Unification News for January 2002

Mr. and Miss University Regional Contests


The 7th Hungarian Mr. & Miss University Beauty Pageant was held on October 27. We set up info-desks on several campuses each day to introduce the event and CARP ideas. Some teachers or professors became inspired, and announced the program to their students. Many young students were interested in the event, but they mostly wanted to take courage for next year!

Finally eight students applied. We all created such a good atmosphere that after the first day everyone opened up their heart very honestly in front of the others. At the end, even they wrote a common song for the pageant. The performances were really colorful and included an Arabic dance, a Krishna-song, a Taekwondo demonstration, country, Hungarian and original music and a fantasy-pantomime as well. The event was broadcast by the local TV and some interviews were done by radio.

The event was better organized and nicer compared to last year. Among the jury we could welcome a professional teacher and artist of singing, and a representative of the National Children and Youth Parliament, which is an umbrella organization of the government. CARP is going to join them in the next month. Thanks to all staff (4 associate friends and 20 core) who worked really hard and in unity.


For many years T-CARP has sent Mr. & Miss University of Thailand to challenge on the world stage, and this  year, Mister University of Thailand was the runner-up. For the pageant next year, we are hoping for the gold!

Thirteen representatives from various universities nationwide came to Bangkok aiming to win the beauty pageant.. This year we set up a new, stricter standard in order to find out the real talents of the candidates. After the interview on the first day,  they all had to demonstrate at the final round. Some of them tried traditional Thai dance, drama and even a talk show.

Miss Uaploy Ploypanich, a 1st year student of Accounting and Business Administration, Thammasart University and Mr.Panya Buaboobpha, 2nd year student of Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University, were the winners.

Final in Seoul

The finals for Mister & Miss University will be held in Seoul, Korea in mid February as part of the celebrations of WCSF 2002. A number of countries have still to select candidates, so anyone interested should contact their local chapter immediately for application information.

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