Unification News for January 2002

Victorious Conclusion to the 2001 US Campus Tour

Shortly after the IIFWP Assembly 2001 in October, the founder Rev. & Mrs. Moon encouraged the president of CARP, Hyun Jin Moon, to continue the message of peace by speaking in person on the top universities in the United States. In this year, 2001, it was decided to hold four events in the following representative schools: Yale, Columbia, Northwestern (Chicago) and the University of California at Berkeley.

His motto for the tour was "constant improvement" and we were all kept on our toes in this respect. The purposes of the tour included the launch of Service for Peace in the United States, the revival and reintroduction of World CARP to major college campuses, and the continuation of bringing True Parents' message on the formula for peace to the students

The basic format of each event was as follows: Preprogram: 20 minutes of entertainment; Introduction: by the MC (usually Ken Bates); Powerpoint on Service for Peace delivered by Robert Kittel; Hoon Dok Hae from True Parents' speech ( an edited version of the 10/22 speech in New York); VIP comments on the Hoon Dok Hae and the ideals of SFP; Keynote address by President Hyun Jin Moon who delivered his message "Service for Peace -- Crisis and Hope" to over 2500 students and guests throughout the tour.

Following are brief reports of some of the events.


by Stephen K. Nomura

After being initiated in July of this year, on Friday, December 7th, the Service for Peace program made its way to Yale University's Battell Chapel. The brainchild of Hyun Jin Moon, president of World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles, the program invited faculty and students from both Yale University and the nearby University of Bridgeport.

Serving as Mistress of Ceremonies for the night, Esther Bessell, president of the Student Congress at the University of Bridgeport, began the program promptly at 6pm, introducing four musical talents. Jimi Baughman sang the Life Uncommon by Jewel, followed by Kiyomi Kobayashi who sang Sarah McLachlan's Angel. The President of World CARP at Yale, Shane Kim, performed the second movement of Max Bruch's Violin Concerto No. 1 in G, minor, Op. 26. He was followed by ___, who also played the violin. She played Henryk Wieniawski's Scherzo-Tarantelle.

Welcoming remarks were given by Shane Kim, who emphasized the mission of CARP and the significance of this event as an extension of Assembly 2001 held in this October. The International Director for the Service for Peace program, Robert Kittel, presented a Powerpoint presentation on the value of service and the ongoing projects taking place around the globe. Mr. Kittel later introduced the director of the Service for Peace program at the University of Bridgeport, Tamami Kawamura, who encouraged the audience to actively embody service in order to promote character development. She specified the planned projects on the local level, which included a food drive and activities at the local soup kitchen as well as a campus beautification effort.

Following an introduction to the service side of the program, Christoph Yasutake, vice-president of the Student Congress of the University of Bridgeport, read Rev. Sun Myung Moon's "Path to World Peace in View of God's Will," which had previously been presented at Assembly 2001. The speech demonstrated the relevance of service based on the principles of living for the sake of others and building an ideal family for the ultimate goal of world peace.

This was followed by the recipient of the Ambassador for Peace award, Imam Ameer Pasha Salahudin of the Islamic Center in Passaic and Paterson, who acknowledged the importance of such an event as Service for Peace. Referring to the Islamic tradition of calling on peace, Imam Salahudin alluded to the primal state of bliss that Adam and Eve had experienced, and his encouragement to restore the world to such bliss. As he began his speech, Imam Salahudin closed his speech with the hope for "Peace" to all.

A Christian recipient of the Ambassador for Peace award, Archbishop George Stallings of the Imani Temple of Washington, D.C., enlivened the audience with his message, reminding the audience that "we are all brothers and sisters" regardless of religious faith, as one Primary Source was the origin of all. Archbishop Stallings kept the audience involved and at rapt attention, reminding all to "make a difference." Reflecting Rev. Moon's speech, Archbishop Stallings encouraged living for the sake of others and actively working to embrace the right principles and live in the right manner. He ended his talk leaving the audience smiling and at times laughing with delight, as he requested the audience to stand and repeat Mr. Moon's motto for World CARP, "There's no such thing as number two, only number one."

The night's keynote speaker, Hyun Jin Moon, came on-stage as the audience rose to its feet. Mr. Moon presented a prepared speech emphasizing the increasingly necessity for the participation of the youth leaders of America to assume the responsibility of living for the sake of others in order to solve the conflict.

Ending the night was Jonathan van der Stok, president of World CARP at the University of Bridgeport, who guided the audience to actualize the hopes for service through filling out the response form to signify interest as well as determination to work with the Service for Peace on the local, national or international levels. Jonathan van der Stok and Shane Kim met together on stage to draw prizes for a digital camera as well as an mp3 player. The winners were a UB graduate and a current UB student respectively.

