Unification News for January 2002

2001: What an Historic Year!

by Rev. Michael Jenkins

I thank you for your faithfulness as we bring the historic year 2001 to a close. The trials and tribulations we went through strengthened us as a chosen people. We began this historic year with the Coronation Ceremony for Godís Kingship and inherited the authority as Blessed Central Families to pray in our family name, to match our children in marriage and claim our inheritance. After the Coronation ceremony we came back from Korea for the Inaugural Prayer Luncheon in which some of the most notable Christians attended and the Attorney General gave his support. Then the United Nations welcomed the our True Parents and their historic address for world peace. Then the World Peace Blessing where married couples representing most member nations of all races, nations and religions of mankind held up the family model as the basis for peace was held.

With the support of the pastors of the American Clergy Leadership Conference, True Father and Mother went to all 50 states on the We Will Stand Tour visiting 52 cities. A new movement of Christian leaders arose to walk this triumphant path with True Parents. It was a grueling course for True Parents but extremely rewarding. Our Blessed Families rose to the challenge and created a city by city, state by state triumph the likes of which was never recorded before in American history. All races, faiths and peoples came to hear the heart to heart address of our True Father. Night after night he poured his soul out with tears, sweat and love for America and Christianity as the Second Israel.

Fatherís investment in America is now starting to show magnificent developments in the faith of the people. You could see in the faces of our American members. Mothers, brothers, sons, daughters, sisters and husbands, Asian, Hispanic, African American, European -- all Americans came together with the same spirit that founded this nation. Every state responded with everything they had. Particularly moving to Father was seeing our brothers and sisters, especially our western sisters who set aside their day to day work to go on to the front line. This touched True Parents heart deeply as it brought back the memories of the spirit of the early pioneer American Unification movement. Many times Fatherís spoke for 2 hours from his heart and then he went on to deliver written message that God asked him to bring. Christianity was transformed.

In the mornings we would have Hoon Dok Hae, always reading the Coronation ceremony for Godís Kingship. The fundamental principles of the new dispensation were revealed in that "those who seek to gain their live will lose it and those who seek to lose their lives will gain their life." Also that Blood Lineage, the care for others hearts, the proper use of material were laid down as Maxims for the Completed Testament Age.

Through the Coronation speech we could understand that the key failure after WWII was the that Christianity -- Catholic and Protestant -- could not unite. The Christian response throughout America has set the condition that Christianity is united with our True Parents. We must cultivate this unity with our care and love for the 2nd Israel. Now in many cities almost 50% of our families are participating actively in the One Church One Family movement in which each family takes one church as their extended family.

At the victory celebration on April 18th, True Father pulled Bishop Stallings and Bishop J together and he put his forehead on their heads and said, "We are a Trinity!" Bishop Stallings went on to receive his wife from True Parents and now Sayomi is the first lady of a growing Imani Temple in Washington, D.C.

That was a special moment in history. Pastor T.L. Barrett Jr. prayed for 10 that his wife would return home. This prayer was answered in prophecy on the 50 state tour when True Father said, "It will happen quickly." 10 days latter she came home!. Since that time 22 couples have been brought back together through Pastor and Mrs. Barrettís testimony. The tours spokespersons were the Christian ministers who, through their confidence of Fatherís "anointing" created a flurry of positive headlines throughout the nation. "Local Clergy Join Moonís Mission," "Moon Shines In Chicago," "Family Values focus of Moonís UB address.," "Reverend Moon goes mainstream in 50 state tour," "Pastorís Welcome Moon," "Moon carries message of unity to all 50 states," "Moon: ĎWeíve got to bring purity back to our childrení," "Moon preaches for unified society," "Unification Leader finds many fans in Winston," "Moon in Des Moines pushes marriage as vital," "Rev. Moon emphasizes importance of family," "Rev. Moon promotes love, unity for Utahns."

At the end of the tour Father said he wanted to show his gratitude to the African American Christian community for supporting his work and ministry. He decided to do one more event -- in Harlem, at the noted civil rights leader, the Rev. Dr. Wyatt Tee Walkerís Canaan Baptist Church. Harlem truly welcomed Father and True Parents and America rejoiced. Then it was on to the special gathering on Capitol Hill organized by the American Family Coalition, in which Congressmen and great Americanís from all backgrounds heard the "God is our True King" address and gave significant testimonies concerning our True Parents.

On May 27th another gigantic media explosion occurred. Father and Mother blessed 60 Interreligious and International couples representing all major faiths and attended by former heads of state. The Archbishop of the Catholic church took a stand for marriage and the media, worldwide, exploded.

Unprecedented cooperation came during and after the 50 state tour. The IIFWP, AFC, CARP, WFWP, FFWPU, ACLC , business families, young and old came together to work as one on one single objective. Saving America.

To prepare and strengthen us. Dae Mo Nim swept through America, liberating and blessing our families and ancestors. Giving us great authority and confidence as well as ancestral merit to do His will.

Mrs. Erikawa mobilized the Japanese missionaries in intensive Christian outreach. We marched forward to fulfill the 12,000 couple blessing at Madison Square Garden. It was really amazing to see the clergy of New York blossom as Bishop Stallings, Bishop Johnson, Rev. Daugherty and our New York leaders were joined by our Regional Directors from every region to make this blessing a turning point in history. Members and leaders from LA, Indiana, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, Alaska, Oregon and Dallas -- all of America joined in to lift up the covenant of marriage. Bishop Stallings and Bishop Johnson together with Rev. Daugherty went forward day and night giving Godís word to the clergy that had been prepared by God. A spiritual revolution has been set in motion in New York City and is continuing now.

