Unification News for January 2002

Godís Day Midnight Address

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2002

The Chinese character for heaven is Chun and has two horizontal lines which means it has two persons in it. One is horizontal and another is horizontal. It means the unity of heaven and earth. The Absolute will of God must be accomplished to achieve heaven. Chun Ju means that heaven and earth must be united connecting the two horizontal lines.

First the mind and body must unite, then the husband and wife must be one, then parents and children then brothers and sisters. Then the family and the nation must unite.

If mind and body, husband and wife have conflict there can be no unity and peace.

Heaven and earth -- these two persons, should be connecting the two. The ideal of heaven and earth is the ideal of freedom, peace, Unification and happiness. Chun Il Guk An Jak. An Jak has to do with "Settlement". Chun Jak means going to or on the way to the goal. An Jak means that after it is accomplished.

Last years motto: May the parents of heaven and earth and the children, by uniting as one mind and body, fulfill the will of True Loveís subjective character, which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

Three generations become one only through True Love, True Life and True Lineage. By making such unity the children make the third position. They are like the grandchildren of God. Who is the third generation? They are the blessed couples or Blessed Central Families. Originally, through the fall, the second and third generation was lost. Only God remained as the first generation. True Parents have restored the second generations position and Blessed couples are in the third generation or grandchildís position to God.

Whether American or any nation or Korean or Japan. Nationality makes no difference. As a Blessed central family we become the engrafted third generation. Your children are the 4th generation level. Now Adam, Jesus, Messiah and the 4th Adamís era has come. Now centering on the unity of the mind and body man must become the true sonís position.

Parents must unite and children must unite too. The family can now settle down. Just like in a factory you have a model you created from which everything is modeled after. The True Family is the model. No one can be left out. Grandfather, Grandmother, Mother, Father, sons and daughters, uncles and aunts. Every one is seeking for happiness. We are going to establish the Kingdom.

An Chak doesnít mean we are going toward this. It means we are already there. That the time of settlement has come. Looking at the mineral world everything is in the pair system. The eyes and nose and all elements become one. When husband and wife become one -- True Love is able to visit there and settle there in that couple. Until mind and body become one we canít fulfill the vertical or horizontal standard. What is the most important thing to bring unity of the mind and body. True Love, True Life and True Lineage. When you wash your face in the morning all your face becomes one. If your lips donít come together you canít speak. When two come together you achieve peace, freedom and happiness. You have to create that kind of Chun Il Guk and offer it up to God. This is the responsibility of the Blessed Central Family.

The perfection of the Individual, family, nation and world must all come under the possession of God. The insects and all the created world must come under Godís dominion. When they all live for the sake of others then, True Love can dwell there.

To offer your nation you must offer the Total Living Offering. Nothing belongs to you. You offer everything to God. All the ownership of the world has become a barrier and block between man and God. That is why all ownership must be given to God. When all is offered through the Total Living Offering then God can bless it. Then you can reorganize all of the world. Centering on a couple that becomes completely one, then you can establish ownership and oneness with God. In the family you have the 8 stages that can perfect the ideal of God. You become the subject and starting point. You offer all of this to God and you can be proud of God. Koreans, Japanese, Americans and all nations have nothing to be proud of from the strict view of heaven. They are all descendants of the fallen history and still under Satanís claim. Because of the fall, all humanity became the enemy of God. Their ownership is not blessed by God.

The Blessed Central Family is the third generation of God. You completely deny yourself and offer everything to God. This can only be achieved through total offering to God and self denial and oneness of the husband and wife centered on True Love, True Life and True Blood Lineage. If couples fall, they become the second realm of the fall. Before the blessing, everything you have belongs to Satan. You have to deny what you want to see, touch and feel. The Japanese, have nothing to be proud of. Americans, Chinese Russians. Nothing to be proud of. How about Koreans. You complain about Americans, Russians and Chinese. In Godís eyes you have no difference. You are descended from the same fallen ancestors.

Chun Il Guk (The Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unification). It means True Love. True Freedom, Peace and Happiness. You can have lunch with God in total joy. If the husband laughs the wife then laughs. It should be a nation without struggle, fear and animosity. From now on the ones who want to be the center of conflict and fighting you should be hit by lighting. Rev. Yoo are you here. Will you do it or not. Do you want to be a congressman? You must become a congressman without being in conflict. This is where God can settle in peace.

Our Monsei will keep rising. The beginning of the Nation of Heaven, heaven and earth become one. If God is there and the son and daughter are united there he can become one. If you are filled with True Love you can go to the left or right. Even if you say something wrong but you say it centering on True Love Satan canít claim it. Satanís shadow canít appear. Itís like high noon in which the Sun is shining brightly and shadows donít exist. When you are filled with True Love Satanís shadow or claim cannot appear.

You invest and forget. That kind of nation can have the cosmos and God. Invest, give, give and forget .

Now the Chun Il Guk means that the Congresses and Parliaments of this world can receive HDK. If you are really confident you can meet your Presidents of your nations and they will listen.

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