Unification News for January 2002

Reflection on the workshop for Blessed Husbands

by Richard Urban

On the way to the workshop, on the plane, after doing some reading in Rev. In Hoi Lee's book "Creating Personal Vision", and Dr. Tyler Hendrick's book "Family, Church, Community, Kingdom", I was just dozing when I felt tears of repentance for not appreciating and loving my wife Stacey and daughter Sarah more.

My goals for the workshop were for God to show me the things that I need to change to be the person that He wants me to be.

Dae Mo Nim's guidance on not speaking carelessly was very valuable. Even though she knows something is wrong, she does not say it directly. Rather, she guides the person to self realization. It is better to be silent than to be "honest", which may cause heartistic pain to another person. If you are not absolutely sure about every fact, then it is better not to speak. I felt God's presence deeply when praying at the Chong Shim Prayer Hall, and saw many angels in the form of points of light. And I felt repentful for having caused heartistic pain to my wife and daughter, and shed tears.

I think that my Polish ancestors were liberated and happy. When Lech Walesa was mentioned in Rev. Kwak's lecture as an Ambassador of Peace, I felt proud to be Polish, and some emotion came to me from the ancestors. Also, somehow, Polish people need to follow True Parents to indemnify not helping more to stop the murder of two million Jewish people. Interestingly, I also have Jewish ancestors on my mother's side.

I believe that much restoration was going on during the workshop. Some of it was apparent, but much of it we really don't know about. Dae Mo Nim even apologized for pushing us so hard. Many times you are tired, and it is not easy to go through three clapping sessions each day.

The chance to step away from the regular environment and reflect on how I am doing in fundamental family and mission areas is invaluable. It also helped me to understand the significance of being a Registered Blessed Family. We also were able to liberate our ancestors for both husband and wife to the 49th generation.

I highly recommend the workshop for all brothers.

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