In the final weeks of preparations for MSG, massive breakthroughs were occurring in the Bronx where suddenly clergy began to commit huge numbers of Christian leaders for the blessing. Then September 11th struck. Along with a stunned nation we also were stunned to our very soul. True Father stayed in his room in Alaska praying for three days before he came down. The Elder Son Nation was struck with a deadly blow. Father announced America was on the Cross. From that cross a new resurrected America has now emerged. Starting with the NYPD and the FDNY of New York the principle of "Living for The Sake of Others" inspired America. Bishop Johnson, Dr. Yang, Kathy Winnings and all our leaders did everything they could to comfort a city in pain. Many of our clergy lost members in the World Trade Towers. When I went with Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker to pray at the site and comfort the firefighters, Dr. Walker was overcome with emotion over the sacrifice. (He lost two of his members -- one whose young son is left without a family). We pledged in our prayers that this sacrifice will not have been in vain -- that from this hallowed ground a new America will emerge. Our course since that time has created a totally new America.

True Parentís had already planned a major IIFWP conference to continue to break down all religious barriers. Now the conference became a vortex of the first encounter of the major Moslem world leaders with Western Christian leaders. Global Violence: Crisis and Hope. In this historic conference Father showed the standard of True Love. He embraced the Moslem leaders from all backgrounds -- moderate, liberal , radical and passive and brought them together as one family with Christians and Jews as well as heads of state. Rev. Stan Wachtstetter told me, " I saw for myself that Rev. Moon, through that conference, prevented a global Muslim / Christian war. When the people arrived at the conference there was enormous uncertainty, tension and animosity. The Holy Spirit moved and the enemy spirit left the major Moslem and Christian leaders sowing seeds for peace." I believe that Rev. Wachtstetter was right.

We then launched the International Leadership Conference with Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo. New cooperation has now come about as Father has now sent Hyun Jin Nim to assimilate and unify all of our activities. Hyun Jin Nim is the embodiment of the spirit , wisdom and heart of our Father and Mother. He is anointed for such a time as this.

Father then proclaimed on True Childrenís Day the "Chun Il Guk" or the Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace. Is represents the "nation" of the Kingdom of heaven. Itís citizens are the Blessed Couples that registered and the Ambassadors for Peace. Father asked us to create Ambassadors for Peace that would represent the "New Nation" or Kingdom of Heaven that True Parents have established. America came together for this purpose in the International Leadership Conference in which the 2000 Ambassadors for Peace were established through 33 conferences from October to December, 2001. This combined the IIFWP, AFC, FFWPU/ACLC, CARP, WFWP, UTS and all our movement into one organization. This time our Christian leadership joined together with religious and political leaders. Particularly our Muslim leaders who had been persecuted in the days following September 11, 2001 were deeply moved in many meetings as they heard True Parents message and saw the work of peace. The ACLC clergy would invariably create a great moment in each conference and call, as Christian Leaders, for the embrace of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

On this basis True Parents did a 8 city tour in both Korea, Japan and finally an 8 city tour in America. This time True Mother herself appointed Ambassadors For Peace. Motherís strength and love brought a special healing to America that everyone felt was so much needed. Her heart brought an inner peace and her message brought hope.

One clergyman in New Jersey commented, "When Father came for the 50-state tour it was like a hurricane hit. Now Mother comes and itís like springtime. Now I can understand the meaning of True Parentís. Perfect balance."

To further anchor peace in the world Father and Mother supported a worldwide Muslim conference chaired by President Wahid, with support from the world Moslem leadership including the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Dr. Kaufmann, Mr. Taj Hammad and I worked together under Rev. Kwakís and Dr. Yangís guidance to achieve this special dispensation. The world Muslim leaders concluded the conference with a declaration of peace and pledge to build bridges of trust with the western leadership and particularly with American religious leaders.

Hyun Jin Nimís campus tour set a new direction for our movement and the students of this nation -- Service for Peace. We will bring love and education with action, sacrifice and joy. His address at UC Berkeley was an historic world address where he proclaimed that peace will not come from military, economic or political measures alone. They will come from building a culture of True Love with True Families. A new age has dawned.

A new year is coming. To conclude this year in America, Father has asked that the reflections of the 120 Christians who attended the workshops with Dr. Lee in the Spirit World be published. Today, The IIFWP and the FFWPU sponsored those historic messages in The Washington Times and in papers throughout the world. The 12 disciples, St. Paul, Augustine, Moses, Calvin, Luther, Wesley and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King gave their testimony about the Principle and our True Parents. It is a profound moment in history.

America is resurrecting from that old rugged Cross. Because of the love of our True Parents, the work of our Blessed Central Families, allies and particularly the Christian Clergy, America is entering an age in which it will become the model Elder Son nation that truly loves and respects all people and religions. There are many important additional and central historic events that occurred centering on our True Parents 2001 Victory and the Coronation ceremony. Let us lift them all to heaven as our offering at this time with our sincere prayer that next year we want to do even better.

Please know how much True Parents love you -- first and second generation Blessed Central Families. Your value is infinite. You are the bearers of the Godís authority and holy power to bring the Kingdom of God. Dr. Yang and I want to express our sincere gratitude to you and your family for bearing the cross and liberating God and True Parents.

Let us bring the Kingdom forward even more quickly in 2002. Let us march on to the 144,000 couple blessing victory and wave the banner of Blessing and Peace for all Humanity.

We pray that great blessing, prosperity, joy and happiness will pour down from heaven on you and your family, as you continue this holy path for which you and your ancestors were prepared for thousands of years. God Bless True Parents and True Families. God Bless the Fatherland and Motherland. God Bless the Elder Son Nation and the World.

Victory for God and True Parents in 2002!

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