Unification News for January 2002

Celebration of the Coronation Ceremony for Godís Kingship

Sun Myung Moon
Rev. Michael Jenkins
January 13, 2002

At pledge Father and Mother came out in traditional Han Boks. Fathers Han Bok was a rich and very deep copper color. True Motherís was a very beautiful color of gold at the top and a bright red lower half. Rev. Chung Hwa Kwak was the MC for Pledge service.

Pledge began with True Father lighting the 7 candles at the front of the offering table. Then Father and Mother bowed to God. Then Father took his seat behind the offering table and True Mother bowed with grace and serenity. Then Mother took her place. True Parents chairs were golden. The same as was used last year at the Coronation ceremony. True Parents chairs were behind the offering table placed apart at the end of the offering table. The Throne of God was two white Thrones together at the center behind the offering table a little further back from True Parents thrones.

Then True Children bowed. Hyo Jin Nim, Yana Nim and Hoon Sook Nim. Then the congregation bowed. Then the representatives of the three primary nations of Korea, Japan and America bowed. Then representatives from the 7 continents. Then the representatives of the major religions. This time Dr. Yang asked Bishop Stallings to represent Christianity. With Rev. Kwakís permission Archbishop George Augustus Stallings represented World Christianity. It was the first time in the history of pledge service that the literal representative of the faith came to offer bows to God. It was a moving moment for all. We could see that soon the actual representatives of the world religions will now enter the Chun Il Guk (The Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity) and represent their faiths at pledge. Next the Able and Cain type worldís representatives bowed. Then the representatives of the spirit world bowed. Hoon Mo Nim (representing Dae Mo Nim), Mrs. Kang and Mrs. Eu and one other elder woman bowed.

Then True Parents gave the offering to True Family and then to all of us.

500 Korean Ambassadors For Peace were in attendance for the celebration speech. These were elected officials, top Christian leaders as well as academic and civic leaders. Father primarily addressed them in the speech, however the core contents were universal.

We welcomed True Parents with applause. They sat before us at the right of the stage. The main sanctuary of the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training center was absolutely packed. Every inch was taken. Sitting with Bishop Stallings, were Dr. Chin and Dr. Salonen of the University of Bridgeport. Mr. Joe Tully, Mr. Farley Jones, Dr. Paul Werner, Rev. Reiner Vincenz and many American and Western elders were in attendance.

We opened with a powerful prayer by one of our Korean FFWPU International leaders. Mother wiped the tears from her eyes after the prayer. Then we watched a video documenting the thorny but victorious path leading to the coronation ceremony. Father and Mother watched from a small monitor at their seating area as the 7000 gathered watched on a huge bank of monitors that made 12 ft. x 12 ft. screen.

The video covered True Parents prayers at the Coronation Ceremony. It also highlighted the three heavenly laws of the Kingdom. 1. Keep the Pure Blood Lineage. 2. Donít violate human rights. 3. Donít misuse public money. Donít steal public funds.

This is an excerpt from Fatherís address:

Celebration Speech

Where is the sovereignty of God? Do the Christians have sovereignty? There are so many denominations that are divided. Can God be sovereign in division? How pitiful for God.

Due to the fall, three generations were destroyed in one day. God (1st gen. And Grandfather), Parents (Adam & Eve) and Children.

I can speak for many hours. I have the record of speaking for almost 17 hours without stop. Chen Ee. This a beautiful word. It means enjoyment or interesting. We are to have enjoyment. Do you have a big package of enjoyment. How about the Ambassadors for Peace. Does every body like you in the village. Am I ugly or good looking. I like the word ugly. When I was young I was so handsome that many proposed to me. I spoke for 16 plus hours. Many could not leave. It was a record.

If Iím good looking then many women will come after me. Thatís why I donít want to be good looking. Actually Iím kind of ugly. I hope all of you become better looking than me.

Does God enjoy this world? When God looks at this world does he think this world is enjoyable. Wherever you go if you are criticized as an uninteresting man what do you think God will feel about this man. If you say the Satanic world is uninteresting to God you have to take responsibility. When I started the Unification Church no one thought it was interesting. The entire world said "get rid of him". In this world, I said everything the opposite way that the world does. Now looking back, I crossed many mountains. Now Iím calling all of you to come up to the top of the mountain.

Now people are beginning to say that Rev. Moon is right. They are also listening to True Motherís words also. They call True Parents Mother and Father. Because Iím old, Iím leaving behind many things for you to inherit. Each of you must bring 12 more people and be able to support and feed 12 people and 12 organizations in your nation then you become their master and then you are truly an Ambassador for Peace. The people who have patriotism this is the way to lead the nation. Say this, "Iím an interesting person." How about Rev. Moon. Actually Rev. Moon is uninteresting to the world. Why?. If I go to the liquor store I canít even take a drink!" But Iím interesting in a way. If I never drank and smoke can I tell people not to do that?

Generally Men want to have an affair. I can tell by looking at you that many of you would like to have an affair. If you do that you destroy your family and your lineage.

