Unification News for February 2002

FFWPU Conference Shows Albania's Promise

by Mark Bramwell

Albania again shows itself to be the nation of tremendous hope in Europe after an educational conference for 100 VIPs, entitled 'True Family Values for Social Development, Education and Public Service in Albania'.

FFWPU Europe President Sa Kwang Kee held this conference to fulfill a promise made to 24 Albanian leaders  he took to Korea to introduce our movement. The preparation was conducted jointly by FFWPU, CARP and WFWP staff. In attendance were key leaders from Albanian society including religious leaders, top journalists, MPs, academics, the vice-rectors of two main universities, leaders of NGOs, and several student leaders. The main TV station covered the event and interviewed many of the participants.

Participants heard lectures on Principle-based character education from the book Educating Heart and Character. presented by Siegfried Klammsteiner, Mark Bramwell and Giuseppe Cali. A fourth presentation was President Sa's keynote lecture 'Blessing and True Family Movement'.

The feedback on the whole program was almost entirely positive. One notable comment came from a leader of a women's NGO that receives international contraception-based guidance. She now realizes it is all wrong, but wonders what to do, as she no longer feels she can convey it to youth.

The day after the conference, CARP leader Gani Rroshi and visited the Vice-Minister of Education. Unfortunately there has been a steady increase in co-habitation, drug-addiction and prostitution in Albania over the last few years. As the General Supervisor of Universities, the Minister feels it his duty to tackle these problems. He encouraged us to tour the universities and convey our teaching. He suggested we call a meeting with student leaders and professors in order to get their confirmation on the real problems of Albanian youth, and call upon them for their cooperation.

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