís lecture training, when my entire group boldly, if not reluctantly, marched to the front of the hall to try their hand at giving a brief lecture with projection slides. There was, however, one brother who was very shy, and adamantly refused to go up. After a time of fruitless wheedling, I reminded him of what I had told the group during our first meeting, and after a moment he nodded silently and stood up to get in line. Before he could get a turn, however, it was time for a break, and he returned to sit next to me with a small, content smile on his face. I told him that I was proud of him, that although he didnít get a turn, the fact that he had the heart to do so was equally valuable, so I told him that he didnít have to get back in line after the break if he didnít feel up to it. I returned to the room after break, and a smile crept upon my face when I saw that he had returned to his place in line.

Whether my kids were trying diligently to pay attention during Hoon Dok Hae, offering to pray before and after meetings, or serving meals to occupied group leaders, I will always be grateful for my group and my condensed, short-lived time with them at Winter Workshop 2001. My elder brothers and sisters have always been particularly important to me, and have been instrumental in my life and upbringing as a blessed child. I can only hope and pray that I can be as strong an anchor to my younger brothers and sisters as my hyungs and nunas have been for me.

by Mi-ae Schanker -- staff member

I am 17 years old; a senior in high school. During my 2001 winter vacation, I had the privilege of being able to be a staff member for the Second Generation Winter Workshop at the UTS Seminary. It was truly a rewarding experience for me.

I must be honest and admit that at first thought, a workshop was not my initial idea of spending my last winter vacation. This would be my last vacation before graduation, STF, and "growing up". But after talking to a few elder brothers and sisters, I decided that I had to staff the workshop and I realized that I really wanted to.

After getting a bit lost (which I take full responsibility for ) and driving for many hours, we finally reached our destination just in time for the staff workshop. With lectures, discussions, and activities, the staff members were able to somehow unite together and prepare for our younger brothers and sisters who would be coming the next day.

The first day after the workshop participants arrived, was quite a hectic day. The sleeping arrangements were not to everyoneís absolute comfort and choice, but I think it was definitely a lesson of "living for the sake of others." The next day most of the physical elements of the workshop were smoothed out; very much to the liking of most of the blessed children there.

One of the main themes of this winter workshop, given by Hyun Jin Nim, was "Service for Peace." Through the lectures of a number of elders including Rev. Jenkins, Rev. Kim, Aunt DJ Brewer, and many others, the participants and staff were all given the opportunity to learn more about this theme as well as, the "Meaning of Second Generation", "lineage", and the "Vision for Second Generation." These were all sub-themes of this winter workshop.

Personally, the most I learned was from the members of my group whom I was given the responsibility of taking care of. Regarding to the lectures, I was pushed to pay even closer attention to find group discussion topics, or simply to be ready to answer any of the questions I might have been asked by the younger girls. But even beyond that, just having the opportunity to be an elder sister and a friend to so many younger siblings, was an experience that I could not receive anywhere else. The most interesting aspect of those relationships was that I was able to see a part of myself at some point in my life, in each and every single one of the girls that I got to know. And at the same time, to have so many elder brothers and sisters who worked even harder then I thought of myself, and who cared so much for all of us, was a great experience as well. Being able to see those types of people helped me to realize what my role is as an elder sister. I learned and gained so much from this winter workshop. I only hope I was able to teach some of my youngers something as well. At the end of this workshop, one of my elder brothers told me that it is now our turn to guide our youngers as our own elders did for us. I have truly come to believe that.

Justin Fong -- group leader

From the very start it was made clear the motto of the workshop. It consisted of three components: Service for peace, the identity of the second generation, and the vision of the second generation. The first full day consisted of Mrs. Eu and Dr. Reed giving lectures of how to present the D.P., training us to become D.P. lecturers. Later on that night, we had an inspiring lecture by the Reverend Jenkins.

From then on, the days were pretty consistent. We followed a rigorous schedule of six oíclock morning hoon do ke, guest lecturers and discussion. In the evening there were activities, and the closing was prayer and reflection.

These are only the external aspect of the winter workshop. What really happened surprised me quite a bit. I came to many realizations on the state of the 2nd Gen. at UTS. I was a high school group leader, with a group of 15 guys, which is an enormous sized group for a workshop. From the first group discussion my first impression of them was that they were a quiet bunch. And from my last group discussion, I still hold the same impression.