This is 80% of the reason brought countries to ruin in history. What will destroy a nation. A very small thing can destroy the world. Iím not a normal person. Even God and Satan listen to me. Please raise your hands if you pledge that you will become an interesting person. Rev. Moon went to prison many times. But wherever I go I make friends with everybody. The prisoners, the guards etc. I went to prison 6 times. I was called the saint of the prison. I said interesting things. If a man wanted rice cakes I would give it to him. If someone came to meet me I would give two thirds of what they brought to me to others.

You think only bad people go to prison. But it actually is a very interesting part of life. Will you do this more successfully than me. Those that call themselves disciples of Rev. Moon, my hope is that you will become better than me. Wherever I go I can make friends. I can make friends with gangsters or anybody.

Some of you Ambassadors for Peace, you donít know the difference between night and day. You have to become people that God likes. I was criticized. The westerners here, you should study Korean.

No matter where you go you must be an interesting (fun) leader. 500 of you. If you were to care for more than 500 people they would be indebted to you. You cannot live without a goal. You must have a purpose and goal. You must live for the sake of others.

If you have a lot of money, it will go away. Going beyond the position of Father. You are peace Ambassadors. Why do you have to live for others. You are proud of being great but some of you live poorly. You can be destroyed by being great. I had to give up everything. Can you hear me in the back. I have gotten persecuted and chased away. Yet this made me interesting and now I can have more fun.

There was no one who liked me in the world. Germany, France they all persecuted me. Now the American government is speaking up for me!! You must be humble. Wherever you go, I must be creating the fun. Looking at the history, you know what I have done. Youíre in a school for fighters and revolutionary people. Become the friend of the nature and the water.

I want to go back to nature. Thatís where you can find God. Iíve built ships and boats that are created to bring us back to nature.

I made the Tong Il factory. If you donít have power you will go down. You must be able to take care of things properly. Iíve been working in America. There are probably CIA agents here. Whatever I say, the CIA catches it and analyzes what I say. You know what I say.

If you waste the public fund you can be destroyed. What about Bin Laden (his name sounds like sideways in Korean). If you want to bring this victory back home you must live for the sake of others. Donít look to become government officials. You are the brother of the deaf and handicapped.

There is so much money wasted on elections. This money should be given to help the poor. We should have elections where we just close our eyes and write down the person that you want.

God is asking us to live with Absolute Faith, Absolute love, Absolute Obedience. Those from Inchon raise you hand. You offered me a plaque with these three mottos. But the character of obedience that Iím talking about is the one that is absolutely and selflessly obedient.

If you live the round way you can get bigger and bigger. The Unification members here. You made me receive persecution because they believe that I took you away from your families. Every nationality react the same way.

In the fallen world there is Japan, America, China. Does Japan belong to God. You must ignore your own country and seek a better nation to be built. When God looks at America.? No. Why. Because they come from the satanic lineage. All these nations must decline. Unless they turn to God but they are not Godís country.

You must educate the leaders of this country. Donít try to seek political office yourself. You are higher than that. Have you read the message from the 120 Christians in the Spirit World. They testify to me. Is it True or not. You Christians ( the majority of the Ambassador For Peace are prominent Christian leaders.) You there (Father points to a dignified woman Ambassador) You must be a Christian because you are looking at me sideways. Yet Jesus is testifying that you must follow me.

I am the founder of the Unification Church. That can never be changed. I did the coronation ceremony for God. Do you know that until now God could not love his filial son because of the fall. God had no filial son. God couldnít share his precious love. His children were lost. However, parents heart is universal and Godís heart is to save his son no matter what the crime or sin. Donít parents feel that way? Now I proclaim that enemies must be blessed to each other.

Now Jesus, Bhudda, Confucius and Mohammad are supporting me. They are telling their disciples to follow me. Christianity is divided and must be united. I love Korea more than any patriot. You peace Ambassadors. Now is the time to become famous for working with Rev. Moon to save Korea. We can resolve all and any resentment now.

We must subjugate our body. We must stand opposite of the worldly ways. We canít drink and smoke. If I did that a huge problem would occur in the providence.

Is there anyone who thought to have the Coronation Ceremony for God. Only Rev. Moon. You must expect to be persecuted. Yet you must stop all fighting and bring unity. When I meet all the religious leaders, I love them all and can stop the fighting and bring unity.

We must unify religion in Korea. The NGO groups are not so powerful. But when combined with WANGO they go beyond national and religious boundaries and become a true force for peace. The religious leaders must wake up! The Filial Son who crowned God King is looking for a NATION!! If the Christians had listened to me in 1945 Korea would not have divided and the cold war would not have occurred. Christians bound together and caused my first wife to divorce me. They surrounded her and proclaimed that she shouldnít go with this sect leader. They caused the separation Ė that caused Korea to be divided. Someday you will see. Nothing scares me more than the woman. Woman can bring great destruction.

I went through a 40 year wilderness course to restore that difficulty. Now True Mother and I have fulfilled our responsibility and the family will be united forever. Mother fulfilled her responsibility. Now you can fulfill your responsibility. Can you do it. AMEN!

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