Unification News for January 2002

True Godís Day

Sun Myung Moon
Rev. Michael Jenkins
January 1, 2002

The True Godís Day Pledge Service was held January 1, 2002 at the Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center. Rev. Kwak was the MC for the morning prayer service. True Parents entered in their holy robes. The offering table was glorious with 12 stacks of foods (2 rows deep) of all the creation, Korean pears, apples, strawberries, oranges. About four feet high on a foot table. 7 large candles were evenly placed across the offering table.

Father and Mother entered with applause. Father lit the candles. First the center candle. Then the one on the far right and far left then the one to the right of center and so forth back and forth.

True Parents bowed with such serene quite and holiness. Slowly. Then Father took his place on the throne behind the offering table. (It was the same royal chairs that were used in the Coronation Ceremony for Godís Kingdhip.) Then True Mother bowed. Then True Mother took her place with True Father. Then True Children bowed. Hyo Jin Nim, Hyun Jin Nim, Sun Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim in the first row. Their spouses and children in the second row.

Then second geration blessed couples bowed. Then all families bowed. Then the three primary nations of Korea (Fatherland), Japan (Motherland) and America (Elder Son) bowed. Then representatives of four major religions bowed, JudeoChristianity, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism. Then the four representatives of the Able-type world bowed (free world), then the four representatives of the Cain-type world (communist world) bowed. Hoon Mo Nim and other saints then bowed representing the spirit world. Then we recited the family pledge. It was beautiful. Everyone was in perfect harmony. (Rev. Kwak had to guide us about this many, many times because there is a tendency for everyone to race through the Kajong Mengse too fast leaving the MC behind and being totally unharmonious. This was about the fourth time at a major pledge that Rev. Kwak asked the couples to stay in sync. This time they did and it was powerful.)

Then True Parents offered the prayer for Godís Day. After the prayer True Mother helped Father take off his holy robe and Father was in his traditional white Korean vest and pants. True Mother took off her crown and holy robe and had the white hanbok on.

Then True Parents distributed the offering. First to Hyo Jin Nim, then to Hyun Jin Nim and all the rest of the True Family. Then True Mother gave the tray to Rev. Kwak and the offering was distributed to all. That was the conclusion of the 2002 Pledge Service.

Godís Day Morning Address

True Parents arrived to thunderous applause. The large sanctuary of the training center was absolutely jam packed. (Maybe 5000. In adjoining rooms it was estimated that more than 10,000 attended True Godís Day.) Father asked for chairs to be placed off of the stage down on the floor with True Mother. That placed Father right in front of us.

Father was speaking without the mike and everyone said, "We canít hear". First Father spoke concerning how the mike was a necessary nuisance but that we must respect how technology is important for without it we canít reach the people.

"We must appreciate the technological developments. They can advance Godís Kingdom. Especially the mass media. It is very important.

"Now Jesus and all the saints are meeting in the spirit world to plan how to cooperate with us. The world must hear about this. We must effectively use technology to move this whole world. Because Iím attending God I know this very well. The holy song we sang today was the one I wrote. It brings back many memories. What is Chun IL Guk. (The Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unification). What does it mean. The Chun in Chinese characters has two horizontal lines meaning two persons. Two persons unite as one. When people are uniting they become one, when they are fighting they are not one. You have to have two together to make unity. You need both hands to be able to make things. Only one hand wouldnít work. Does man need woman. Who is more important. They are equal. Is everything centered on man. No. Man must totally respect and honor woman. Without woman, man would not exist. You need two to make heaven.

"I have called everyone to become one. The Korean man is no better than Japanese or American man or for that matter a man from any nation. Why should I share all these secrets with you. You heard about the third generation is centered on God. Now we donít even use True Parents in our prayer. Why we now pray in our own names. Did you chase True Parents away? Now it is only the third generation Blessed Central Families? The third generation was the source of endless pain for God as they were the children of Satan. Now that has changed.

"Without True Love and True Parents you can never come to perfection. I feel so moved that 50 years ago I made this holy song. At that time there was so much darkness.