Honestly, I feel that the training of the 2nd Gen. as D.P. lecturers and truly understanding Hyun Jin Nimís motto of "Service for Peace" is a great necessity. Unfortunately, I found it very hard to reach my group on much of a heartistic level because of such a small time frame and the tough schedule. The group discussions ended up being more like Justinís classroom than group discussion, and I felt that took away from the value of what I was trying to say. This upset me a little and caused more than a few trips to the cold showers.

The group found the speech by Aunt Dj on finding your faith as the easiest to relate to. All the rest of the speeches were very intellectual and made it hard to stay awake. Aunt Dj moved every one and really helped us all understand the importance of finding faith for ourselves. She says that the 1st gen. are getting old, and we have to take responsibility for them. We all understood this.

Despite the inspirational lecture, there was still plenty complaining from participant and staff alike. Things like lack of sleep, and the cold weather to food and little free time. I thought it was a good thing, and loved every second of it. We all grew in discipline at least. I had a lot of talk with my group on real issues that were up coming to them. Things like STF and college and BLESSING. Conclusion: we need clarification on all these things.

In the end my groupís reflections really surprised me. Their first day reflections were kind of negative, but at the end they all seemed to have the words, "It was a good experience". I think we all grew in many aspects and now that I reflect on it, I have only one regret. Iím gonna try harder next time to do better.

by Kyle Stadelhofer -- Team 3

27th: It is very important that Rev. Jenkins came and spoke to us for the first lecture of the workshop. We can change this country because we have so much power and infinite potential. We just need to step forward and negate ourselves! We need not to be selfish at all and then we can do anything. This is very important to understand, but very difficult. Hopefully we can achieve this through this workshop. We donít need to pay attention to ourselves at all, that is self-negation. We have done it before and we can do it again! We have to! If we can just go! Amen! Thank you, Heavenly Father!

28th: Iím going crazy because itís so much more difficult this time than in the Summer. There is something different. I really miss my team from last year. I just have to learn the Principle! I have to Pray! I have to live for the sake of others! I really feel crazy and stressed and unclear. Iíve been praying to feel Godís heart, maybe this is close to what God felt like. Please God, I promise that I will carry out your will, thank you for clearing my mind. Even though I feel crazier, my mind is clearer; I hope that I grow and get out of this painful stage of growth that I am in.

29th: We had so much fun today. I feel so glad to be with the BCs. We have so much fun together. This is definitely necessary in order to fulfill Godís providence. We need to have joy in order to keep fighting. I hope that everyone can somehow feel this love in one way or another.

by Sarah Rondon -- Team 5

27th: First day of winter workshop. My group is well diverse, but a bit large. Rev. Jenkins gave our evening lecture. Pretty amazing. Itís nice to hear that we, "young people," can make a change. He stressed mind and body unity, but I guess thatís necessary when you deal with DP.

Building a bridge out of straws and pins was a new challenge that definitely helped to unite our group. People just kept making small little bridges, and in the end, we just put all the pieces together, and got a pretty awesome construction.

Iím glad I came to UTS. I saw many people I havenít seen in years and I think Iíll learn something as well.

28th: What a tiring day! We were taught how to DP lecture with this new plan. I never saw myself as a lecturer, but it wasnít that bad. By having the teaching, we also went through the DP from "cover to cover." Although it was only on an "elementary" level, it was a nice way to go through the MAIN ideas of the DP.

High School girls move dorms. We are now on the other side of UTS. We are separated from the rest of the girls, but hopefully, we will be able to sleep tonight.

29th: Itís becoming easier to stay awake during lectures and to climb the spiraling staircase up to the dorms. Mr. Sabourin and Aunt DJ spoke to use in the morning. Aunt DJ had some inspiring words, real words. Dr. Ward came to talk about UB and it doesnít sound like a bad school. I think Iíll look into it, thought Iím not sure about their arts program.

We had to write a letter to Mom and Dad. I think it was meant to be serious, but I added humor. Iím really started to think about the matching coming up, thatís open to 17-year-olds. I want to be matched before college, but I always thought now was too soon. But, maybe itís the right time. Iíll have to pray on that. Well, the workshop is half way over, and my body aches for my bed.

31st: Last day of workshop and the last day of the year 2001. This was an unexpectedly good workshop. I thought it would be kind of weird since it was headed by 2nd gen and I wasnít used to that. Last night, we had skits. Everyoneís was good. We also had to pray for 21 minutes and Iím going to start this new year with a fast. I promised that this year would be different. Iím going to make friendly-relationship with Mom. I hate being alone.

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