Unification News for December 2001


by Michael Jenkins

The program of the ILC in Indiana and Kentucky was a powerful experience. It was held in French Lick, Indiana the home of Larry Bird the sports legend. Larry would have been proud. Senator Dick Thompson (R. In) and Rep. Denbo (R, In) from the state legislature started off the program.

Rev. Kim the Regional leader from North Carolina did an excellent job in leading our IIFWP, ACLC, FFWPU, and AFC to a great success.

Over 50 VIP guests (40 was the goal) including clergy, educators, political leaders and other great Americans joined in to hear about and experience Father and Mother's foundation world wide and the basic foundations for the Family and World Peace and then to accept the role of Ambassador for Peace.

Mrs. Lynn Walsh (wife of IIFWP Secretary General Dr. Tom Walsh) represented IIFWP, AFC leaders Peter Hayes and Jack Harford represented AFC and Rev. Michael Dickerson and Rev. Triggol represented FFWPU/ACLC.

Rev. Kim gave the opening address which set the tone for our convention and laid the groundwork for the Ambassadors for Peace.

AFC presentations were given by Rev. Peter Hayes, Mr. Jack Harford, Senator Dick Thompson and Minister Jerald Muhammad. This gave people a very deep sense of practical accomplishment of Father's vision for working with the elected officials of our nation bringing moral principle to government.

Rev. Dickerson, Bishop J and Rev. Triggol gave the ACLC presentation. Presenting the three pillars of the clergy's commission from Father to Rebuild the Family, Restore the Community and Renew the Nation and the World. Bishop Johnson brought the audience to tears as he described his experiences at Ground Zero, praying with the firemen, police and rescue workers and helping the families through the trauma. He gave a vivid description of a father and son asking him to give a proper prayer and Godly treatment as a family member being brought into the makeshift morgue. He testified as to how God was using this tragedy to bring America together and cause us to really seek God and bring America in God's direction.

Rev. Peter Hayes gave a very moving conclusion of the session when he called on all to really examine America. He stated clearly that if America fulfills God's will then America will be blessed. It's spiritual law. If America doesn't fulfill God's will then God cannot bless America. Now is the time to fulfill the Will of God and bring unity between all races and religions. America is the only place that God can do this kind of work. Peter really moved the participants.

Over the luncheon the video of the WFWP was shown demonstrating True Parent's work through women to build schools in Africa. WFWP leader Susan Nishio gave and excellent introduction to WFWP. Then Rev. Jenkins read True Father's speech from Korea which Father asked to be read at every ILC to the Ambassadors of Peace. The power of that speech was truly magnificent. Everyone was standing and applauding the power uncovering the origin of conflict in the fall of man and how only through the resolution of the conflict within ourselves and our families can we bring peace to the nation and the world.

In the panel discussion there was a rousing discussion about September 11th. Rev. Moon's love and support for America was strongly expressed with his call to pray that God will guide our President. Min. Jerald Muhammad said that we must be united as Americans and we must teach our children that violence doesn't solve the problem of hate. We must protect our nation but ultimately peace will only come through love. Now we have a chance to turn to God and ask God's blessing on our family. We can now ask that God will bring Muslims, Christians and Jews together in America so that peace will be achieved in the world.

In the testimonials, Rev. Wanda McIntyre gave an incredible speech concerning how she was struck by Father's words—especially that the road to peace was based on living for the sake of others. She testified that she didn't want to come and she had her job and other things that had to be set aside. But when Rev. Dickerson came to her with such a sincere heart and humbly asking her to come because it was important for America. She had no idea. His pure heart was the base through which God moved her. She feels the call now to be an Amb. for Peace. She is going to tell her son and daughter that "You are a Holy Son and a Holy Daughter. You have a Divine purpose before God to be his temple and bring God into every corner of the World. "

Bishop Collins gave a powerful testimony of how Rev. Moon touched her and gave her strength. She was going to leave early because she didn't want to have to drive the two hours back to Indiana in the dark. But when she heard Father's speech a powerful energy came into her. She gave a powerful testimony of how her daughter was kidnapped by a gang and she found them and with the Holy Spirit went in and saved her and converted her kidnapper.

Rev. McDaniel (Indiana) testified, "Whether you know it or not or understand it or not God has given a mantle of anointing and responsibility to save this nation. You are now Ambassadors of Peace."

Minister Jerald Muhammad and Bishop Johnson offered Muslim and Christian prayers. Mrs. Lynn Walsh led us all in Three Cheers at the end. We sang Amazing Grace which caused so many to weep.

Thanks to Norman Presley, Doug, Bob and all Kentucky and Indiana Families. The International Leadership Conference can open a new era and direction for America. We should sacrifice and work hard to bring America's top leaders to this educational seminar so that they can receive their God given mantle.

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