Unification News for January 2002

Amazing Grace At the Chung Pyung 8-Day Workshop

by Marius Henry

Many times I had told my wife that I didnít want or need to go to Chung Pyung because I was looking toward the day of true revival here in the United States. But one brother who I have become friends with told me that he had been given a gift of the expenses to Chung Pyung, and he hoped that I could also go together with him. So, finally I decided to go, and I called a brother in Seoul who I had worked with in Switzerland 20 years before, and we arranged to meet after the 8-day workshop. I was looking forward to this.

I had to search deep in my heart for the internal reason to go to Chung Pyung, and these are the reasons I finally did go: 1. to worship Heavenly True Parents with all my soul in spirit and truth; 2. to honor the first True Parents on earth; and 3. to liberate and save my family.

Our plane arrived at Inchon Airport instead of Kimpo. When we arrived at Inchon, it dawned on me: I am called also for the liberation of Korea. America is now the elder son.

Now to meet so many precious brothers is the Kingdom but, alas, many do not know that the King is at the door. We were told by the spiritual world of the many sins and evil spirits that are in us, but I told myself, "Nothing can separate me from the love of God." I told myself that my body was the temple of God. I decided I had to take care of His temple -- not an easy thing in Chung Pyung, but I found a place where I could wash and keep my body clean. Sitting in the bathroom, I felt I could sit as a king on the throne.

I tried to look into the window of the eyes of the brothers. I went up everyday to the Tree of Blessings and realized how important it was for me to be able to share in the blink of an eye the many sorrows our brothers have and the Grace that we are receiving today. I met a Japanese brother, and I asked him if he knew another Japanese brother, Kondo-san, I had worked with for 4 years but whom I hadnít seen for almost 17 years. He did know Kondo-san, and I was filled with gratitude again, remembering how he had loved me. I would love to hear from him and know that he and his family are all right. His prayers many years ago saved my life. I am sure of this.

What an amazing site it is at Ansu in Chung Pyung. Our big, respected leaders are in the same child-like situation as all of us. We must be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who are pure in heart, they shall see Him. I experienced an intense moment of personal relationship with Heavenly True Parents, singing Amazing Grace at the Memorial. I realized that American people are very idealistic, and that they can understand an ideal like the ideal of True Parents.

I had the fortune to meet one French brother, Gabriel. I felt the spirit of the angel Gabriel and in my prayer I ordered him to follow us. Later, when we fell behind the group, walking to visit the Palace of True Parents, two Korean brothers picked us up in their car and drove us to the top. There I felt in my heart Heavenly True Parents telling me, "Your palace is the place where I meet you at the moment of receiving true love in the relationship between you and your wife."

In one speech of Dae Mo Nimís, one brother cried out to Mrs. Kim, "Please forgive me Dae Mo Nim." I tried to approach him and invited him to pray together. I felt inspired to share, "Where I found forgiveness and no guilt is with God, and I know that because of True Parentsí total living sacrifice and blessing, we can enter a direct relationship with Him. Now the time of blessing and resurrection -- the age of the Fourth Adam -- has come. Our attendance to Heavenly True Parents will sanctify us."

It was by amazing grace that I had one day free in Korea before I had to leave, and my dream of meeting the brother in Seoul who I hadnít seen since Switzerland 16 years before was realized. On my fifth day in Korea I called him to get his address, but he told me not to worry about his address, but to just ask for the Palace Hotel, and everyone would know where that was. The bus from Chung Pyung took me and another French brother to the closest stop, and with joy I asked a taxi driver to take us to the Palace Hotel. We had no idea where we were, and it seemed like God took control over everything. When Joseph came to the hotel to meet us, I saw the king in him because he had mastered the Korean language. I was at his mercy but he graciously guided us through that section of the town where he lived. God revealed a lot to me about what is going on in the country of the first mission of the Messiah.. I tried to give hope to Joseph about revival in America, but he could only see a somber reality.

Everything went smoothly leaving Seoul. It was a wonderful trip. I looked in the window of a store and saw Rolex watches, from the country of my father, and remembered one brother whose parents both worked in Rolex Geneva. He had inherited a Rolex watch and wore it with pride, but God reassured me that I, too, am a king. The symbol of Rolex is a crown, but the symbol on my watch, a Fortis, is also a crown. I certainly didnít pay the price of a Rolex for my Fortis. I felt God telling me, "This store is really for the rich and famous only. Look here, the cashmere sweater costs $420. Your reward is in heaven. Yes, your trip was valuable for me. Please give blessing and resurrection in America, and angel Gabriel will be with you." Now my spirit is lifted like lightening. I have been to the Tree of Blessing and seen the promised land. Yes, I see a revival in America, where the word of God has become like fire. All evil spirits will leave us because of repentance. Yes, the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Our Heavenly True Parent is calling us into the new age of the Fourth Adam. Through the total living sacrifice of the first True Parents on earth, we can enter this age. We have to put the wine in new wineskins now. We can really be born again.

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