Unification News for December 2001

A letter to an STF daughter

by Anonymous

Dear lovely daughter,

How are you doing? I heard you talked to omma two days ago. BTW, we will send you a phone card or two, and you should buy one if we donít, because the credit card number I gave you is about $1 a minute, so we had a phone bill on that card of about $460 last month!! Your mom and sister talked so much! But this phone card at the store is 49 cents for the first minute and 1 cent per minute after that. Nationwide.

So, howís it going? I hope you donít think about how much longer you have to go, even though itís difficult to get your mind off of that. But itís better just to focus on TODAY and right NOW and just give your best and try to connect to God. You have a special blessing, as we say, because you have difficulty with your Abel. We always get stuck with the Abel that we cannot stand. There is only one way: figure out how to appreciate his good points. Figure out how to unite. Serve him, humble yourself. Maybe you do that already, and he doesnít care. Well, youíve got to persevere with it.

Also, be light, spiritually. I mean, be serious, but be light also, donít let things get to you. Slough it off, shake it off. You are in a place now where you really donít have to worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself. Like True Father says, you are in the middle of the hurricane cradled in the arms of the hurricane. It is intense, but if you are one, mind and body, then it is dream-like.

Father says, see yourself as the star in a movie. I can remember many moments on MFT, vignettes, scenes. Like, one night in this parking lot in Tennessee or Kentucky, in the mountains, it was a warm, pleasant evening and it was one or two hours to pick-up, and just a few people coming out of the store, and from across the streets comes this Fleetwood Mac song from some sound system, "Rhiaanon." Do you know that song? Itís very dreamy. So I just felt as if I were dancing as I went up to people. It was a little gift from God. And I remember fundraising a diner, and the Eagles song, "Take It To the Limit" was on the jukebox, and Iíd never heard that before and was just blown away. It seemed so perfect for MFT: "All alone at the edge of the freeway."

And one time in a parking lot near Boston, the first time I ever went out on a team for a week or more, and the first time to be in the SNOW! It was snowing, blowing in my face, and I had this leather jacket on, and inside my head was this Eric Clapton guitar solo from the first Bluesbreakersí album, burning away. It kept me alive; it gave me energy to burn through the snow and reach out to the people. I guess my memorable moments have to do with music.

And at a gas station in Mississippi, and this guy comes skidding up to get gas, runs into the gas station, runs out to his car, I tried to fundraise him, and heís too much in a hurry, and says to me, as heís getting back in his car, "My name is Aaron Presley and Iím Elvis Presleyís cousin and Iím going to do something that I know I shouldnít do." And he speeds off down the road. I donít remember if his name was Aaron exactly, but thatís what happened.

And one time, again in Kentucky or the south, when I told someone my name is Terry, and he said, "Terry Moon?" and one time running to pick-up in Caruthersville, Missouri, and I felt as if I could run forever, even carrying a box of whatever. And floating across the Mississippi on a ferry boat, looking up at the stars. It was so quiet and so mystical. And a town called Big Stone Gap, in the coal country of eastern Tennessee, I think it was the setting of Coal Minerís Daughter. A parking lot, and these humble, simple people coming out and buying. And in New Jersey, late night in a bad area of bars, and these guys come out of a bar so angry at me, and one is smashing bottles on the ground. I left, bye bye. And one guy in a bar in the south who said heíd buy the rest of the mints in my box if I drank a bottle of beer, so I swigged it down and he bought everything. I felt a little woozy getting back in the van. Then I remembered how in the front of that same bar, I had talked with the manager and told her that I was a Christian missionary and that we never drink or smoke!! Then, not five minutes later, here I am in the back drinking down this bottle in about 10 seconds! Now, was that God or Satan getting me to drink the beer? Maybe Iíll never know.

And the black people in the south are so humble and kind. Poor, but theyíre so wonderful.

So youíve gotta record in your spiritual archive all these kinds of experiences. I donít know how you can record very much in writing in a book; I never did that on MFT cuz youíre so tired at night. But itís good if you can. But the main recording is in your character and your relationship with God and True Parents. All MFT graduates have these kinds of incredible experiences, too numerous to recount. You feel like youíre the king of America, like you can go anywhere and talk to anyone. Like you know America better than anyone else does. So, you are going to join the ranks of MFT graduates, and it is a big blessing.

So please dig deep and look at everything from a spiritual point of view. Take care of yourself and pray for your other team members. Meín your mom, weíre praying for you.

ITN, your dad

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