Chicago U

by Bella Baco

600 students, professors, religious and community leaders from various universities, religions, races and nationalities gathered together at Northwestern University Technological Institute Auditorium, Evanston, IL, Saturday, December 8th, 2001.

The International President of World CARP, Mr. Hyun Jin Moon delivered a message on Service for Peace: Crisis and Hope, an exploration to the present crisis and giving solution to it. World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principle (World CARP) and Northwestern University Chinese Students and Scholars Association sponsored this event.

There was also a Service Volunteers Festival, a display on different service projects of 14 participating service organizations that gave the participants the opportunities to get involve on the various service projects. A VIP reception and a kids' room were also provided.

Packets were given to the participants which included Hyun Jin NIm's official speech, the Hoon Dok Hae reading on the Path to World Peace in View of God's Will by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the Service for Peace brochure, and the Response Form.

Mr. Yeqing Li, the Regional Director of World CARP Chicago, mastered the ceremony. A Japanese Choir followed next and offered a soothing song in Japanese. The Xilin Chinese Performance Arts Center, presented a wonderful Chinese Instrumental and then the Call for Peace Drum Dance offered a native-American Dance for peace. Lastly, the School of Survivors performed Martial Arts demonstrations for the assembled peacemakers.

Miss Xiaojing Dong, the President of Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Northwestern gave the welcoming remarks.

Mr. Robert Kittel, The International Director of Service for Peace gave a wonderful presentation on the practical educational system of Service for Peace. Next, was the reading of the Founder's plenary address The Path to World Peace in View of God's Will given to various academic, political and religious leaders Assembly 2001 on Global Violence: Crisis and Hope. The speech was read by Mr. Mike Balcomb.

Mr. Timothy Boyd, V.P. American Theosophical Association, Mr. Ishmael Muhammad, Assistant Minister to the Minister Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, and Pastor T.L. Barrett, Senior Pastor, Life Center Church of God in Christ; Co-chair, American Clergy Leadership Conference, gave great commentaries after the reading.

After all those awesome commentaries, the keynote speaker, World CARP President Hyun Jin Moon, delivered a profound and overwhelming speech on Service for Peace: Crisis and Hope! He deeply touched the hearts of the listeners, as he explored the present crisis, hope and the solution to it.

According to him, Service and Peace should be closely tied together, like husband and wife. True peace cannot come about without service, and true service cannot come about without peace. He strongly encouraged young people to share one common vision for the future, stemming from the recognition of where the problem lies for humanity as it tackles the issue of world peace. That common problem, if one looks and tries to deal into its origin, comes from the breakdown of a true God-centered families.

He further said that young people should dream again, believe in humanity and live for the sake of others which is the manifestation of True Love! At the end, he challenged everyone to become a true owner of Service for Peace and not just to say it but instead to practice that ideal. After the speech was over, a bouquet of flowers was given as a token of appreciation. Pres. Hyun Jin Moon then directly proceeded to the victory celebration.

Columbia U

The hall was full by 6:30pm with more than 650 guests. The evening began with exciting musical performances. There was singing, poetry and dancing. A Columbia Choir Group moved the audience as they sang in beautiful harmony centering on Keiha Kobayashi, a Columbia Graduate Student. A Christian performance group that had traveled all the way from Oakland, California presented a poetry reading accompanied by a choreographed dance. This work had been performed the night before at Ground Zero, the site of the former World Trade Center.

Ken Bates served as Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Following the musical performances, Robert Kittel, International Director of Service for Peace, captivated the audience with his explanation of the importance of SFP delivered with enthusiasm and great passion. Michael Balcomb of World CARP, delivered a dynamic reading of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's speech entitled, "The Path to World Peace in View of God's Will." Three prominent religious leaders graced the stage with their presence.

Imam Ameer Pasha Salahudin, Dr. Elgin Watkins and Rev. Jesse Edwards all emphasized the importance of young people in today's world. Rev. Jesse Edwards focused specially on the significance of sexual purity before marriage.

Following these speakers, the audience warmly welcomed Hyun Jin Moon. Hyun Jin Moon delivered a sincere and inspiring speech delivered impromptu from his heart

Although there was a written text prepared, Hyun Jin Moon was so moved that he only read the first line before deviating to his own spontaneous content. He spoke with enthusiasm and with obvious passion for the cause he represents. In conclusion, Mo Sook Park announced the upcoming service project to take place on December 15 and more importantly encouraged us each to realize in our own hearts the importance of caring for people.

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