Unification News for December 2001

True Mother 8 City North American Speaking Tour

San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area
Rev. Michael Jenkins

The San Franciso/ Oakland region was on fire with preparation for True Mother through the visit of Archbishop George Augustus Stallings. Bishop Stallings has been preaching across America about the Blessing and the time we are in. He met former Governor Jerry Brown and Pastor J. Albert Smith of the Allen Temple Baptist Church a most well known pastor in the Oakland area. It turns out the Bishop Smith had known Bishop Stallings before. He was so moved by the meeting with Rev. Thompson and Bishop Stallings that he decided to come that night to Motherís speech.

Mr. Bento Leal of the American Family Coalition did an excellent job in organizing the International Leadership Conference which hosted over 80 Ambassadors for Peace. Dr. Frank Kaufmann gave the IIFWP presentation. Many of the 120 founding ACLC pastors were there. Also, fine academic and political leaders were there. One very important Moslem Imam spoke earlier who is the head of the oldest Mosque in America. He has completely memorized the Koran and he feels Godís spirit calling him to be with Father Moon. The AFC presentation and ACLC presentations were well received. This created a very advanced core group of VIPís to attend True Motherís speech.

The Banquet was well prepared. The Mayor of San Francisco, The Honorable Willie Brown gave a proclamation honoring the spirit of the event. Rev. Kevin Thompson, Vice Regional director, opened the program with music from our Bay Area Choir and band. Their music was very professionalóif you didnít know the brothers and sisters singing you would think that they are a professional group. The Invocation was given by Dr. Scott Griffin who is Chaplain of the California State Prisons for Women.

Then the Step Out Band was introduced. They are also known as the Redeemed Convicts for Christ. These men had turned their lives over to Jesus and you could feel it in their music. They performed very smooth, sweet and soft soul-filled gospel and a quartet in perfect harmony. Rev. Jenkins then gave the Rev. Kwakís message concerning Building a Nation of Cosmic Peace.

Bishop George Augustus Stallings was the Complete Testament Age Evangelist. In a most inspired and moving presentation he testified to True Motherís speech and the peace that she is bringing throughout America. He also gave a testimony about his own Blessing and how Mother played a key role helping to find him the bride that God had prepared for him. We have certainly entered a new time in history. Bishop Stallings is preaching a combination Gospel/ Divine Principle message. He testified that the "I" and "We" that Mother speaks about is real. He said, "The "I" that I was one year ago than the "I" that you see standing before you tonight. This "I" has been transformed by the Holy Spirit coming through Mother Moon. And now this "I" has become a "We" with God, True Parents, my wife, Sayomi as one big we. Mother is transforming America with her message of peace and love."

Then the video entitled The Way of True Love captivated the audience with Motherís life of sacrifice and love for the sake of Godís Kingdom. The video shows special insight into heavenly predictions surrounding Motherís birth and the way heaven guided her Mother Dae Mo Nim. It also captures the testimonies of True Parents diverse work to bring peaceóparticularly with heads of state, the UN and Ambassadors For Peace throughout the world.

Mother came on the stage with a commanding presence that immediately caught the audienceís sincere attention. She is so beautiful and charming that such a warm feeling is generated. However, the truth that she brings is very strong. Mother clarifies that no earthly law or authority should be above God and the law of heaven. She inspires, and yet challenges, the religious leaders: that we must take responsibility for peace by breaking out of our denominational walls and love all religions sincerely and humbly. We should not be proud but we go forward with love and service. She gives the four paths for peace, the first being "Live for the Sake of Others." Second, the blessing of marriage and creating True Families. Third inter-religious reconciliation.

She said, "World peace is the original ideal of God. Therefore, religious leaders and believers should be the guides who lead people to peace. If religions only emphasize narrow-minded denominationalism and fail to teach true love for God and the universe, we will never free humankind from the horrors of war. In the face of this global crisis, religious leaders have to practice true love, humbly following Godís Will, walking hand in hand beyond the boundaries of their own religion."

Fourth, she emphasizes the importance of the United Nations in bringing peace. She again proposes that a special body of religious leaders be formed to discuss with the UN Ambassadors the spiritual and moral dimensions of world problems."

Rev. Dr. Albert Smith Sr. of the prestigious Allen Temple Baptist Church, was there with his wife. With great sincerity and attention he studied True Motherís speech so carefully while helping his wife follow each word. Elder Wm. Perry one of the 120 Clergy sitting at the table told Rev. Smith soon Mother is coming to page 17 which is very powerful. Dr. Smith said, "I canít wait."

Mother received a heartfelt standing ovation. Dr. and Mrs. David Walton of Double Rock Baptist Church in San Francisco presented the flowers.

Rev. Dr. Scott Griffin of the American Clergy Leadership Conference presented the gift representing 14,000 clergy of ACLC. (Rev. Griffin and his wife Pam were among the 60 International and Interreligious couples Blessed by True Parents in May of 2001.)

Ms. Suzanne Mulcahy and Ms. Dovough White represented the Womens Federation for World Peace gift. Finally, representing the Muslim faith, Dr. Sher Ahmad presented the gift from the new Ambassadors for Peace.

Three of the key clergy were inducted as members of the 240 Gold Watch recipients representing the 12 disciples of Jesus. They were Rev. A. Lawrence Van Hook of the Community Hurch for Christ in Oakland; Rev. Victor Medearis of Double Rock Baptist Church, SF; Rev. Dr. J. Alfred Smith Sr. of Allen Temple.

It was a great time, and a wonderful celebration followed. Rev. Medearis sang for True Parents. Thank you Rev. Lee, Nick Buscovich and Bento Leal, Rev. Thomspson and Mrs. Durst and all of the SF / Oakland Region.

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