Unification News for December 2001


by Mary Anglin

I would like to begin my report on Kansas' ILC conference a little bit differently—from an observation and realization I had the following day. Pastor Russell Davis was appointed an Ambassador, but needed to cancel his attendance. This was due to a family seeking a church for a funeral. His was the only large church in Kansas City which would agree to deal with this person; a gangbanger who had been murdered. Fifteen hundred people attended—essentially all gangbangers. I hear it was quite a sight, with Pastor Davis working to save them all, throughout the funeral day.

The day following our conference I went to his morning service and presented him his certificate in front of his congregation.

When his service was over, I went across the street to Rev. Leo Standley's church. Rev. Standley and his wife did attend the ILC conference and both were appointed Ambassadors. I've been to the Standley's church many times and know them and their congregation well. I arrived toward the end of service, but still went to the front to take part in the final prayer of healing and intercession. I experienced something very different there today. I know this church well and have always liked it, but today was something very different. Rev. Standley was on fire in prayer, dancing, singing. I felt the atmosphere was much higher; a very strong presence of Jesus, of God. As I watched Rev. Standley, I kept receiving the word "Messiah, Messiah, Messiah". Of course Father has always told us we must all be messiahs, and we all have heard Bishop Stallings' proclamation. But I knew it and felt it deeply. I realized that these Ambassador of Peace appointments are spiritually very powerful! They will liberate these appointees. Through them God can work profoundly. These are not just pieces of paper, but spiritual declarations of liberation and annointment.

Our ILC conference took place December 8th at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in suburban Kansas City. There were 70 attendees, with 54 people receiving appointments as Ambassadors.

The presentations were all done by local members; Mary Anglin, the State Leader, Don Marsolek, the State AFC representative, Steve Anglin, the local UC Pastor, and members Bill Dillinger, Juan Acosta, Claudio Melgarejo. Dawn Dillinger read Mother's speech.

The agenda included the following presentations, in order: Rev. Kwak's keynote speech, read by Steve Anglin. The IIFWP presentation by Bill Dillinger, followed by the IIFWP video. We continued with the WFWP presentation by Mary Anglin with the WFWP video. Don Marsolek presented the AFC vision, including video footage of Bob Dole's speech at our DC Parents Day event. Col. Roger Donlon and former Salina Mayor, Bob Frank assisted. The Blessing presentation by Steve Anglin, assisted by his wife. The ACLC vision was presented by Evangelist Sonia Slaughter, Juan Acosta, Claudio Melgarejo and Mary Anglin. Mother' speech was read by Dawn Dillinger over dinner. We closed with the Ambassador appointments, the Litany of Prayer—read by ten ministers in attendance—and a stirring rendition of "Let There Be Peace on Earth" by Rev. Charlie Lott, aka "Mama Charlie". Mary Anglin moderated the program.

"Happenings" during the day: Mr. Bob Frank and his wife drove 200 miles to attend. They were late and we were a little worried, as he was on the program. When the time arrived for his presentation and he still wasn't there, Don Marsolek mentioned his concern at his tardiness, considering such a long drive. Just as Don said, "Let's pray that they're safe", they burst through the door and took their places. What an entrance!

Sister Isabella Scott is an old contact from the '80s. She and her late husband used to pastor a church together. She sits in the crowd and loudly praises everything we do and say. During the breaks we hear her telling everyone how much she loves Rev. Moon. She's known and loved by many in the city.

Five members of Nation of Islam attended, with two of their Ministers receiving AP appointments. Steve Anglin sat at their table during dinner, while Mother's speech was being read. Steve was concerned that maybe Dawn's voice was too slow and gentle, but realized how intently the crowd was listening. Especially at Steve's table, Minister Paul Mohammed mentioned over and over how deep and insightful Mother's understanding of God and life is.

Claudio Melgarejo presented his talk on the ACLC in tears, moving most of the audience to tears. Mama Charlie (Rev. Charlie Lott), obeyed the Lord's direction to sing. After the Litany of Prayer she grabbed Rev. Mary Anglin's hand and they stood at the front together leading the participants in "Let There be Peace on Earth". The interesting thing about this is that this was the song sung at the closing banquet of the IIFWP program in New York in October. Mama Charlie didn't know this. She even told God that she didn't remember the words, but He still said "sing it!".

The Nation of Islam members stayed and talked quite a while after the program. They sincerely want to work with us.

We also many new people, met through or since Father's tour. These new people all mentioned that they'd had questions, wanted to understand what motivates us, and wanted to hear our side of the "Rev. Moon question". All were satisfied. All were positive.

When we look at what we do, as the presenters we always see things that could have been better. We see the little mistakes. We have such a critical eye. The same with this program. But the response from the guests was so positive. Every one of them. Their questions were answered, and they loved the spirit. They all mentioned how they were just overwhelmed by the spirit.

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