"Now millions are going into the mainstream of the kingdom of heaven. How about this training center building at Cheong Pyeong? Was this built by physical world or spiritual world. Who built this building? True Parents son of filial piety. Heung Jin Nim built this building. I didnít touch even one stone. Thus, this is the heavenly palace. You can be punished if you violate this place.

"I didnít touch one stone of this place. It was completely done by Heung Jin Nim. HJN is the head of the spirit world. With what power did HJN build this holy place at Cheong Pyeong? With what power did he build this? He built it with the power of True Parents as a son of filial piety. Those who are twisted in their mouth and tell lies you are very dangerous people. You must be the Blessed Central Families of the settlement of the Noon Day standard. The standard in which you cast no shadows. In total light if your mind and body are united you have no shadow.

"It is constantly noon and constantly day now. There is no shadow if you are centered on True Love. If your mind and body fight you will cast a shadow. If not you cannot pass through the gate. Love canít be realized when you are by yourself.

"What do women need? What do they need? They need a master of love. They need a master of love that they can attend. Until you know a man and have marriage you donít know what it is to be one. Only through love can you meet your master. A woman will find an alternative master until she finds the True Master. The True Master must live for the sake of others. If you donít live for the sake of others you will disappear after one generation. With out this you canít stand as the master of true love. What if the giving part is as big as Baek Ju mountain then how big should the receptacle be. No matter how small you are it must be used to make oneness. Should it be big or small. If the receptacle is big in a woman, then a woman has that kind of big embracing power. The man who belongs to such a woman can rule a nation and that woman can rule that man. Without the unity of the mind and body you are a thief. If man and woman canít unite and the man looks to the side itís like a thief. What if a man looks toward another woman outside of his spouse. He is a thief.

"God is attracted to those who live for the sake of others. God has not found a greater man than Rev. Moon in all of history. Then God is like a grandfather clinging to True Parents. The parents follow the filial sons and daughters.

"The concave and the convex. Do they change. Only the man has the convex organ. It can never change. The same can be said about human faith. If you look at it from a different angle and it changes then it can be destroyed. Faith must be unchanging in all situations.

"All of the ideal forms in the universe are created. In the new Millennium these academic theories must be cleared up. This is the era of safe settlement. Have you ever unified the mind and body. If youíre not united inside and you look like you are you wonít pass the test. God will select you but when it comes time to enter the Kingdom of heaven you wonít pass the test. If you are a filial son then you wonít miss this. I liberated God and I want to see God in the position of the King. No one has even had this kind of thought to liberate God and crown God.

"Eventually all languages will fade away except the true language. Will you be qualified as 100 %. Those who donít understand will fall away. Those who understand will automatically stay. Under those conditions will the Japanese remain. The headquarters of the Japanese church is that Japanese property or Unification Church property?

"What Satan hates the most is a united couple. Satan likes Japanese nationalism. You should say Iím a member from Japan. Donít say Iím Japanese. As you discovered the grief of God then you had to follow and change your life. You are pitiful people that had the destiny to be destroyed. No matter how long I speak. The first condition is that mind and body become one. We have to build a nation. We need two to build. Two hands, Mind and Body, Husband and Wife.

"Today, the issue is to become a prince or princess of the Chun Il Guk. The principle is that two people must become one. With True Love we can grow into that kind of position. You have to have the heart to welcome God into your country at any time. If you donít have an object you canít fulfill. When your husband comes to you itís the same as God visiting. You should welcome him.

"Adam and Eve had the false lineage. All mankind were the children of A & E and are thus thieves from the strict point of view of heaven. God is the first generation, True Parents are the second generation and you Blessed Central Families are the third generation. If they are not parallel they cannot go forward. The husband and spouse and the children must go on parallel lines to True Parents. There is no colliding. It follows the pattern of True Parents. Thatís why the Chinese character for Chun has two parallel lines. Two people become one without colliding. Your family becomes parallel to True Parents. Everything connected to the old lineage has to be burned. If two pray together then God will be there. Then north and south will come together and become one. How many years have I done this. All of my life.

