Unification News for January 2002

In Memoriam - Mrs. Ding See Hwa

At 5:45 am on October 9th 2001, Mrs. Ding See Hwa ascended to the spirit world in a hospital in Sri Manjung, Sitiawan. Her Seung Hwa ceremony was held on October 13th, and she was interred at the Kutien Cemetery, Sitiawan.

Ding See Hwa was born as the second daughter of ten children on Dec. 1923 (lunar Calendar), in Sitiawan in the State of Perak, West Malaysia.

At the tender age of 16 her parents matched her to someone who was born in China and ten years her senior and whom she has never met before. Spiritually and physically she is so beautiful. With such a great deep love, she mentioned that she must have great faith in accepting someone whom she does not know, but to her surprise he is a very loving as well as a good looking person. She gave birth to ten children. One of the children ascended to the spirit world when he was three years of age. Her husband Mr. Wong Chiew Keat already ascended to the spirit world in 1974 leaving her to tend to the nine children. Her heart was always filled with the prayerful wish and utmost sincerity to raise the children to be loving sons and daughters of heaven.

She has lived a very sacrificial life, having suffered much during the Japanese occupation in the second world war seeking hide-outs along with her family in the thick jungles of green Malaysia. She has gone through many near death experiences. Being a religious woman she always turn to heaven for help and protection.

Despite all the hardships and sufferings in her life she never complained but always keeping a cheerful bright spirit hoping that one day things will be better.

She first came into contact with the movement through her daughter in 1989. Seeing her for the first time after seven years of separation brings great joy. Upon her daughter’s return from Korea with her Austrian husband after the blessing in 1989, she received them with open arms even though initially she struggled when she first saw a photo of them together in 1987 when they were first matched by True Father. It took her three months to overcome due to the fact that the son-in-low is a white man. Eventually she received the blessing (blessed to her husband who is in spirit world) in May 1997 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where the blessing was conducted by Rev. Dr. Yoo, the Korean National Messiah to Malaysia.

May she find joy and fulfillment in her new life in the spirit world.

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