"Rev. Kwak will now read the declarations of the leaders in the spirit world. Not one of them is against me. In the spirit world, the heart and mind of people can change to Godís way so much faster than those on earth. On earth its so difficult. You must become blessed. This is the only way. True Love, True Life, True Lineage. You are all stained by your ancestry. I shouldnít have to even relate with you. I had to pay so much indemnity. Should he be registering you into the Chun Il Guk. Yes, I must relate with you because the principle teaches that I must save the Cain sons. We cannot conclude carelessly.

"We are gambling by investing you. You are the third generation Ė you are the Blessed Central Families."


Rev. Kwak read a special message from Heung Jin Nim: The following is a very brief synopsis.

Heung Jin Nim. "When I first came to spirit world I couldnít get into working here. Everything is so divided. Especially the religious people. They see things strongly from their own point of view and are not open. There was no way to even relate. But I had to begin somewhere.

"Because True Father came as the Messiah on the foundation of Christianity I could decide to start with Christianity first. In 1996 we began the first special training in Cheong Pyeong for this purpose. At that time Jesus and the founders of the four major religions attended a 120 day training session with some of the Elders of our Church. Then True Parents could open the door for blessing. This is when the first real dialogue could take place between religions. Without True Parents overcoming these obstacles there would be no way for denominations to come together, much less the worldís religions."

Then Father spoke to the Japanese with incredible and shocking providential details concerning the Prime Ministers of Japan. The promises they each made to Father and their lack of fulfillment. Father really gave the Japanese leaders and family a loving punch. How can Japan not welcome Father. This is a serious matter. Mr. Oyamada you should bet your life on getting this solved. Mr. Kuboki gave his life for this. The American presidents also went this path and did not fulfill their responsibility to heaven.

This session concluded with great joy. . Father had Rev. Matsunami head of CARP in Japan sing. He sang a great Korean folk song. Mr. Sudo, Mr. Oyamada and Father danced together. It was a moment of blessing for our beloved Motherland.)


The evening celebration was filled with joy. It began with Second generation performance with high energy. Then an highly professional offering was given on Classical Korean Dance.

True Parents were so pleased with a performance by one of Japanís most famous entertainers, Junko Sakura, who was blessed years ago and made a huge media storm. She never lost faith and her presentation was absolutely beautiful. She testified that the most precious thing in her life is her blessing and three children blessed by True Parents. She sang "Impossible Dream" and other great numbers.

Then Mr. Kenny Muhammad, the Human Orchestra, brought a message of love to True Parents from the Nation of Islam and Min. Farrakhan. Kenny will be performing on the tonight show and has become a hit. Through his voice and a microphone he provides a powerful drum beat and sound show that sounds like 5 drummers and 3 moog synthesizers. Interspersed in his powerful beat would be an incredible "Cham Bu Mo Nim!!" Da da da da, boom, boom, boom, wonk, wonk, wonk ---- "Cham Bu Mo Nim". Then he did Chun Il Guk and Coronation of Godddddddd!" It was something. The house exploded when Kenny walked directly off the stage with his remote mike and went right to True Parents with an explosion of rapid fire drum beats. Cham Bu Mo Nim !!!!

Father got so excited he jumped up and started shaking to the beat!!

Then the second generation did an outstanding play. Their skits are such high level performances you feel like youíre watching a stage show. Second gen has the power!!!

Their theme was a inspirational teacher that taught them to liberate God and True Parents heart and live for others.

Then one of the most famous Korean singers came. Mr. Kim Kook Hwan sang. He has many gold records in Korea. But he has relatives that joined the church and he is now a member. He apologized for not being more dedicated. He made True Parents happy.

His numbers were extremely popular and all the Korean family was singing at the top of their lungs. Director Kim did a really great show.

Then Hyung Jin Nim did a profound performance of the Shaolin Kung Fu with a sword and a great story in Korean. He was fantastic.

Finally, True Parents came on the stage and we were so happy with the excitement of Father and Mother signing and dancing with all the perfomers on stage. Father bumped Kenny Muhammad and some other performers on the head using the microphone like a drum stick and every one laughed with great joy.

What a fantastic and victorious beginning to this historic year of 2002.

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